[3/29/2018 8:25:47 PM] Chance: So, you and Cas and Sofia and Theo are standing outside the house.

[3/29/2018 8:28:18 PM] Joe: That wasn't what I expected.

[3/29/2018 8:47:59 PM] Chance: Casper:  ... did we win?  It doesn't feel like we won.

[3/29/2018 8:50:20 PM] Joe: It really doesn't.

[3/29/2018 8:50:26 PM] Joe: I think I want a drink.

[3/29/2018 8:51:10 PM] Joe: I suppose we had better let you rest before flying us back, Mr. Crafter.

[3/29/2018 8:52:11 PM] Chance: Theo:  .... a drink sounds real good.

[3/29/2018 8:56:14 PM] Joe: I suppose we ought to find a place to stay as well, unless one of you has friends here.

[3/29/2018 9:09:12 PM] Chance: Theo shakes his head, so does Cas.  

[3/29/2018 9:09:19 PM] Chance: Sofia:  We could stay in my room.

[3/29/2018 9:12:31 PM] Joe: Oh no, I want room service.

[3/29/2018 9:12:55 PM] *** Joe finds somebody to ask where a swanky hotel might be! ***

[3/29/2018 9:16:26 PM] Chance: Easy enough to find one!  You look a rather ragtag bunch... you and Casper look okay, if a bit harried, but Theo is dressed rather ruggedly, and Sofia of course has her white dress that has some blood on it.

[3/29/2018 9:18:10 PM] *** Joe tidies up the dress before they get there. She has a spell for hiding blood! For... reasons. Woman reasons. ***

[3/29/2018 9:31:45 PM] Chance: Sofia blinks, then hugs you again!  Tight.

[3/29/2018 9:34:21 PM] Joe: Erf. ... I still... need air...

[3/29/2018 9:35:42 PM | Edited 9:36:36 PM] Chance: She releases you!  "Sorry."

[3/29/2018 9:37:47 PM] Joe: It's all right.

[3/29/2018 9:37:57 PM] *** Joe smiles at her. ***

[3/29/2018 9:38:18 PM] *** Joe does also pay for four rooms, or perhaps a single suite with four bedrooms, if there is such a thing. ***

[3/29/2018 9:41:45 PM] Chance: Four rooms!  There's a nice restaurant, too.

[3/29/2018 9:43:35 PM] *** Joe drags the group there! ***

[3/29/2018 9:47:23 PM] Chance: They stop Theo at the door!  There's apparently a standard of dress Theo doesn't conform too.  Theo looks annoyed, and gestures at the maitre'd, who then apologizes and lets him like he's wearing a grand suit!

[3/29/2018 9:47:48 PM] *** Joe smiles. "What do they see you wearing?" ***

[3/29/2018 9:48:10 PM] Chance: Theo:  Something appropriate and overpriced.

[3/29/2018 9:51:59 PM] *** Joe laughs. ***

[3/29/2018 9:52:27 PM] *** Joe did put her skirts back on once they left the vampire lair, btw. ***

[3/29/2018 9:52:46 PM] Chance: Good call!  So, you're sitting around the table!  Pleasantly.

[3/29/2018 9:55:16 PM] Joe: It's rather sad, really. I suppose I'm quite young, but I cannot imagine wanting to stop living due to boredom. The world is so large.

[3/29/2018 9:58:25 PM] Chance: THeo:  He didn't seem the adventurous type.

[3/29/2018 10:02:40 PM] Joe: I can see that, but... why not compose?

[3/29/2018 10:06:50 PM] Chance: Sofia:  Compose what?

[3/29/2018 10:07:07 PM] Joe: Music!

[3/29/2018 10:08:17 PM] Chance: Sofia:  Oh.  Who?  

[3/29/2018 10:08:31 PM] Chance: Cas picks out some wine!  Theo orders a bottle of whiskey.

[3/29/2018 10:08:50 PM] *** Joe offers to share the bottle, unless he's drinking for a draconic metabolism. ***

[3/29/2018 10:09:14 PM] Joe: The Master, I suppose. What was his name, do you know?

[3/29/2018 10:09:28 PM] Chance: Theo orders two bottles.

[3/29/2018 10:11:36 PM] Chance: Sofia starts eating the bread.  "Brfmrmo."  She says with a full mouth.

[3/29/2018 10:15:35 PM] Joe: Could you repeat that after you've swallowed, please?

[3/29/2018 10:32:34 PM] *** Joe touches Theo's foot under the table. ***

[3/29/2018 10:40:08 PM] Chance: Sofia swallows.  "Bruxo."

[3/29/2018 10:40:20 PM] Chance: Theo blinks, and looks around at the table!

[3/29/2018 10:43:30 PM] Chance: The waiter comes by with the drinks!  Cas pours the wine for himself and Sofia and you, too, if you want it.  Theo opens one of the bottles and starts drinking it down.

[3/29/2018 10:46:23 PM] *** Joe does try the wine, but then swaps to the whiskey. ***

[3/29/2018 10:46:44 PM] *** Joe thinks at Theo: That was me. ***

[3/29/2018 10:50:04 PM | Edited 10:50:09 PM] Chance: Theo blinks!  Then smiles a little at you, over the rim of his glass.

[3/29/2018 10:54:41 PM] Joe: He did not seem very happy.

[3/29/2018 10:56:30 PM] Chance: Sofia:  I don't think he is.  I think he is the boy who wished for what he wanted and didn't want it when he got it.

[3/29/2018 10:57:11 PM] Joe: What do you think would make him happy?

[3/29/2018 10:57:23 PM] Chance: Sofia:  To die.

