[10/8/2013 10:34:38 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  You know... we don't have to.
[10/8/2013 10:34:54 PM] Kate: Didn't say I didn't want to.
[10/8/2013 10:38:31 PM] Kate: We're doin' it tonight.
[10/8/2013 10:38:46 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  You sure?
[10/8/2013 10:40:18 PM] Kate: I'm sure.
[10/8/2013 10:40:28 PM] Kate: Kate is *not* chickening out!
[10/8/2013 10:41:44 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... I didn't even bring a tuxedo.
[10/8/2013 10:43:58 PM] Kate: Shoot, Eben, I don't even have a dress. This ain't that kinda weddin'.
[10/8/2013 10:44:16 PM] Kate: 'sides, there'll be two more for dressin' up anyhow.
[10/8/2013 10:44:19 PM] Kate: Kate makes a face.
[10/8/2013 10:44:48 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Well, I suppose so.  What kind of wedding is it, then?
[10/8/2013 10:44:56 PM] Kate: I don't know.
[10/8/2013 10:45:07 PM] Kate: Kate looks to the Old Man. "What kinda customs you got in that regard?"
[10/8/2013 10:46:57 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  Oh, nothing much.  I say some words over you.  You take a ceremonial knife and cut your palms, mingle your blood, then you both drink from a cup.
[10/8/2013 10:47:50 PM] Kate: Kate nods.
[10/8/2013 10:47:53 PM] Kate: All right.
[10/8/2013 10:48:24 PM] Kate: Nothin' else unusual?
[10/8/2013 10:49:03 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  well, we do it at midnight, when the moon is overhead.
[10/8/2013 10:50:22 PM] Kate: ... won't make 'im change, right? That'd kill 'im.
[10/8/2013 10:51:37 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  No.
[10/8/2013 10:52:47 PM] Kate: Oh good.
[10/8/2013 10:52:57 PM] Kate: Well, anythin' else? Do we haveta wear anything or do anythin' else?
[10/8/2013 10:53:42 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  No, we're mostly simply folk.
[10/8/2013 10:55:40 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  some of the women will want to put flowers in your hair, I'm sure.
[10/8/2013 10:55:56 PM] Kate: Kate smiles.
[10/8/2013 10:55:59 PM] Kate: I don't mind that at all.
[10/8/2013 10:56:08 PM] Kate: We're stickin' in the same tent, too, right?
[10/8/2013 10:58:38 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  Hmm?  It's not our tendancy to seperate newlyweds into seperate tents, no.
[10/8/2013 10:59:08 PM] Kate: Good. Well I mean if there was somewhere else, or somethin'.
[10/8/2013 11:00:05 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  No.  It's a simply ceremony.
[10/8/2013 11:00:29 PM] Kate: Good. Anythin' we got to do to prepare?
[10/8/2013 11:01:36 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  Not really?  Whatever youf eel like you should do to prepare.
[10/8/2013 11:02:52 PM] Kate: Good.
[10/8/2013 11:02:57 PM] Kate: C'mon, Eben, let's go for a walk.
[10/8/2013 11:03:10 PM] Kate: There any place 'round here that's real pretty?
[10/8/2013 11:03:28 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  Hmm?
[10/8/2013 11:04:51 PM] Kate: Y'know, for walkin' in.
[10/8/2013 11:05:59 PM] Khiro: Old Man:  Well, if you walk up to the edge of the canyon, there's a rise that lets you see in all directions for quite aways.
[10/8/2013 11:06:34 PM] Kate: Kate nods.
[10/8/2013 11:06:36 PM] Kate: All right.
[10/8/2013 11:06:49 PM] Kate: Kate takes her fiance's hand and yoinks him outta there!
[10/8/2013 11:07:25 PM] Khiro: okay!
[10/8/2013 11:10:00 PM] Kate: Kate snuggles him a bit once they get out of range of the other people/animals/animalpeople.
[10/8/2013 11:10:27 PM] Khiro: ... well then.
[10/8/2013 11:12:09 PM] Kate: You still wanna, right?
[10/8/2013 11:12:27 PM] Khiro: Of course.
[10/8/2013 11:12:39 PM] Khiro: Just... nervous.  I suppose that's natural, eh?
[10/8/2013 11:14:01 PM] Kate: I'm nervous too.
