[9/11/2017 6:56:27 PM] Amos: On Rook's first exploratory jaunt through one of the mysterious house's doors, she found a place called Egypt, met a mummy cat and helped said mummy cat, named Akil, reawaken his beloved mummy human, Princess Ahmose-Henuttamehu. Rook brought them both back to the safe part of the house, startling Rook's employer at first, who has now gone to a. tell everyone in the house not to murder the Princess, and b. fetch a priest to resurrect her.

[9/11/2017 6:56:50 PM] Amos: Rook said she was going to show Princess Mehu around.

[9/11/2017 6:57:12 PM] *** Rook was!  And get her set up in a room. ***

[9/11/2017 6:57:46 PM] *** Rook is a lot less put off at the mummy than most people would be. ***

[9/11/2017 6:58:49 PM] Amos: To be fair, she seems like a pretty nice mummy, and not terribly bossy for a princess. And her mummy cat helped a lot with the dire jackal, too.

[9/11/2017 6:59:05 PM] *** Rook also loves the mummy cat. ***

[9/11/2017 6:59:17 PM] Rook: I would let you stay in my room, but it might be getting crowded.

[9/11/2017 6:59:19 PM] Amos: Murky is distinctly unimpressed with everybody!

[9/11/2017 6:59:29 PM] Amos: Princess: Oh?

[9/11/2017 6:59:38 PM] Rook: Murky and a vampire already stay in there.

[9/11/2017 7:00:44 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrowl!

[9/11/2017 7:00:59 PM] Amos: Princess: Oh. What's a vampire?

[9/11/2017 7:01:19 PM] Rook: Rook makes finger fangs and goes 'bleh!'

[9/11/2017 7:01:39 PM] Rook: They're undead.  They need to drink blood to continue.. well, not living, but to continue their unlife.

[9/11/2017 7:02:52 PM] Amos: Princess: Is he drinking your blood?

[9/11/2017 7:03:00 PM] Amos: Where are you bringing her?

[9/11/2017 7:03:26 PM] *** Rook doesn't really know!  She'll just keep opening rooms up until she finds one she doesn't think anyone is currently occupying. ***

[9/11/2017 7:03:56 PM] Amos: Oh, there are several in the corridor Rook's own room is in.

[9/11/2017 7:04:11 PM] Amos: It's pretty easy to find one!

[9/11/2017 7:04:52 PM] Amos: Akil jumps down out of the Princess's arms and starts exploring immediately, sniffing at things, wedging himself between walls and furniture, and knocking over a very ugly silver candlestick.

[9/11/2017 7:07:21 PM] Amos: Princess: Akil, please be careful.

[9/11/2017 7:07:29 PM] Amos: Akil mews, not sounding the least bit repentant.

[9/11/2017 7:07:42 PM] Rook: Does he eat?

[9/11/2017 7:08:07 PM] Amos: The princess picks up the candlestick and puts it where it belongs. It's still ugly.

[9/11/2017 7:08:26 PM] Amos: Princess: I think so. I don't know if it matters.

[9/11/2017 7:08:47 PM] Amos: Princess: I mean, I don't know if he has to. Or if it does any good.

[9/11/2017 7:10:01 PM] Rook: Hmmm.  Did you ask them to make you a mummy?

[9/11/2017 7:11:07 PM] Amos: Princess: No. All royalty are made into mummies. And most rich people.

[9/11/2017 7:11:39 PM] Amos: She touches the coverlet on the bed. "Do you suppose I sleep?"

[9/11/2017 7:13:18 PM] Rook: So they didn't ask?

[9/11/2017 7:13:36 PM] Rook: I don't know!  Maybe?  There's magic that can make you sleep, but I don't know if it would work on you.

[9/11/2017 7:14:17 PM] Amos: Princess: Well, I don't think I want to sleep right now anyway. This is a beautiful room--do they use magic to keep it from getting too hot?

[9/11/2017 7:16:29 PM] Rook: WEll, it's not really that hot here.  It's cold.

[9/11/2017 7:16:35 PM] *** Rook goes to a window and opens it up. ***

[9/11/2017 7:16:41 PM] Rook: See?

[9/11/2017 7:18:47 PM] Amos: A blast of icy wind and snow slams into Rook! And also the Princess.

[9/11/2017 7:19:03 PM] Amos: Murky protests with an enraged yowl!

[9/11/2017 7:19:06 PM] Rook: ... I did not know it was going to do that.