[3/29/2018 10:57:37 PM] Joe: Besides that.

[3/29/2018 10:59:18 PM] Chance: Sofia:  To not live anymore?

[3/29/2018 11:01:15 PM] Joe: I don't think that's very constructive! Ugh. Well, perhaps being able to will bring the fun back.

[3/29/2018 11:04:14 PM] Chance: Sofia:  I don't think he finds anything fun.  

[3/29/2018 11:04:40 PM] Joe: I wonder if he will when he's able to die.

[3/29/2018 11:09:47 PM] Chance: Sofia:  Maybe.  

[3/29/2018 11:09:55 PM] Chance: Sofia:  .... I don't think I want to kill him.

[3/29/2018 11:10:27 PM] Joe: I don't either.

[3/29/2018 11:12:42 PM] Joe: But he's got to be able to die.

[3/29/2018 11:16:22 PM] Chance: Casper:  ... I thought you immortal folks had that sort of thing figured out?

[3/29/2018 11:17:26 PM] Joe: They can all die.

[3/29/2018 11:20:14 PM] Chance: Casper:  Huh.  

[3/29/2018 11:20:46 PM] Chance: Theo:  There are usually terms and conditions and complications, but yes, if you jump through the right hoops, even the most powerful demon or Fae can die.

[3/29/2018 11:22:18 PM] Joe: And they can certainly be killed.

[3/29/2018 11:29:41 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  

[3/29/2018 11:30:18 PM] Chance: Sofia eats her bread, listening.  Then she starts pulling flowers out of the rrangement at the middle of the table.

[3/29/2018 11:31:42 PM] Joe: ... I just can't understand boredom, when one has so many books to read.

[3/29/2018 11:39:57 PM] *** Joe rubs Theo's foot again. She is trying to be suggestive. ***

[3/29/2018 11:43:00 PM] Chance: Theo coughs a little on some whiskey, and blushes!

[3/29/2018 11:47:18 PM] Joe: Are you all right?

[3/29/2018 11:49:54 PM] Chance: Theo clears his throat.  "... Yes.  Quite all right."

[3/29/2018 11:50:05 PM] Chance: Sofia is looking between you and Theo and you and Theo.

[3/29/2018 11:53:31 PM] *** Joe smiles brightly at her. ***

[3/29/2018 11:55:02 PM] Chance: She sips at her wine and starts coughing.

[3/29/2018 11:55:23 PM] Chance: Sofia:  .... does this wine have alcohol?

[3/29/2018 11:56:31 PM] Joe: Yes. Not as much as the whiskey.

[3/30/2018 12:00:46 AM] Chance: She pouts.  "I don't want to drink."

[3/30/2018 12:00:56 AM] Chance: Sofia:  I'm already a monster.  

[3/30/2018 12:02:58 AM] Joe: I don't think you're a monster  just because you're a vampire, dear.

[3/30/2018 12:04:09 AM] Chance: Sofia:  I am though.  I did a lot of bad things.

[3/30/2018 12:06:01 AM] Joe: I've done a lot of bad things too.

[3/30/2018 12:06:11 AM] *** Joe thinks at Theo: And occasionally, people. ***

[3/30/2018 12:08:52 AM] Chance: HE blinks, and flushes again, hiding behind his tumbler.

[4/1/2018 7:26:55 PM] Chance: Theo clears his throat. "The question, of course, is what this spell he wants will cost.  Us and him."

[4/1/2018 7:27:34 PM] Joe: And Sofia, since she'll be the one casting it.

[4/1/2018 7:28:28 PM] Chance: Sofia blinks.  "I will?

[4/1/2018 7:29:10 PM] Joe: He said vampires could turn other people into vampires with it, so I did assume it was required that the caster be a vampire.

[4/1/2018 7:32:45 PM] Chance: Theo:  I don't know enough about the spell to speak to that.  I'm sure we could find some way to offset any cost, though.

[4/1/2018 7:34:45 PM] Joe: Ideas?

[4/1/2018 7:36:09 PM] Chance: Sophia:  IS it blood?  I use a lot of blood in my magic.

[4/1/2018 7:36:42 PM] Joe: That's a good idea--it's something we've got.

[4/1/2018 7:39:44 PM] Chance: Theo:  Almost certainly that will be a component.  He'll need something of what he is, and something of what he wants to be.

[4/1/2018 7:42:18 PM] Joe: Sofia's blood, then, in both cases. A vampire who can die.

[4/1/2018 7:45:46 PM] Chance: Theo nods, thinking.  "I would need to know more about the spell.  these kinds of rituals sometimes require an exchange.

[4/1/2018 7:47:04 PM] Joe: What sort?

[4/1/2018 7:52:26 PM] Chance: Theo:  sometimes it's one to one.  He gains the ability to die, Sofia loses it.  Sometimes it's a bit more... brutal, and the caster sacrifices themselves, or someone else to power the magic.

[4/1/2018 7:53:51 PM] Joe: Well, we're certainly not sacrificing someone.

[4/1/2018 7:56:18 PM] Chance: Theo:  We can find ways around that.

[4/1/2018 7:56:28 PM] Chance: Theo:  IF that's what the spell calls for.

[4/1/2018 7:56:37 PM] Joe: What sort of ways around it?

[4/1/2018 7:58:18 PM] Chance: He eyes you!  "what you you do?  IF a necessary spell required it."

[4/1/2018 8:00:54 PM] Joe: That's a good question.

[4/1/2018 8:01:34 PM] Joe: I'm not really that familiar with this sort of ritualized magic, particularly not involving vampires and blood sacrifices. It's ... never been an area of interest of mine. What sorts of things would be appropriate?