[10/8/2013 11:14:12 PM] Kate: I never been married before. ... didn't even think I *could* be.
[10/8/2013 11:14:37 PM | Edited 11:15:59 PM] Khiro: Really?  I find you infinitely marriable.
[10/8/2013 11:15:14 PM] Kate: ((Eminently!))
[10/8/2013 11:15:47 PM] Kate: Well, I might suit you but you're the only one ever looked at me twice, Eben.
[10/8/2013 11:16:08 PM] Kate: ... don't know what kind of a wife I'll be. Don't mind cleanin' but...
[10/8/2013 11:16:10 PM] Khiro: ((I was thinking of two words at the same time.))
[10/8/2013 11:17:07 PM] Khiro: I don't want a normal wife, though.
[10/8/2013 11:17:31 PM] Kate: Well, what do you want, then? What're you expectin'?
[10/8/2013 11:18:07 PM] Khiro: I want you.  I don't expect you to be a housewife.
[10/8/2013 11:18:24 PM] Kate: Ain't quittin' my job.
[10/8/2013 11:18:55 PM] Khiro: I don't want you to.
[10/8/2013 11:20:26 PM] Kate: Good.
[10/8/2013 11:21:03 PM] Kate: ... think there'll be a baby any?
[10/8/2013 11:21:21 PM] Khiro: I don't know.
[10/8/2013 11:22:43 PM] Kate: ... lord. Things I never thought on.
[10/8/2013 11:23:26 PM] Khiro: ((Hmm.  Roll a d10!))
[10/8/2013 11:24:14 PM] Kate: ((1! Go Kate!))
[10/8/2013 11:24:27 PM] Khiro: neither.
[10/8/2013 11:24:34 PM] Khiro: ... we can handle whatever comes along.
[10/8/2013 11:25:39 PM] Kate: Kate smiles.
[10/8/2013 11:25:45 PM] Kate: Reckon you're right.
[10/8/2013 11:25:49 PM] Kate: I'm kinda scared.
[10/8/2013 11:25:53 PM] Kate: (( AHAAHAHA.))
[10/8/2013 11:26:05 PM] Khiro: Me too.
[10/8/2013 11:27:00 PM] Kate: Well good, we can be scared together.
[10/8/2013 11:27:10 PM] Khiro: That makes it less scary.
[10/8/2013 11:27:29 PM] Kate: Sure does, doesn't it?
[10/8/2013 11:27:54 PM] Kate: Kate looks around at the pretty scenery.
[10/8/2013 11:31:51 PM] Khiro: It's a canyon!
[10/8/2013 11:31:54 PM] Kate: I think you'll make a real good husband.
[10/8/2013 11:31:59 PM] Khiro: I hope so.
[10/8/2013 11:33:07 PM] Kate: 'cause you won't try tellin' me what to do.
[10/8/2013 11:33:35 PM] Khiro: ((Baby Gorn!  Catch!))
[10/8/2013 11:34:57 PM] Kate: More like partners.
[10/8/2013 11:35:14 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Yeah.  Yeah, I like that.
[10/8/2013 11:36:34 PM] Kate: Kate kisses him.
[10/8/2013 11:36:45 PM] Khiro: He kisses her back!
[10/8/2013 11:38:35 PM] Kate: ... still nervous.
[10/8/2013 11:39:17 PM | Edited 11:44:01 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer: ... I'm a lot more nervous about this than about the dangerous ritual to save my life.
[10/8/2013 11:39:28 PM] Kate: Me too, but we're gonna do that too.
[10/8/2013 11:40:12 PM | Edited 11:43:52 PM] Khiro: EBenezer I know.
[10/8/2013 11:42:48 PM] Kate: Kate offers her hand to him to shake.
[10/8/2013 11:43:24 PM] Khiro: He takes it!
[10/8/2013 11:43:29 PM | Edited 11:43:42 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer: This seems rather formal.
[10/8/2013 11:43:42 PM] Kate: Partners is partners.
[10/8/2013 11:44:21 PM] Khiro: ((I have this weird mental block about tagging what character is talking after being a player.))
[10/8/2013 11:46:19 PM] Kate: ((Hee.))
[10/8/2013 11:46:38 PM] Kate: Even if we have a half-bird, half-wolf baby.