[9/11/2017 7:19:10 PM] *** Rook closes it. ***

[9/11/2017 7:20:30 PM] Amos: Princess: ... it's cold. How can it be that cold? Did something happen to this world?

[9/11/2017 7:20:43 PM] Amos: She goes to the window and looks out.

[9/11/2017 7:20:54 PM] Amos: Murky grumbles, kneading Rook's shoulders a bit with her claws.

[9/11/2017 7:22:16 PM] Rook: I don't know!  Maybe.  That would explain a lot.  Apparnetly it's 'winter' here.

[9/11/2017 7:22:56 PM] Amos: Princess: But that didn't feel like rain to me...

[9/11/2017 7:23:12 PM] Amos: Akil licks a little clump of snow on the ground.

[9/11/2017 7:24:00 PM] Amos: Murky rolls her eyes.

[9/11/2017 7:25:02 PM] Rook: I think it's frozen water.

[9/11/2017 7:25:28 PM] Rook: Murky here is native to this plane, I'm not so, so I don't really get seasons.  Sigil doesn't let nature push it around.

[9/11/2017 7:26:02 PM] Amos: Murky: Mreow, mew, mrowl.

[9/11/2017 7:26:14 PM] Amos: Akil rolls his (yellow, glowing) eyes.

[9/11/2017 7:26:49 PM] Amos: Princess: I thought it was sand, but all of that's water? ... does it ever get warm here?

[9/11/2017 7:27:01 PM] Amos: Princess: How do they grow food?

[9/11/2017 7:27:41 PM] Rook: That's a good question.  Maybe stuff grows in the snow?

[9/11/2017 7:28:06 PM] Amos: Murky facepaws.

[9/11/2017 7:28:17 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrow.

[9/11/2017 7:28:39 PM] Rook: Hey, I don't know anything about farming.

[9/11/2017 7:29:18 PM] Amos: Princess: I know a little, but... I don't think it will apply here. Not if water is white and looks like sand.

[9/11/2017 7:31:59 PM] Amos: She turns away from the window, shaking her head. Akil rubs against her ankles, and she picks him up again.

[9/11/2017 7:33:00 PM] Rook: ANyway.  It seems okay here.  What did you do, besides being a princess?

[9/11/2017 7:35:25 PM] Amos: Princess: Well... that's it, really. It's very time-consuming. You hear about taxes and farming and try to fix people's problems and then generals tell you how the war is going and you tell them what they ought to do next. And there's all the hair-removal and that kind of thing, that takes a long time. Sometimes I got to swim.

[9/11/2017 7:35:51 PM] Rook: Oh.  Hmmm.  HAir removal?

[9/11/2017 7:37:19 PM] Amos: Princess: Yes. Priestesses can't have any hair, normally.

[9/11/2017 7:37:33 PM] Rook: Ohhh, you're a priestess, too?

[9/11/2017 7:38:03 PM] Amos: Princess: All royalty is, aren't they? Because we're descended from gods.

[9/11/2017 7:38:31 PM] Rook: Ohhh, are you?

[9/11/2017 7:38:45 PM] Rook: What kind of powers does that give you?

[9/11/2017 7:39:53 PM] Amos: Princess: Well... I have magic.

[9/11/2017 7:40:01 PM] Rook: Me too!

[9/11/2017 7:41:39 PM] Amos: Princess: Maybe you're descended from gods too.

[9/11/2017 7:42:22 PM] Rook: Oh probably.  Or maybe devils, or demons.  There's all kinds of stuff.

[9/11/2017 7:42:57 PM] Rook: Hmmm.  Well, come on, I can show you the rest of the house.  Or at least the parts I know.

[9/11/2017 7:43:29 PM] Amos: Princess: All right.

[9/11/2017 7:43:40 PM] Amos: She lets Akil down again, and he skitters off.

[9/11/2017 7:52:13 PM] Rook: ((I can't remember, did she give me her name?))

[9/11/2017 7:52:25 PM] Rook: ((Oh, wait, she did.))

[9/11/2017 7:52:26 PM] Amos: Yes!

[9/11/2017 7:52:34 PM] Amos: Ahmose-Henuttamehu.

[9/11/2017 7:52:46 PM] Rook: HAve you ever been stolen by a dragon?  That's something that princesses do in some stories.

[9/11/2017 7:53:52 PM] Amos: Princess: What's a dragon?