[4/1/2018 8:06:17 PM] Chance: He shrugs!  "No wrong answers.  just curious how you would deal with it."

[4/1/2018 8:07:12 PM] Joe: I would probably ask my father, honestly. He knows quite a bit more about this sort of thing than I do, and could at least refer me to an appropriate (or inappropriate, if warranted) text.

[4/1/2018 8:30:55 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  "Collaboration is always a sign of an adaptable mind.

[4/1/2018 8:43:18 PM] Joe: I'm quite adaptable, you'll find.

[4/1/2018 8:43:27 PM] Joe: And flexible, too.

[4/1/2018 8:52:58 PM] Chance: Theo nods, thinking.  ""I would create a simulacrum to fill the role of the sacrifice.

[4/1/2018 8:53:26 PM] Joe: You'd have to put a great deal of energy into it.

[4/1/2018 9:06:57 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  "If you put a gun to my head, I'd do a little necromancy.  Use someone recently dead.  The soul is gone, but echoes remain, very easy to put in as a substitute sacrifice.

[4/1/2018 9:07:03 PM] Chance: Or some kind of automaton.

[4/1/2018 9:09:28 PM] Joe: Automatons might be less... worrying.

[4/1/2018 9:13:45 PM] Joe: People do tend to get very upset about necromancy.

[4/1/2018 9:14:49 PM] Chance: Theo:  It's true.  I've used donated cadavers for my own experiments.  It's very draining, beside.  

[4/1/2018 9:18:16 PM] Joe: Is it? I had no idea.

[4/1/2018 9:20:01 PM] Chance: Theo:  Mmmm.  I had thought there might be ways to automate the process, but then I realized that in most cases, the automation renders the necromancy moot.  

[4/1/2018 9:21:48 PM] Joe: And it doesn't smell, which is nice.

[4/1/2018 9:24:53 PM] Joe: I suppose we had better get some rest.

[4/1/2018 9:28:14 PM] Chance: Sofia:  I'm not tired.

[4/1/2018 9:29:54 PM] Joe: No? What would you like to do?

[4/1/2018 9:30:19 PM] Chance: Sofia: Turn into a bat.  You?

[4/1/2018 9:34:01 PM] Joe: I think people would be upset if I just said it aloud.

[4/1/2018 9:40:04 PM] *** Joe smiles. ***

[4/1/2018 9:41:00 PM] Chance: Sofia:  .... Turn into bad breath?

[4/1/2018 9:41:53 PM] Joe: Oh no. Ravish somebody. Or be ravished by somebody, I'm not terribly particular.

[4/1/2018 9:42:52 PM] Chance: She blinks!  "What means 'ravish'?  that is a vegetable, I thought."

[4/1/2018 9:46:19 PM] Joe: You are thinking of radishes.

[4/1/2018 9:46:42 PM] Joe: In this context, ravish means "have sex with."

[4/1/2018 9:46:46 PM] *** Joe observes the men. ***

[4/1/2018 9:48:06 PM] Chance: Cas is studying, intently, the label of the wine bottle.  Theo is looking you in the eye.

[4/1/2018 9:48:39 PM] *** Joe smiles at them both. ***

[4/1/2018 9:49:31 PM] Joe: ... sorry. Bad heritage, you know.

[4/1/2018 9:50:03 PM | Edited 9:50:05 PM] Chance: Sofia:  pick me, pick me!  

She hops up and down.

[4/1/2018 9:50:40 PM] Joe: My dear, I love you in an entirely different way.

[4/1/2018 9:51:50 PM] Chance: She pouts, but smiles.

[4/1/2018 9:55:24 PM] *** Joe pats her back. ***

[4/1/2018 9:55:42 PM] *** Joe thinks at Cas: Sorry. I should try harder not to embarrass you. ***

[4/1/2018 9:59:07 PM] Chance: Cas:  ... I think  of it as immersion therapy.

[4/1/2018 10:01:10 PM] *** Joe thinks at him: I would be happy to "immerse" you at any time, you know... not in this shape, obviously... ***

[4/1/2018 10:02:49 PM] Chance: Cas:  ..  Theo likes you.  Or he wants to eat you.  One or the other.

[4/1/2018 10:04:25 PM] *** Joe thinks: ... you know, that's an excellent point, I hadn't really thought about the second possibility. ***

[4/1/2018 10:06:39 PM] *** Joe thinks: ... but he'll be bringing us back to Francisco and then the dragons will go off and... fly about, I suppose. I don't really know what dragons do. ***

[4/1/2018 10:19:33 PM] *** Joe adds: If it bothers you, I will certainly not do it. ***

[4/1/2018 10:32:06 PM] Chance: Cas:  ... my interest is in my friend's happiness, chiefly.  I still have too much to figure out about myself to be much use to you romantically.

[4/1/2018 10:36:53 PM] *** Joe thinks: Use is a rather hard word, Cas. ... you might not realize this, but the best part of sleeping with somebody nice is that even if they're awful at it you very often get to talk to them as well, and they're always so interesting. I love people. ***

[4/1/2018 10:44:14 PM] Chance: Sofia looks between you and Cas!  

[4/1/2018 10:44:24 PM] Chance: Sofia:  Me too.  But I could never eat a whole one.

[4/1/2018 10:47:55 PM] Joe: That's probably for the best, I always feel very ill if I eat too much.

[4/1/2018 10:48:10 PM] Joe: Well, I am going to my bedroom.