[10/8/2013 11:47:43 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  A were-hawkwolf?
[10/8/2013 11:49:19 PM] Kate: Yeah.
[10/8/2013 11:50:24 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Or a hawk-werewolf.
[10/8/2013 11:50:48 PM] Kate: ((  OH MY GOD YES.))
[10/8/2013 11:51:59 PM] Kate: They told me I could change if I wanted.
[10/8/2013 11:55:18 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Didn't they say it was a spell?
[10/8/2013 11:57:04 PM] Kate: Kate nods.
[10/8/2013 11:57:10 PM] Kate: Still.
[10/8/2013 11:57:56 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Would you want to?
[10/8/2013 11:58:27 PM] Kate: Ain't too sure on that.

Kate was going for a walk with Eben and looking at the scenery.
[10/11/2013 8:07:02 PM] Felix: Yep!  It looks like it's going to be a nice night!  Until it gets really cold.
[10/11/2013 8:07:27 PM] Kate: 'spect we'd better get back.
[10/11/2013 8:09:18 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I suppose we should.  You ready?
[10/11/2013 8:09:57 PM] Kate: Yeah.
[10/11/2013 8:10:08 PM] Kate: Kate takes his arm.
[10/11/2013 8:11:48 PM] Felix: Ebenezer smiles.  "First of three, right?"
[10/11/2013 8:12:09 PM] Kate: First o' three.
[10/11/2013 8:13:04 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  We'll be really good at it by the time we're done.
[10/11/2013 8:13:32 PM] Kate: Kate smiles.
[10/11/2013 8:13:42 PM] Kate: Bet you're right.
[10/11/2013 8:16:16 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Talk about a skill that will be largely useless by the time we're done.
[10/11/2013 8:18:32 PM] Kate: I sure hope so.
[10/11/2013 8:18:55 PM] Felix: EbenezeR:  so what do you think they're going to make us drink?
[10/11/2013 8:20:16 PM] Kate: ... don't rightly know. Maybe it'd be good if it was somethin' to make us drunk, anyhow.
[10/11/2013 8:20:51 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I don't get drunk.
[10/11/2013 8:22:51 PM] Kate: ... might be better if'n you don't.
[10/11/2013 8:27:08 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Never been able to.  I suspect that's a werewolf thing.
[10/11/2013 8:28:16 PM] Kate: Well, 'part from the time in Hyde Park. ... maybe it's tied to the moon too.
[10/11/2013 8:29:05 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  ...hmm.  could be.  ((And I forgot about that.  :P ))
[10/11/2013 8:31:03 PM] Kate: Kate smiles.
[10/11/2013 8:31:15 PM] Kate: I better not drink too much then, I guess.
[10/11/2013 8:32:09 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Do you even like to drink?
[10/11/2013 8:32:54 PM] Kate: Sure. Helps me relax some.
[10/11/2013 8:33:10 PM] Kate: Feel like drinkin' every time I go to the Lamplight.
[10/11/2013 8:33:47 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Why?
[10/11/2013 8:33:54 PM] Kate: Makes me nervous.
[10/11/2013 8:34:10 PM] Kate: Always afraid somebody's either gonna think I work there or I'm lookin' for a girl.
[10/11/2013 8:42:10 PM] Felix: ((Sorry, neighborlady.  She made pumpkin pie.))
[10/11/2013 8:42:29 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  what's it like?  I've never actually been in there.
[10/11/2013 8:43:35 PM] Kate: Lotta girls around with not too much clothes.
[10/11/2013 8:44:21 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  But you're wearing clothes when you go in, right?
[10/11/2013 8:45:23 PM] Kate: 'course.
[10/11/2013 8:45:25 PM] Kate: ... men's clothes.
[10/11/2013 8:46:36 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Well, to be honest, when you go in there, you usually *are* looking for a girl, right?  Marta's your friend.
[10/11/2013 8:49:02 PM] Kate: Not *that* kinda way.
[10/11/2013 8:49:22 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Well, no.
[10/11/2013 8:50:53 PM] Kate: Ain't the same at *all*.
[10/11/2013 8:51:19 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Maybe you should start calling at the back door?
[10/11/2013 8:52:04 PM] Kate: That'd look even *worse.*
[10/11/2013 8:52:30 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:'s a back door.  Who would know?