[9/11/2017 7:55:17 PM] Rook: Oh!  It's a big terrifying flying scaly creature.

[9/11/2017 7:55:27 PM] Rook: They breathe fire and ice and stuff.

[9/11/2017 7:56:06 PM] Amos: You hear a step or two behind you in the hall!

[9/11/2017 7:56:25 PM] *** Rook turns around. ***

[9/11/2017 7:57:03 PM] Amos: It's Vittorio. "I found a priest."

[9/11/2017 7:57:15 PM] Rook: Oh, that was fast!

[9/11/2017 7:57:32 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I called in a few favors.

[9/11/2017 7:58:15 PM] Amos: He moves aside to show a large man in a black suit, with a red cravat and red glasses over his eyes.

[9/11/2017 8:00:02 PM] Amos: Priest: So, I hear you've got a dead problem.

[9/11/2017 8:01:21 PM] Rook: I wouldn't say it's a problem, but being alive would probably be much more convenient for the Princess.

[9/11/2017 8:01:37 PM] Amos: Princess: Yes. I... I miss breathing.

[9/11/2017 8:02:35 PM] Amos: Priest: Yeah, and a fair few other things too, I'll warrant.

[9/11/2017 8:05:17 PM] Rook: She's not sure if she can eat!  I would miss cake.  Can you help her?

[9/11/2017 8:05:26 PM] Amos: Princess: I do like cake. Well, I did.

[9/11/2017 8:06:19 PM] Amos: Priest: Yeah, sure. She seems all right. She won't do anything evil will she? You said she was a princess, you sure she won't, say, build a bridge and charge for going over it once and then charge again for coming home? Royalty does that, you know.

[9/11/2017 8:07:11 PM] Rook: Well, she's a princess and a priestess.

[9/11/2017 8:08:12 PM] Amos: Priest: So? I'm a priest and I ain't all sunshine and rainbows.

[9/11/2017 8:08:48 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Are you having an attack of scruples at this late a date, Silver?

[9/11/2017 8:09:02 PM] Rook: I just mean, she's not just a princess.  She's got another career.

[9/11/2017 8:10:02 PM] Amos: Priest: I've always had scruples, it ain't my fault you're so far gone you don't recognize 'em anymore.

[9/11/2017 8:10:15 PM] Rook: Are you also a metaphorical vampire?

[9/11/2017 8:10:17 PM] Amos: Princess: ... I do?

[9/11/2017 8:10:26 PM] Amos: Priest: Isn't everybody?

[9/11/2017 8:10:42 PM] Amos: Vittorio rubs the spot on his forehead immediately above his nose.

[9/11/2017 8:10:56 PM] Rook: I don't like metaphors.  Once one stole my sweetroll.

[9/11/2017 8:11:17 PM] Amos: Priest: ... you sure I don't need to cure his brain instead?

[9/11/2017 8:11:26 PM] Amos: Vittorio: He's from out of town.

[9/11/2017 8:11:36 PM] *** Rook rolls her eyes.  "Primes." ***

[9/11/2017 8:11:39 PM] Amos: Priest: Out of his head if you ask me. But nobody did.

[9/11/2017 8:12:01 PM] Amos: Priest: All right, all right. If she goes tyrranizin' people don't expect me to sit around and watch.

[9/11/2017 8:12:39 PM] Amos: Princess: ... I've lost my kingdom from being dead too long, so I don't think you need to worry too much about it.

[9/11/2017 8:15:41 PM] Amos: Priest: Yeah, sure, all right.

[9/11/2017 8:16:04 PM] Amos: He shrugs.

[9/11/2017 8:16:10 PM] Amos: Vittorio: What sort of space do you need?

[9/11/2017 8:16:39 PM] Amos: Priest: Anywhere'll do, just somewhere quiet.

[9/11/2017 8:16:59 PM] Rook: There's plenty of places like that.

[9/11/2017 8:17:15 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Does she have a room yet?

[9/11/2017 8:18:11 PM] Rook: Yeah, we picked one out for her.

[9/11/2017 8:18:57 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Let's do that, then.

[9/11/2017 8:19:10 PM] *** Rook leads them back to the room! ***

[9/11/2017 8:20:17 PM] Amos: The priest takes off his hat, revealing unprepossessing short dark hair, slightly damp.

[9/11/2017 8:20:57 PM] Amos: Vitt doesn't make sound when he walks. The princess does; it's just a sort of a dry shuffling noise, probably from the bandages. The priest huffs a bit--he's apparently not in great shape.