[4/1/2018 10:49:00 PM] *** Joe thinks at Theo: You are invited. If nothing else I am still intensely interested in that gun of yours, it is so beautiful. ***

[4/1/2018 10:49:20 PM] *** Joe thinks at Cas: ... besides, he would certainly not be the slightest bit interested if I were shaped like a man right now. ***

[4/1/2018 10:59:40 PM] *** Joe heads to her room, nodding politely to everyone. ***

[4/1/2018 11:07:07 PM] Chance: Sofia stays at the table!  She orders five more baskets of bread.

[4/1/2018 11:07:34 PM] Chance: Theo is waiting at your door.  Somehow he beat you there.

[4/1/2018 11:09:41 PM] *** Joe raises her eyebrows and opens the door to let him in. ***

[4/1/2018 11:10:45 PM] Chance: He goes in!  "... I thought I was invited?"

[4/1/2018 11:11:17 PM] Joe: You are very much invited.

[4/1/2018 11:11:30 PM] Joe: How did you manage to get here ahead of me?

[4/1/2018 11:12:09 PM] Joe: Was it a space-folding spell, or a speed spell? Or can dragons just... do that?

[4/1/2018 11:12:19 PM] *** Joe steps in behind him and closes the door. ***

[4/1/2018 11:17:20 PM] Chance: Theo:  I slipped int and out of Faerie.  

[4/1/2018 11:17:34 PM] Chance: Theo:  Stepping sideways, Anya calls it.

[4/1/2018 11:17:45 PM] Joe: You can do that?

[4/1/2018 11:17:57 PM] Joe: Is it dragonish or magical?

[4/1/2018 11:19:56 PM] Chance: Theo:  It relies on being not as tightly bound to this world as most mortals.  I could probably teach you.  Depends on how malleable time is in hell.

[4/1/2018 11:20:46 PM] Joe: ... I am not sure I ought to try it. ... I have a soul, you know.

[4/1/2018 11:22:15 PM] Chance: Theo:  Me too.

[4/1/2018 11:22:43 PM] Joe: But fae don't consume souls, do they?

[4/1/2018 11:23:17 PM] Chance: Theo:  They certainly trade in them.  But they don't need them to sustain themselves.

[4/1/2018 11:24:17 PM] Joe: I believe I am considered a delightful delicacy in hell.

[4/1/2018 11:27:00 PM | Edited 11:27:06 PM] Chance: Theo:  That seems... uncomfortable.

[4/1/2018 11:27:59 PM] Joe: I have never been there to find out, honestly!

[4/1/2018 11:28:01 PM] *** Joe smiles. ***

[4/1/2018 11:31:38 PM] Chance: Theo:  I can't recommend Faerie, I'm afraid.  Especially if you found England stuffy.

[4/1/2018 11:31:49 PM] Joe: I did! Terribly stuffy.

[4/1/2018 11:32:15 PM] Joe: ... you came here knowing I'm a succubus, without the least bit of hesitation.

[4/1/2018 11:38:25 PM] Chance: Theo:  You invited a dragon into your room.  I think perhaps we both make suspect decisions.

[4/1/2018 11:39:14 PM] Joe: ... damn, you do have an excellent point.

[4/1/2018 11:44:17 PM] Chance: Theo:  Well, what are we to do now? 

[4/1/2018 11:45:39 PM] Joe: Can we do anything? I had understood fae magic dealt mainly with illusions. As a dragon, er... well, I might get squashed, mightn't I?

[4/1/2018 11:50:03 PM] Chance: He reaches out a hand to you!  "It's... not just a visual illusion.  Demons change their shape, they change their bodies.   Demons change themselves.  Fae spin illusions so intricate that we fool reality.  Fae and Demons do the same things, in different ways."

[4/1/2018 11:51:47 PM] *** Joe takes his hand and strokes it. ***

[4/1/2018 11:52:05 PM] Joe: And you're... culturally rather human as well.

[4/1/2018 11:52:53 PM] Joe: Inasmuch as either of us can really be said to be any thing.

[4/1/2018 11:55:11 PM] Chance: She might feel a sensation of smooth scales, but the hand is otherwise human!

[4/1/2018 11:56:58 PM] Joe: I do feel scales. ... may I touch?

[4/1/2018 11:57:05 PM] Chance: Theo nods!

[4/1/2018 11:57:59 PM] *** Joe unbuttons his shirt and touches his back to see if there are feathers. ***

[4/1/2018 11:59:11 PM] Chance: On his shoulderblades!  Just a bit, a few places where the scales turn to feathers.

[4/1/2018 11:59:51 PM] Joe: ... am I feeling them because you're letting me, or would I always if I touched you like this?

[4/2/2018 12:02:57 AM] Chance: Theo:  You're feeling them because you're magically gifted, which gives you glimpses through the glamour.

[4/2/2018 12:05:37 AM] Joe: That's fascinating!

[4/2/2018 12:06:16 AM] Joe: Did you bring your gun?

[4/2/2018 12:07:17 AM] Chance: It appears out of nowhere!

[4/2/2018 12:09:06 AM] Joe: I am desperate for you to tell me how it all works and how you made it. If you are willing, of course.

[4/2/2018 12:09:15 AM] *** Joe still has her arms around him, though. ***

[4/2/2018 12:11:40 AM] Chance: Theo:  I'm not jealous about my work. 

[4/2/2018 12:14:44 AM] Joe: I am all curiosity about your kind of magic. I know only what I have read in books, but it does seem to mesh beautifully with mine, doesn't it?

[4/2/2018 12:16:12 AM] Chance: Theo:  Science and magic are not incompatible.

[4/2/2018 12:19:35 AM] Joe: I agree. Well, I have a proposal for you. If you do not kill and eat me, I will not eat and kill you. How does that sound?