[10/11/2013 8:53:00 PM] Kate: Eben, how long you been livin' in a small town an' you don't know how it works?
[10/11/2013 8:54:13 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  How what works?
[10/11/2013 8:54:54 PM] Kate: Small towns. Everybody knows everythin' like that.
[10/11/2013 8:55:17 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I don't know anything.
[10/11/2013 8:55:44 PM] Kate: Well, you ain't a gossip, Eben.
[10/11/2013 8:56:01 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I guess not.
[10/11/2013 8:58:26 PM] Kate: 'bout every town this size got somebody who *is*.
[10/11/2013 8:58:58 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Hmm.  And we should worry about this person.... why?
[10/11/2013 9:01:10 PM] Kate: 'cause word gets *around.* An' we don't have to worry about 'em so much anymore.
[10/11/2013 9:03:22 PM] Kate: Gettin' married.
[10/11/2013 9:11:47 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Well, true.  hmm.
[10/11/2013 9:11:52 PM] Felix: He is thoughtful.
[10/11/2013 9:12:11 PM] Felix: EbenezeR:  Who should be my best man?  That's the sort of thing we should think about, right?
[10/11/2013 9:12:44 PM] Kate: Well, d'you know anybody here?
[10/11/2013 9:12:57 PM] Felix: Ebenezer: I meant when we do the church wedding.
[10/11/2013 9:15:30 PM] Kate: Oh.
[10/11/2013 9:15:40 PM] Kate: Well, I don't know, you got any good friends?
[10/11/2013 9:16:31 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Not... really.  I suppose I can ask Jonah.  He's my best customer.
[10/11/2013 9:18:04 PM] Kate: Kate smiles.
[10/11/2013 9:18:07 PM] Kate: He seemed real nice.
[10/11/2013 9:18:43 PM] Kate: We better be headin' back.
[10/11/2013 9:19:32 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  All right.  Let's go.
[10/11/2013 9:23:01 PM] Kate: Kate takes his arm and starts heading back to the camp!
[10/11/2013 9:24:14 PM] Felix: Okay!  you get back and the sun goes down and the moon comes up and a couple of women come along and lead you off!
[10/11/2013 9:26:13 PM] Kate: Kate goes with them!
[10/11/2013 9:26:20 PM] Kate: ... never been married before.
[10/11/2013 9:26:40 PM] Felix: One of them smiles.  "Good.  It would be bad luck otherwise."
[10/11/2013 9:27:10 PM] Kate: I'm real nervous.
[10/11/2013 9:27:39 PM] Felix: Woman:  You shouldn't be.
[10/11/2013 9:28:11 PM] Felix: Woman:  He has a good smell.
[10/11/2013 9:31:02 PM] Kate: He does?
[10/11/2013 9:31:10 PM] Kate: I can't tell, I'm 'bout noseblind compared to you folks.
[10/11/2013 9:32:00 PM] Felix: Woman:  You can tell if someone is good or bad, or mad depending on their scent.
[10/11/2013 9:33:07 PM] Kate: I can't.
[10/11/2013 9:33:39 PM] Felix: Woman:  Well, I mean, we can, generally speaking.  It is like seeing and hearing the person for us.
[10/11/2013 9:34:36 PM] Kate: What d'you think of him?
[10/11/2013 9:35:25 PM] Felix: Woman:  He seems a good person.  Trustworthy.
[10/11/2013 9:37:48 PM] Kate: Kate smiles.
[10/11/2013 9:37:50 PM] Kate: I think so too.
[10/11/2013 9:38:56 PM] Felix: They put flowers in your hair, as prophesied!
[10/11/2013 9:40:18 PM] Kate: Do they mean anythin'? I mean, are they symbolic?
[10/11/2013 9:42:32 PM] Felix: Woman:   They are sweet-smelling.  It is like... wearing a pretty dress for us.  Something to enhance beauty.
[10/11/2013 9:43:53 PM] Kate: Oh, I see.
[10/11/2013 9:43:58 PM] Kate: ... well, gimme a lot of 'em, then.
[10/11/2013 9:46:07 PM] Felix: Woman:  For wolves, it is not all about the appearance.  Humans judge on appearance.  Appearance only reflects the body though.  Scent... true scent, comes from the spirit.