[9/11/2017 8:22:03 PM] Amos: When you get to the bedroom, the priest starts taking little dolls out of his pockets and setting them up around the room while Vittorio fades into the shadows in the back of the room.

[9/11/2017 8:22:08 PM] Amos: Princess: What should I do?

[9/11/2017 8:22:41 PM] Amos: Princess: Lie down on the bed, or... ... wait, are you going to resurrect my cat as well?

[9/11/2017 8:22:54 PM] Amos: Priest: Yeah, why the fuck not.

[9/11/2017 8:23:17 PM] Rook: Oh, good, I was about to ask.

[9/11/2017 8:23:33 PM] Amos: Vittorio: At the same time? Is that possible?

[9/11/2017 8:23:47 PM] Amos: Priest: When you're as good as me? Course it is.

[9/11/2017 8:25:22 PM] *** Rook is interested!  There's not a lot of priests in Sigil due to the Lady's laws.  "What are you going to do with those dolls?" ***

[9/11/2017 8:25:57 PM] Amos: Priest: Yell at 'em. And no, don't lie down, that'd be creepy. Both of you sit down, I work best with an audience.

[9/11/2017 8:26:18 PM] Amos: He gestures to some chairs at the back of the room.

[9/11/2017 8:26:33 PM] *** Rook takes a seat! ***

[9/11/2017 8:28:16 PM] Rook: .... yell at them?

[9/11/2017 8:28:28 PM] Amos: Then he tosses his hat aside.

[9/11/2017 8:30:20 PM] Amos: Priest: Yeah, that's how I do what I do. Now hush.

[9/11/2017 8:30:26 PM] Amos: He clears his throat and starts the ceremony!

[9/11/2017 8:31:02 PM] Amos: ... it doesn't seem at all like a ceremony. Rook may not appreciate how very much this is quite definitely not a ceremony, but anybody else definitely would.

[9/11/2017 8:34:52 PM] *** Rook watches in rapt attention! ***

[9/11/2017 8:34:56 PM] Amos: The priest stands at the front of the room and gives a sermon of sorts about the many iniquities of the upper classes, very rarely actually yelling or raising his voice but criticizing cruelty and rapaciousness in very harsh and extremely profane terms. At one point he waves around what appears to be a couple of sex toys; at this point Rook may or may not notice that the Princess has indeed slumped back in her chair. But the priest doesn't seem to notice, and puts on a mask with a long pointed beak and starts criticizing the gods next, each by name in very specific and again using extremely profane (and arguably funny) terms.

[9/11/2017 8:35:25 PM] Amos: Murky snorts a couple of times, which is how she laughs. No sound from Vittorio at all, if he's still in that particular shadow.

[9/11/2017 8:36:02 PM] Amos: But eventually the sermon comes to a close, and the priest finishes up by cursing the ruling class, the king, some other important-sounding people and as many gods as he can apparently think of, all by name.

[9/11/2017 8:37:28 PM] *** Rook applauds!  "I haven't heard ranting that good since this barmy Revolutionary League berk wanted to show off his new soapbox in the Hive." ***

[9/11/2017 8:37:47 PM] Amos: Priest: And don't you forget it.

[9/11/2017 8:38:19 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get those images out of my head, unfortunately.

[9/11/2017 8:38:52 PM] Amos: Priest: Yeah well, you're next.

[9/11/2017 8:39:11 PM] Rook: 'Course the berk in question got mazed when he called the Lady a goddess accidentally.

[9/11/2017 8:39:49 PM] Amos: Priest: I usually call the gods shit instead, they like that sort of thing.

[9/11/2017 8:39:49 PM] *** Rook looks over at the Princess. ***

[9/11/2017 8:40:21 PM] Amos: She makes a fairly unpleasant gurgling noise and twitches suddenly.

[9/11/2017 8:41:01 PM] Rook: Agh!  Are you alright?

[9/11/2017 8:41:34 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Get the bandages off her, she's choking!

[9/11/2017 8:41:43 PM] *** Rook does so! ***

[9/11/2017 8:41:47 PM] Amos: Priest: Oh yeah, sometimes they do that.

[9/11/2017 8:42:29 PM] Amos: He strips a lot of the bandages off her head--apparently one of them was indeed stuffed down her throat, or at least, something was. She gags on it a few times.