[4/2/2018 12:20:12 AM] Chance: Theo:  I hadn't intended on doing either, to be fair.  

[4/2/2018 12:21:00 AM] Joe: Marvellous, I hadn't either.

[4/2/2018 12:21:02 AM] *** Joe kisses him. ***

[4/2/2018 12:22:27 AM] Chance: He kisses back!

[4/4/2018 8:14:17 PM] Chance: Soooo, where were we.

[4/4/2018 8:16:31 PM] *** Joe probably after a curtain! ***

[4/4/2018 8:21:38 PM] *** Joe is quite snuggly if he seems to like that, otherwise not. She's pretty sensitive to her partners' moods. ***

[4/4/2018 8:22:35 PM] Chance: He doesn't seem to object to it!

[4/4/2018 8:23:16 PM] *** Joe probably absorbs a bit of however he's feeling at the moment and will use that to gauge what he likes or wants. ***

[4/4/2018 8:26:02 PM] Chance: A bit invigorated!  But content.

[4/4/2018 8:30:24 PM] Joe: I haven't done that with somebody like you before.

[4/4/2018 8:32:54 PM] Chance: Theo:  A dragon?

[4/4/2018 8:33:54 PM] Joe: A knowledgeable caster.

[4/4/2018 8:36:30 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... truly?

[4/4/2018 8:36:56 PM] Joe: They don't usually like me much.

[4/4/2018 8:37:16 PM] Chance: Theo:  Me neither.

[4/4/2018 8:37:28 PM] Joe: And they're so old.

[4/4/2018 8:39:17 PM] Chance: Theo:  And stuffy.

[4/4/2018 8:40:31 PM] Joe: Oh, that's what I meant. I don't pay much attention to their bodies.

[4/4/2018 8:50:39 PM] Chance: Theo:  They have their very set definitions of what magic means, and what it's all about, and are very... inflexible about it.  

[4/4/2018 8:51:05 PM] Joe: And people, too.

[4/4/2018 9:00:13 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  "Quite so.  I've never cared too much.  But it's in your nature to care, isn't it?"

[4/4/2018 9:00:32 PM] Joe: Yes.

[4/4/2018 9:00:42 PM] Joe: I don't understand how people can turn it off!

[4/4/2018 9:02:35 PM] Chance: Theo:  Being a dragon helps, I think.  Fae in general are rather.... detached.

[4/4/2018 9:03:54 PM] Joe: You didn't seem detached ten minutes ago.

[4/4/2018 9:05:27 PM] Chance: Theo:  I'm not all Fae.

[4/4/2018 9:07:16 PM] Joe: Really? Which parts?

[4/4/2018 9:07:20 PM] *** Joe is teasing, obviously. ***

[4/4/2018 9:10:39 PM] Chance: Theo smiles.  "My mother is half-fae, and half-human.

[4/4/2018 9:10:55 PM] Chance: theo:  And I was raised by her.

[4/4/2018 9:13:37 PM] Joe: Who do you feel most at home with?

[4/4/2018 9:15:03 PM] Chance: Theo:  No one, really.  I feel comfortable with family and friends, of course.  And the workshop.

[4/4/2018 9:18:56 PM] Joe: Is it in a demiplane, on earth or in faerie?

[4/4/2018 9:21:30 PM] Chance: Theo: It's a demiplane.  In a nice big cave.

[4/4/2018 9:24:43 PM] Joe: In a cave? Why a cave?

[4/4/2018 9:29:16 PM] Chance: Theo:  It's a very nice cave.

[4/4/2018 9:30:59 PM] Joe: Oh! Dragons live in caves.

[4/4/2018 9:33:12 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  "Most of them do, yes.  Some live in volcanos."

[4/4/2018 9:33:49 PM] Joe: In a volcano?

[4/4/2018 9:34:25 PM] Chance: Theo:  Oh yes.  For some dragons, lava is like water.  

[4/4/2018 9:35:58 PM] Joe: Interesting.

[4/4/2018 9:36:31 PM] *** Joe picks up his gun, makes sure it's not loaded, and then whispers a little locking charm to it just in case. Then she starts examining it. ***

[4/4/2018 9:38:28 PM] Chance: It's a gun!  With runes and glyphs and fillagree decorating the metal here and there.

[4/4/2018 9:38:52 PM] Joe: It is so beautiful. Where did you get it?

[4/4/2018 9:49:29 PM] Chance: Theo sits up.  "The base rifle, I got from some sport hunter from London."

[4/4/2018 9:52:45 PM] Joe: "Got"?

[4/4/2018 9:53:12 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... liberated.

[4/4/2018 9:53:18 PM] Chance: Theo:  Acquired?

[4/4/2018 9:53:25 PM] Joe: You stole it! Marvellous!

[4/4/2018 9:53:57 PM] Joe: How wicked you are, Mr. Crafter.

[4/4/2018 9:54:00 PM] Chance: Theo:  He came to shoot 'buffalo' of all things.  For sport.  Have you seen a buffalo?

[4/4/2018 9:54:24 PM] Chance: Theo:  They're delicious, mind you, but he wasn't doing it for subsistence.

[4/4/2018 9:54:28 PM] Joe: I have not! Cas and I decided we would certainly stop anyone shooting buffalo after one.

[4/4/2018 9:54:42 PM] Joe: One is quite sufficient. I suppose people do get the hides.

[4/4/2018 9:59:14 PM] Joe: They make lovely coats. But it seems quite excessive to leave all that meat lying around.

[4/4/2018 9:59:21 PM] Joe: ... I am very fond of food.

[4/4/2018 9:59:26 PM] Chance: Theo:  Me too.