[10/11/2013 9:49:10 PM | Edited 9:49:16 PM] Kate: Well, I'm lucky enough to be part fae, so...
[10/11/2013 9:50:30 PM] Felix: Woman:  Indeed.
[10/11/2013 9:51:53 PM] Kate: Reckon I smell good. Eben said so anyhow.
[10/11/2013 9:52:42 PM] Felix: Woman:  Indeed, you do.  Trustworthy.  Loyal.  Justice is important to you.  Not just law.
[10/11/2013 9:54:01 PM] Kate: Well, you ain't wrong.
[10/11/2013 9:59:18 PM] Felix: Woman:  So yes, you smell good.  You don't just smell... nice.  Or pleasant.  You smell *good*.
[10/11/2013 10:01:03 PM] Kate: Kate blushes.
[10/11/2013 10:01:04 PM] Kate: ... thanks.
[10/11/2013 10:01:08 PM] Kate: Means a lot t'me.
[10/11/2013 10:02:36 PM] Felix: Woman:  well, it is important that you know what we mean when say that.
[10/11/2013 10:03:46 PM] Kate: What's yer name, ma'am?
[10/11/2013 10:04:13 PM] Felix: Woman:  Mary.
[10/11/2013 10:04:51 PM] Kate: You can call me Kate.
[10/11/2013 10:05:04 PM] Felix: Woman:  Well.  Are you ready?
[10/11/2013 10:05:50 PM] Kate: Kate takes a deep breath.
[10/11/2013 10:05:59 PM] Kate: ... reckon so.
[10/11/2013 10:07:46 PM] Felix: They lead you back out, where the Old Man and Ebenezer are waiting in front of a big fire.
[10/11/2013 10:08:43 PM] Kate: Kate trembles.
[10/11/2013 10:11:59 PM] Felix: Ebenezer smiles at you nervously!
[10/11/2013 10:12:10 PM] Kate: Kate goes to stand with him!
[10/11/2013 10:14:22 PM] Felix: The Old Man hands you a knife!
[10/11/2013 10:14:52 PM] Kate: Kate takes it, still shaking a bit.
[10/11/2013 10:16:55 PM] Felix: The knife looks ooooold.  It's pretty much just a shard of sharp rock with a leather wrapped 'handle'.  "You're gonna have to cut yourself."
[10/11/2013 10:17:34 PM] Kate: Kate does it, cutting a bit deeper than she meant to because she's still shaky.
[10/11/2013 10:17:58 PM] Felix: Old Man:  now give the knife to Ebenezer, and he does the same.
[10/11/2013 10:18:17 PM] Kate: Kate hands it to him!
[10/11/2013 10:20:44 PM] Felix: He cuts open his own palm, and hands the knife back to the Old Man.
[10/11/2013 10:20:50 PM] Felix: Old Man:  Now join hands.
[10/11/2013 10:22:41 PM] Kate: Kate takes Eben's hand.
[10/11/2013 10:23:19 PM] Felix: Yep!  your hands are sticky with blood.
[10/11/2013 10:23:45 PM] Felix: The Old Man looks up at the moon, and then speaks some words in a language you don't understand!
[10/11/2013 10:24:51 PM] Kate: Kate 's heart is beating so fast!
[10/11/2013 10:30:50 PM | Edited 10:31:02 PM] Kate: Kate squeezes Eben's hand and focuses on him!
[10/11/2013 10:31:19 PM] Felix: The Old Man keeps talking!  And Eben squeezes your hand back.
[10/11/2013 10:36:37 PM] Kate: Kate still doesn't know what the old guy is saying, but she relaxes a little and smiles wanly at her fiance!
[10/11/2013 10:38:06 PM] Felix: Ebenezer doesn't know either, apparently!  Eventually, the Old Man is handed a cup with steaming liquid inside it, which he passes to you.
[10/11/2013 10:38:54 PM] Kate: Kate is a little alarmed, but tries a sip!
[10/11/2013 10:39:55 PM] Felix: It's some kind of tea.  It's not bad!
[10/11/2013 10:40:14 PM] Felix: Old Man:  Drink half of it.
[10/11/2013 10:41:14 PM] Kate: Kate obeys, relieved.