[9/11/2017 8:42:45 PM] Amos: Priest: ... ahh, fuck! The cat didn't work.

[9/11/2017 8:43:02 PM] Rook: Maybe he prefers being a mummy.

[9/11/2017 8:43:09 PM] Amos: Akil: Mew.

[9/11/2017 8:43:12 PM] Amos: Murky nods.

[9/11/2017 8:45:07 PM] Amos: The princess coughs and wheezes a bit and Rook can get a good look at her. She's rather ugly, really--she's bald as an egg, with a thin face, thin-lips and a very large nose that's definitely too big for her face. She does have pretty brown eyes and clear brown skin, but otherwise she's very plain, and the baldness just makes her ears look bigger.

[9/11/2017 8:46:18 PM] Rook: Agh, I'm sorry.  Are you okay?  I didn't think of that.

[9/11/2017 8:46:56 PM] Amos: Princess: I... I think so... oh, I have a nose again. I'm so glad.

[9/11/2017 8:47:28 PM] Rook: The cook is going to be happy he has another person to cook for.

[9/11/2017 8:47:31 PM] Amos: Priest: Eh well. That's my job done. You owe me, "Vittorio." So you can just fuck right off.

[9/11/2017 8:47:42 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... you're in my house.

[9/11/2017 8:48:06 PM] Rook: Rev Leaguers don't care about stuff like that, cutter.

[9/11/2017 8:48:40 PM] Amos: Vittorio: What's a Rev Leaguer?

[9/11/2017 8:50:01 PM] Rook: Revolutionary League.  They're these guys back home, they're all 'Oh, all the institutions are inherently corrupt, except us, we're not even a faction, even though we are so we help run the city, WHICH IS CORRUPT.'

[9/11/2017 8:50:17 PM] Rook: This guy reminds me of them.

[9/11/2017 8:50:22 PM] Rook: Thanks, though!

[9/11/2017 8:50:36 PM] *** Rook grins at the priest.  "That was great." ***

[9/11/2017 8:51:32 PM] Amos: Priest: Thanks! They sound like a bunch of arseholes. Might want to meet them some time. All right, just to save you the fuss, I'll fuck right off. And you can thank the gods for me. Or tell 'em to fuck themselves, that's what I always do. Does 'em good.

[9/11/2017 8:51:54 PM] Amos: He gathers up his paraphernalia and heads out.

[9/11/2017 8:52:17 PM] Amos: The princess is busily loosening her bandages, finding them a bit difficult to breathe in now that she has, like, flesh.

[9/11/2017 8:52:38 PM] Amos: Akil is purring in her lap, eyes still glowing a deep golden-yellow.

[9/11/2017 8:53:33 PM] Amos: Vittorio: He's a bit of an iconoclast.

[9/11/2017 8:55:10 PM] Amos: Princess: I don't think Bast would like it if I talked that way to her.

[9/11/2017 8:55:54 PM] Amos: Vittorio: It's always difficult to tell, honestly. I'll go and find you some clothes. ... perhaps Rook can show you how to wear them, if you need to know. It's very cold here, so you'll probably need a few more layers than you're used to.

[9/11/2017 8:56:42 PM] *** Rook nods.  "Yeah!  You're smart, though, you'll figure it out pretty quick." ***

[9/11/2017 8:57:23 PM] Amos: Princess: Oh, all right. ... It feels very strange to breathe again. And I think I want to eat.

[9/11/2017 9:00:48 PM] Amos: Rook goes and gets the Princess squared away with some food and shows her how to wear the clothes Vittorio brings (which may prove to be hilarious depending on Rook's understanding of clothing and undergarments), and there we will stop for the night.

[9/11/2017 9:03:53 PM] Rook: Yep!  Rook tries to be as helpful as possible, as the Princess finds this place as strange as Rook does, probably!

[9/12/2017 5:34:34 PM] Amos: Rook wakes up the next day to a vampire in his bed! ... she's snoring a little bit and she's well over on her own side of the bed.

[9/12/2017 5:34:49 PM] Amos: Murky, however, is sleeping on his face.

[9/12/2017 5:34:54 PM] Rook: Mrf.

[9/12/2017 5:35:05 PM] Amos: Or her face, depending on Rook's current gender preference.

[9/12/2017 5:35:17 PM] *** Rook becomes... hmmm.  Today he is warforged. ***

[9/12/2017 5:35:43 PM] Amos: Murky shifts a little bit but stays on Rook's face!