[4/4/2018 10:00:41 PM] Joe: Do ordinary fae eat?

[4/4/2018 10:01:15 PM] Chance: Theo:  They.... consume.  Sometimes human food, usually other things.

[4/4/2018 10:02:42 PM] Joe: Other things?

[4/4/2018 10:03:40 PM] Chance: Theo:  Like.... disappointment.  Or guilt.  Or things like that.

[4/4/2018 10:04:16 PM] Joe: Can you do that?

[4/4/2018 10:08:29 PM] Chance: Theo:  I can't.  But there are fae chefs who specialize in... preparing extractions.

[4/4/2018 10:09:07 PM] Joe: Damn! I would have liked to know what that feels like.

[4/4/2018 10:10:29 PM] Chance: Theo:  Not pleasant.  I've seen the larders. 

[4/4/2018 10:16:11 PM] Joe: Truly? I'm told the succubus kiss is quite pleasant.

[4/4/2018 10:19:45 PM] Chance: Theo:  Oh, I'm sure the 'food' in the faerie larder thinks it's quite pleasant having things 'extracted'.

[4/4/2018 10:20:19 PM] Joe: But that's an illusion. ... we don't do illusions.

[4/4/2018 10:21:31 PM] Chance: Theo:  No.  Succubi also do it...naturally.  The people I'm talking about do it with artifice.

[4/4/2018 10:23:03 PM] Joe: ... I hadn't tried it before Cas. I don't want to live off other people like that.

[4/4/2018 10:25:42 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  "Well, you don't have to, do you?"

[4/4/2018 10:27:44 PM] Joe: No, not at all.

[4/4/2018 10:29:39 PM] Joe: ... I did try to make it nice for him.

[4/4/2018 10:31:40 PM] Chance: Theo:  I'm sure you did.

[4/4/2018 10:33:45 PM] Joe: I don't often get complaints?

[4/4/2018 10:38:15 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... I don't have a lot experience, mind you, but it was quite pleasant, I thought?  

[4/4/2018 10:38:37 PM] Chance: Theo doesn't seem to know what to say here!

[4/4/2018 10:38:48 PM] Joe: Oh, good.

[4/4/2018 10:38:57 PM] Joe: Whyever not?

[4/4/2018 10:43:28 PM] Chance: He shrugs!

[4/4/2018 10:46:04 PM] Joe: Well, I am glad you changed your mind to have me here.

[4/4/2018 10:46:57 PM] Chance: Theo:  Changed my mind?

[4/4/2018 10:48:30 PM] Joe: Well, if you haven't much experience, clearly you're quite discriminating when it comes to your partners.

[4/4/2018 10:49:57 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... I haven't had a lot of people exactly lining up.

[4/4/2018 10:51:43 PM] Joe: That's impossible.

[4/4/2018 10:56:26 PM] *** Joe runs a hand very lightly down his chest. "It may only be an illusion, but it's a very good illusion of a very handsome man." ***

[4/4/2018 10:56:56 PM] Chance: Theo:  It's still me.  Just... an aspect of me.

[4/4/2018 10:58:44 PM] Joe: All the more reason, then.

[4/5/2018 6:44:30 PM] Chance: Josie was checking out his gun.

[4/5/2018 6:46:18 PM] *** Joe was! Not a euphemism, either, as she's already "checked out" that one. ***

[4/5/2018 6:49:03 PM] Chance: It was apparently stolen, too.

[4/5/2018 6:52:31 PM] *** Joe was inordinately amused by that. ***

[4/5/2018 6:52:55 PM] Joe: Perhaps it's the detachment.

[4/5/2018 6:53:20 PM] Chance: Theo:  what is?

[4/5/2018 6:54:32 PM] Joe: Why people aren't lining up.

[4/5/2018 6:56:01 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... I don't know.  I do have a theory that dragons radiate a kind of antipathy just unconsciously.

[4/5/2018 6:56:45 PM] Joe: If so it must be a magical effect, and I seem to be immune to it.

[4/5/2018 6:57:08 PM] Chance: Theo:  Just a theory I've had, and not in regards to this.  I haven't really noticed.

[4/5/2018 6:57:29 PM] Chance: Theo:  But dragons in stories are always very terrifying and intimidating.

[4/5/2018 6:59:53 PM] Joe: And enormous.

[4/5/2018 7:01:22 PM] Chance: Theo:  There's always some exaggeration in myth, isn't there?

[4/5/2018 7:02:17 PM] Joe: You are not exactly small in your other shape.

[4/5/2018 7:03:05 PM] Chance: Theo:  Not the size of a castle, though.

[4/5/2018 7:03:27 PM] Joe: Unless it was quite a small castle, no.

[4/5/2018 7:06:33 PM] Chance: Theo:  anyway, you're brilliant and beautiful, someone could ask the same questions of you.

[4/5/2018 7:12:35 PM] Joe: Oh, I am not short of partners.

[4/5/2018 7:12:42 PM] Joe: Most of them prefer me not to talk, however.

[4/5/2018 7:12:51 PM] Joe: Not when I'm a woman, at any rate.

[4/5/2018 7:13:51 PM] Chance: Theo makes a face.  "I see."

[4/5/2018 7:15:29 PM] Joe: Very little can make up for poor conversation, don't you find?

[4/5/2018 7:16:19 PM] Chance: Theo:  Conversation isn't really a talent of mine.  At least not as far as that.. thing... some folks can do where they just talk and talk without saying anything.

[4/5/2018 7:16:27 PM] Joe: Hmm. Normally I am not much for ornamentation, but the filigree on this is really lovely.