[10/11/2013 10:42:27 PM] Felix: Old Man:  Now pass it over.
[10/11/2013 10:44:03 PM] Kate: Kate passes the cup to her near-husband!
[10/11/2013 10:44:29 PM] Felix: He takes it and drinks down the rest of it.
[10/11/2013 10:46:08 PM] Kate: Kate smiles a bit at him.
[10/11/2013 10:48:33 PM] Felix: He hands the empty cup back to the Old Man.
[10/11/2013 10:48:51 PM] Felix: Old Man:  That's it.  You're married now.  You can kiss or whatever if you want to.
[10/11/2013 10:49:02 PM] Felix: Ebenezer kisses you!
[10/11/2013 10:49:55 PM] Kate: Kate kisses him back, hugging him tightly!
[10/11/2013 10:52:04 PM] Kate: Kate also snuggles into him! She's a little shaky yet.
[10/11/2013 10:52:25 PM] Felix: Suddenly most of the folks around you are wolves and are howling.
[10/11/2013 10:54:04 PM] Kate: Kate turns bright red and just hugs her new husband!
[10/11/2013 11:00:01 PM] Felix: The Old Man shifts back to human.  "So.  There's a feast now, if you're interested.  Or we'll eat while you go off.  Up to you!"
[10/11/2013 11:00:11 PM] Kate: Off?
[10/11/2013 11:02:02 PM] Felix: Old Man:  For a walk, to your tent, what have you.
[10/11/2013 11:02:16 PM] Kate: What... *Oh.*
[10/11/2013 11:02:19 PM] Kate: Kate turns bright red.
[10/11/2013 11:02:27 PM] Kate: No, food sounds good, I'm hungry. How 'bout you, Eben?
[10/11/2013 11:03:54 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I could eat!
[10/11/2013 11:04:43 PM] Kate: Kate is no longer nervous about being married!
[10/11/2013 11:04:47 PM] Kate: Kate is now just nervous about sex.
[10/11/2013 11:05:15 PM] Felix: Well, there's a lot of food.  Even some veggies for you.
[10/11/2013 11:05:55 PM] Kate: Kate gratefully nibbles the veggies! She *was* getting a little tired of meat, though she's much too polite to say so.
[10/11/2013 11:13:19 PM] Kate: Kate sticks with Eben, though.
[10/11/2013 11:13:39 PM] Felix: Yep, he doesn't go anywhere!  By the way, the cut on your palm is already healed.
[10/11/2013 11:15:02 PM] Kate: Kate is very sure about this love thing, but not at *all* sure about the sex bit.
[10/11/2013 11:19:05 PM] Felix: He smiles at you.  He seems unsure as well.
[10/11/2013 11:20:18 PM] Kate: Kate is irrationally cheered by this, and feeds him some meat.
[10/11/2013 11:22:18 PM] Felix: He eats it happily!
[10/11/2013 11:23:34 PM] Kate: Kate consciously decides to be affectionate! It's okay now, he's her husband!
[10/11/2013 11:24:43 PM] Felix: They bring you some sweets, too.
[10/11/2013 11:26:36 PM] Kate: Kate feeds some of these to her husband too.
[10/11/2013 11:26:37 PM] Felix: ((I'm bringing my phone in tomorrow to be fixed or replaced.  But that's in the morning, and I'm coming right home, so I'll just be on Skype!  Just FYI.  Won't have my phone tomorrow.))
[10/11/2013 11:26:47 PM] Felix: And he feeds you!  It's all rather nice.
[10/11/2013 11:27:26 PM] Felix: ((Moved all the pictures of Wednesday that I wanted to keep onto my comp.))
[10/11/2013 11:28:36 PM] Kate: ((Meep. Kiiiiiittypics.))
[10/11/2013 11:28:42 PM] Kate: ((Still say she needs her own tumblr.))
[10/11/2013 11:29:02 PM] Kate: Kate is happy to cooperate! And uncharacteristically playful.
[10/11/2013 11:30:51 PM] Felix: The feasting goes into the night, but eventually it dies down and folks start leaving to go to bed!
[10/11/2013 11:31:39 PM] Kate: Kate is half-asleep by this point, and whispers to Eben, "You wanna go back to the tent?"
[10/11/2013 11:32:09 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Yeah, let's.