[4/5/2018 7:17:28 PM] Joe: That sort of conversation is an art form.

[4/5/2018 7:18:13 PM] Joe: But certainly not appropriate for situations such as this one.

[4/5/2018 7:22:42 PM] Chance: Theo:  Just seems like a waste of time.

[4/5/2018 7:24:41 PM] Joe: Filigree, or pleasantries?

[4/5/2018 7:25:21 PM] Chance: Theo:  Conversations where people talk about nothing.

[4/5/2018 7:25:45 PM] Joe: Pleasantries!

[4/5/2018 7:25:58 PM] Joe: I suppose the filigree was there when you got it.

[4/5/2018 7:26:03 PM] Joe: Tell me what these levers do?

[4/5/2018 7:26:26 PM] Chance: Theo:  No it wasn't.  It wsa a fairly artless thing when I got it.  

[4/5/2018 7:27:02 PM] Joe: Ah! So some things are allowed a little pointless ornamentation, then.

[4/5/2018 7:27:05 PM] *** Joe teases a bit. ***

[4/5/2018 7:34:46 PM] Joe: You are far too beautiful to be a puritan. And if you made this, you make too beautiful things as well.

[4/5/2018 7:35:08 PM] Chance: Theo:  If someone likes it, it's not pointless.

[4/5/2018 7:36:51 PM] Joe: What do these levers do?

[4/5/2018 7:39:03 PM] Chance: Theo:  That one inscribes the bullet with a rune of opening.  That one with a rune ghosts, and that one with a rune of lightning.

[4/5/2018 7:40:53 PM] Joe: A rune of opening?

[4/5/2018 7:41:52 PM] Chance: Theo:  For doors.

[4/5/2018 7:44:09 PM] Joe: Oh, good, I had worried.

[4/5/2018 7:45:04 PM] Chance: Theo:  It wouldn't work on a person unless they are also a door.

[4/5/2018 7:45:36 PM] Joe: No. Of course, the bullet still would.

[4/5/2018 7:46:36 PM] Chance: Theo:  No, the runes change the bullet and turn them into a directed spell.

[4/5/2018 7:47:35 PM] Joe: Oh, that's fascinating! how often do you use that function?

[4/5/2018 7:48:03 PM] Joe: What do the ghosts and lightning runes do?

[4/5/2018 7:48:45 PM] Chance: Theo:  I've never used the ghost bullets, but theoretically, they should act as a very.... dramatic means of exorcism.  

[4/5/2018 7:50:24 PM] Joe: Do they work on demons?

[4/5/2018 7:52:16 PM] Chance: Theo:  And faei, if they are in an incorporeal form.

[4/5/2018 7:52:57 PM] Joe: Terrifying! I would not like to be sent to hell.

[4/5/2018 7:56:14 PM] Chance: Theo:  As I said, I have not had a chance to try it yet.

[4/5/2018 7:56:58 PM] Joe: I enjoy exploration, but I would prefer not to do that sort.

[4/5/2018 7:59:10 PM] Joe: Other sorts of experimentation with magic, perhaps.

[4/5/2018 7:59:40 PM] Chance: Theo:  Like what?  Tell me about some of the magic you've done?

[4/5/2018 8:01:27 PM] Joe: I animated an orchestra's instruments to play on their own.

[4/5/2018 8:02:22 PM] Chance: Theo:  Did you provide the music?  Or did you use the echoes of past performances?

[4/5/2018 8:03:32 PM] Joe: I learned the instruments, largely. Or at least, at the elementary level. Then I took a bit of the spirits of the performers and invested them.

[4/5/2018 8:04:23 PM] Chance: Theo:  so you actually had to conduct, fascinating.  Do you like music?

[4/5/2018 8:05:41 PM] Joe: Oh yes, very much. I am afraid I am a very bad conductor, though. And then I very nearly got caught.

[4/5/2018 8:12:22 PM] Chance: Theo:  I feel like I'm missing some context concerning the circumstances of this particular feat.

[4/5/2018 8:13:27 PM] Joe: The conductor very much objected to my relationship with his daughter. And for once it was entirely innocent, too! She was half still a child, one could not think of her in that way.

[4/5/2018 8:22:40 PM] Joe: We were both very fond of the cello.

[4/5/2018 8:25:46 PM] Joe: And there was actually a boy she liked--one much closer to her own age in her head.

[4/5/2018 9:17:34 PM] Chance: Theo nods.  "still more than I could manage."

[4/5/2018 9:18:39 PM] Chance: Theo:  .... the music, I mean.  I like it, but I've always had a hard time to figuring it out.

[4/5/2018 9:19:56 PM] Joe: The harpsichord was the most difficult, really.

[4/5/2018 9:22:32 PM] Joe: I had to take lessons for quite some time.

[4/5/2018 9:27:14 PM] Chance: Theo:  Have you ever built anything?  Engage in any artifice? I should think you would be quite good at it.

[4/5/2018 9:31:33 PM] Joe: Oh, I suppose so, in my own small way.

[4/5/2018 9:31:48 PM] Chance: Theo leans forward, interested!

[4/5/2018 9:33:56 PM] Joe: ... you'll laugh at me.

[4/5/2018 9:36:22 PM] Chance: Theo:  I once built a clock that would set on fire when its hands reaches 1:43.

[4/5/2018 9:36:57 PM] Joe: Really? Why?

[4/5/2018 9:37:22 PM] Chance: Theo shrugs.  "I was bored."

[4/5/2018 9:37:34 PM] Chance: Theo:  And left alone with a broken clock.

[4/5/2018 9:37:44 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... even a broken clock will catch fire twice a day.

[4/5/2018 9:38:01 PM] *** Joe laughs. ***

[4/5/2018 9:38:57 PM] Joe: Truly, it is only that I do not seem to be very good at it.

[4/5/2018 9:39:13 PM | Edited 9:39:18 PM] Chance: Theo:  Well, tell me.

[4/5/2018 9:39:46 PM] Joe: Oh, it was one of those horseless carriages. I took it apart and could not put it back together again correctly. And I spent ages on it.

[4/5/2018 9:40:44 PM] Chance: Theo:  Combustion engines are... difficult.  And don't like magic that much, I"ve found.  

[4/5/2018 9:41:17 PM] Joe: There were always two screws left over. Every time.

[4/5/2018 9:43:34 PM] Chance: Theo:  IT's a device that is powered by explosions.  Volitility is in its nature, and it's a difficult nature to pair with magic.

[4/5/2018 9:45:31 PM] Joe: Is it? I didn't have much trouble with that part of it, it was just the screws. I never did work out where they were supposed to go. After the second time I started over I quite gave up and just used magic to make it go faster and need less fuel.

[4/5/2018 9:46:32 PM] Chance: Theo:  What were you trying to do in the first place, then?

[4/5/2018 9:47:19 PM] Joe: Oh, nothing really.

[4/5/2018 9:48:31 PM] Joe: They make a lot of noise and they're fun to ride on, so of course I had to have one. Then I wondered how they worked so of course I had to pull it apart and put it back together. Only I obviously did not do it correctly because I had those screws left over.

[4/5/2018 9:49:40 PM] Joe: And after the second time starting over and the third time putting it back together I gave up when I still got extra screws.

[4/5/2018 9:50:00 PM] Chance: Theo:  I always think of extra screws as a gift from the machine.  Who can't use extra screws?

[4/5/2018 9:50:23 PM] Joe: Do you get them too?

[4/5/2018 9:51:04 PM] Chance: Theo:  Very constantly.

[4/5/2018 9:51:43 PM] Joe: How do you live? It bothers me, things like that.

[4/5/2018 9:55:45 PM] Chance: Theo:  .... a little mystery is a fair price to pay for extra screws, don't you think?

[4/5/2018 9:55:58 PM] Chance: Theo:  .. you didn't happen to bring your carriage with you, did you?

[4/5/2018 9:57:23 PM] Joe: No, but I Marked it, so I can summon it. People do tend to object to all the smoke and the banging--and I had it magicked quiet and the smell to roses, but it wasn't as fun that way so I took it off.

[4/5/2018 9:58:35 PM] Chance: Theo:  We could fit it with wheels more suited to getting around the wild places here. 

[4/5/2018 9:59:52 PM] Joe: I like that idea.

[4/5/2018 10:01:03 PM] Chance: Theo:  Then it could be as loud and smelly as you want.

[4/5/2018 10:01:31 PM] Joe: That sounds marvelous!

[4/5/2018 10:01:54 PM] Joe: I do not think there can be a point to riding in an automobile if you are not filthy by the end of it.

[4/5/2018 10:03:54 PM] Chance: Theo:  I heard a story about someone swallowing a bee.  .... not sure why they didn't just keep their mouth closed.

[4/5/2018 10:04:21 PM] Joe: Probably because they were shouting TALLY HO or something of that nature. I often do.

[4/5/2018 10:05:17 PM] Chance: Theo:  I like roaring sometimes.

[4/5/2018 10:06:04 PM] Joe: I do too! Though of course it's much smaller. It really only works when I'm a man.

[4/5/2018 10:06:25 PM] Joe: Damn! I meant not to talk about that. People do seem to find it upsetting.

[4/5/2018 10:07:11 PM] Chance: Theo:  About what?

[4/5/2018 10:20:21 PM] Joe: Oh, changing shape and the like.

[4/5/2018 10:20:53 PM] Chance: Theo:  Doesn't bother me, though.  

[4/5/2018 10:21:28 PM] Joe: But you said you preferred women?

[4/5/2018 10:24:41 PM] Chance: Theo:  Sexually, sure.  Just like I'm sure you prefer humanoids sexually.  But... that's not all there is, right?  It's not just sex.

[4/5/2018 10:26:16 PM] Joe: Well, no, obviously not. I suppose you technically aren't a humanoid. I suppose I just prefer people.

[4/5/2018 10:27:53 PM] Chance: Theo shrugs.  "Your nature doesn't bother me."

[4/5/2018 10:29:31 PM] Joe: You say that, but I'm sure you'd find it disturbing if I were a man right now.

[4/5/2018 10:31:15 PM] Chance: Theo:  Why?  Because you'd be a naked human male?  I might not be as physically attracted to you, but there are degrees between 'disturbed' and 'not necessarily physically attracted'.

[4/5/2018 10:32:22 PM] Joe: ... oh. Most men seem to find it actively disturbing.

[4/5/2018 10:32:45 PM] Chance: Theo:  ... most men are stuck to one shape or seeming.

[4/5/2018 10:40:51 PM] Joe: Well, yes.

[4/5/2018 10:42:09 PM] Chance: Theo:  And they invest a lot into who they happen to appear as.

[4/5/2018 10:45:04 PM] Joe: Which we don't. Well, I don't.

[4/5/2018 10:45:38 PM] Chance: Theo shakes his head.

[4/5/2018 10:47:02 PM] Joe: ... you know, I think I like you.

[4/5/2018 10:47:27 PM] Chance: Theo:  I think I like you, too.

[4/5/2018 10:48:32 PM] *** Joe sets the gun down and pouncesnogs him! ***