[10/11/2013 11:34:26 PM] Kate: Kate yoinks him back to the tent where they can be alooooooooone.
[10/11/2013 11:34:50 PM] Felix: You head back to the tent!  With it's comfy floor of furs and skins.
[10/11/2013 11:37:24 PM] Kate: Kate sits down and starts pulling her boots off!
[10/11/2013 11:37:42 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  We don't have to... do anything you know.
[10/11/2013 11:38:08 PM] Kate: We don't?
[10/11/2013 11:38:36 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  No.  Not saying I don't want to, but I'm okay with taking things slow.
[10/11/2013 11:38:52 PM] Kate: Some folks say that means a marriage don't count.
[10/11/2013 11:39:25 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Who says that?
[10/11/2013 11:40:44 PM] Kate: Sweden.
[10/11/2013 11:41:50 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I don't think we're in Sweden.
[10/11/2013 11:42:03 PM] Kate: No, but we're in with a buncha werewolves.
[10/11/2013 11:42:09 PM] Kate: ... no offense.
[10/11/2013 11:42:17 PM] Kate: Just I don't know what their customs are or anythin'.
[10/11/2013 11:42:43 PM] Felix: That shouldn't be the only reason we... do something, though.
[10/11/2013 11:44:24 PM] Kate: ... you ever done it before?
[10/11/2013 11:44:35 PM] Felix: Ebenezer:  No.
[10/11/2013 11:46:18 PM] Kate: Me either.
[10/11/2013 11:48:34 PM] Kate: Seen it done. Well, animals.
[10/11/2013 11:48:53 PM] Felix: Well, if rabbits can manage it....
[10/11/2013 11:48:59 PM] Felix: He smiles.
[10/11/2013 11:49:42 PM] Kate: Kate turns bright red again.
[10/11/2013 11:50:20 PM] Kate: Well, blow out the lantern, anyhow.
[10/11/2013 11:55:43 PM] Kate: ((Am I still connected?))
[10/11/2013 11:57:03 PM] Kate: ((Hello?))
[10/11/2013 11:58:00 PM] Felix: ((Hello!  That was *me* being disconnected, that time.))
[10/11/2013 11:58:13 PM] Felix: ((I had to cycle the modem.))
[10/11/2013 11:58:25 PM] Felix: Ebenezer turns out he lantern.
[10/11/2013 11:59:33 PM] Kate: ((Oh, okay!))
[10/11/2013 11:59:37 PM] Kate: Kate is relieved.
[10/12/2013 12:01:00 AM] Kate: ... well, I'm takin' my shirt off.
[10/12/2013 12:01:49 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  ... I'll do the same.
[10/12/2013 12:03:25 AM] Kate: An' the... rest of it too.
[10/12/2013 12:03:37 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Okay.
[10/12/2013 12:03:51 AM] Felix: It's pretty dark in here, but your eyes are starting to adjust!
[10/12/2013 12:04:03 AM] Kate: Kate scrambles underneath some covers!
[10/12/2013 12:04:20 AM] Kate: ... thought I'd have time t'ask Marta what to *do.*
[10/12/2013 12:05:20 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  ... I figure it's the sort of thing that comes naturally.
[10/12/2013 12:05:38 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Let's just not... overthink it.
[10/12/2013 12:06:55 AM] Kate: Well it's different for girls. Got it on pretty good authority that it hurts the first time an'... well. I don't know, I'm just nervous.
[10/12/2013 12:09:12 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Oh.
[10/12/2013 12:10:24 AM] Kate: ... comin'?
[10/12/2013 12:10:38 AM] Felix: He gets under the covers with you!
[10/12/2013 12:11:16 AM] Kate: Kate hesitates, and then squirms over to him a bit.
[10/12/2013 12:13:07 AM] Felix: He pulls her into him, trying to make sure she's comfortable.
[10/12/2013 12:13:22 AM] Kate: ... you sure you don't mind if we don't... you know?
[10/12/2013 12:14:28 AM] Felix: I'm positive.  You're worth waiting for.
[10/12/2013 12:15:49 AM] Kate: Kate relaxes and snuggles into Eben. "Reckon you're the best husband a woman *could* have. An' I like how your skin feels like this too."
[10/12/2013 12:17:59 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  You're quite warm.
[10/12/2013 12:18:07 AM] Kate: ((  But no one would watch an ACTION MOVIE starring a girl, OBVIOUSLY. I mean DUH.))
[10/12/2013 12:19:03 AM] Kate: Well sure, it's plenty warm under here.
[10/12/2013 12:19:32 AM] Kate: ... Eben?
[10/12/2013 12:20:00 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Yeah?
[10/12/2013 12:20:21 AM] Kate: You mind if I'm still Marshal Candlemas at work?
[10/12/2013 12:21:02 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I assumed you would be.  Dingo isn't my real last name.  And I'm nto crazy about Ambrose, so.
[10/12/2013 12:22:23 AM] Kate: Well I'll be Mrs. Dingo everywhere else.
[10/12/2013 12:23:31 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  It doesn't bother me.  At all.
[10/12/2013 12:24:47 AM] Kate: All right. Might keep you safer, is all.
[10/12/2013 12:28:32 AM] Felix: He smiles.
[10/12/2013 12:28:39 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  ...this is nice.
[10/12/2013 12:29:34 AM] Kate: Yeah, it is.
[10/12/2013 12:29:55 AM] Kate: Mrs. Kate Dingo. Mrs. Kathleen Dingo.
[10/12/2013 12:31:49 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I have to admit, Marshal Dingo *does* make you sound like a dime novel heroine.
[10/12/2013 12:32:44 AM] Kate: Kate snrks.
[10/12/2013 12:32:59 AM] Kate: Have to come up with a stolen silver mine or somethin' for that. Some sorta backstory.
[10/12/2013 12:34:44 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  What, yours isn't fantastic enough?
[10/12/2013 12:37:23 AM] Kate: Nope. I'm only a marshal 'cause I like makin' things right.
[10/12/2013 12:38:57 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I more meant the thing about you being half-fae.  Also married to a werewolf if you want to work that in there.
[10/12/2013 12:39:03 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  and hunting warlocks.
[10/12/2013 12:40:35 AM] Kate: Oh.
[10/12/2013 12:40:41 AM] Kate: ... well, I guess you're right on that, I don't know.
[10/12/2013 12:42:11 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Seems pretty fantastical to me.
[10/12/2013 12:42:41 AM] Kate: Kate snuggles into him a bit and kisses him.
[10/12/2013 12:43:34 AM] Felix: Ebenezer kisses her back!
[10/12/2013 12:44:11 AM] Kate: Kate does stop after a while, though!
[10/12/2013 12:47:37 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Mmm.  This is nice.
[10/12/2013 12:49:13 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I might have to replace my bed with a floor covered with furs.
[10/12/2013 12:49:26 AM] Kate: I like your bed.
[10/12/2013 12:49:31 AM] Kate: ... guess it's ours, now.
[10/12/2013 12:49:44 AM] Kate: Maybe we can cover part o' the floor with furs, though.
[10/12/2013 12:49:51 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Yep, it's ours.
[10/12/2013 12:51:48 AM] Kate: Kate smiles, and kisses his cheek.
[10/12/2013 12:52:18 AM] Kate: An' pretty soon you'll be able to change again too, if you want.
[10/12/2013 12:54:02 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  That'll be nice... not having to worry about it.  It's been tough.  Changing is so... natural.  It's like trying to keep your index finger straight while you make a fist.
[10/12/2013 12:57:08 AM] Kate: Don't make any kinda sense at all.
[10/12/2013 12:57:24 AM] Kate: I like your skin. But I like your fur too.
[10/12/2013 12:58:24 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  It's just hard, is all I mean, to keep myself from changing.
[10/12/2013 12:58:52 AM] Kate: I know.
[10/12/2013 12:59:04 AM] Kate: I'll try not to take too long in your head, helpin'.
[10/12/2013 12:59:54 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  I know.
[10/12/2013 1:00:05 AM] Kate: G'night, Eben.
[10/12/2013 1:00:18 AM] Felix: Ebenezer:  Gnight, Kate.
[10/12/2013 1:01:20 AM] Kate: Kate kisses him on the cheek again.
[10/12/2013 1:02:25 AM] Felix: He pulls you into him and relaxes.
[10/12/2013 1:03:35 AM] Kate: Kate goes to sleep.