[9/12/2017 5:36:09 PM] *** Rook sits up! ***

[9/12/2017 5:39:16 PM] Amos: Murky falls on Rook's lap, with a yowl of complaint and a bunch of clawing. This doesn't do much against a warforge. The vampire rolls over and puts a pillow over her head, though.

[9/12/2017 5:41:19 PM] *** Rook gets out of bed!  "C'mon, Murky.  Adventure awaits." ***

[9/12/2017 5:43:48 PM] Amos: Murky complains, but straightens her sweater (by rolling over off the bed) and follows him!

[9/12/2017 5:45:37 PM] *** Rook goes to check on the Princess! ***

[9/12/2017 5:48:43 PM] Amos: She is also sleeping! Akil opens one golden eye and looks at Rook, then closes it again.

[9/12/2017 6:00:44 PM] *** Rook lets her sleep, then goes in search of breakfast! ***

[9/12/2017 6:01:53 PM] Amos: Delicious smells are coming from the kitchen! It's Vivek cooking breakfast, of course.

[9/12/2017 6:02:31 PM] Rook: What's for food?  I am starving.

[9/12/2017 6:02:52 PM] Rook: Also do you make cakes?

[9/12/2017 6:04:55 PM] Amos: Vivek: Bacon-studded quiche Lorraine and crumpets with rhubarb-rose jam. And do I make cakes?

[9/12/2017 6:05:33 PM] Amos: Vivek: I bake the most beautiful and delicious cakes ever eaten of by mortal or immortal tongue.

[9/12/2017 6:06:27 PM] Rook: Oh, good, the Princess said she liked cakes.  And she's probably very hungry, having just recently been a mummy.

[9/12/2017 6:06:39 PM] Rook: Who's Lorraine?

[9/12/2017 6:07:03 PM] Amos: Vivek: I have no idea! Good question.

[9/12/2017 6:07:42 PM] Amos: Vivek: Yes, your mummy friend. Vittorio warned us. So now there's a vampire and a mummy girl wandering the grounds.

[9/12/2017 6:08:08 PM] Amos: He plates some of the food for Rook; it looks beautiful and smells even better.

[9/12/2017 6:08:24 PM] Rook: Well, she's an ex-mummy now.  He had a guy come in and yell for awhile.

[9/12/2017 6:08:26 PM] Amos: Then he plates something also delicious-looking for Murky, who hops up onto the table to eat it.

[9/12/2017 6:08:42 PM] *** Rook starts eating right there in the kitchen, standing up. ***

[9/12/2017 6:08:52 PM] Amos: Vivek: ... did that help?

[9/12/2017 6:08:56 PM] *** Rook does not have the best table manners. ***

[9/12/2017 6:09:07 PM] Rook: Well, she's not - mrph - a mummy anymore.

[9/12/2017 6:09:20 PM] Rook: Now she's a human type person again.

[9/12/2017 6:10:08 PM] Amos: Vivek: And she likes cake. Did she say what kind?

[9/12/2017 6:13:27 PM] Rook: No!  But it's probably been untold eons since she had any.

[9/12/2017 6:15:10 PM] Amos: Vivek: ... I'll come up with something amazing, then. The assassin's in the dining room, by the way. He could probably use a refill on the coffee by now. For some reason he doesn't like to hang around in here.

[9/12/2017 6:16:44 PM] Rook: I wonder why?  Maybe he has bad associations with kitchens.

[9/12/2017 6:18:23 PM] Amos: Vivek: You don't know? Nah, assassins just keep away from food prep to be polite. So that people don't worry.

[9/12/2017 6:18:50 PM] Amos: Vivek: Anyway, coffee pot's over there if you want to bring it. Or you can eat in here. ... tell me, how does it taste?

[9/12/2017 6:19:14 PM] Rook: Great!  This Lorraine person knew what they were doing.

[9/12/2017 6:19:55 PM] *** Rook takes the coffee pot into the other room, his plate of food in the other hand, and he eats right off it, bringing the plate up to his metal maw. ***

[9/12/2017 6:22:23 PM] Amos: Vivek: ... that's a compliment.

[9/12/2017 6:22:34 PM] Amos: Vittorio is sitting quietly reading a paper again, and eyes Rook.

[9/12/2017 6:22:53 PM] Amos: Vittorio: He didn't give you a fork?

[9/12/2017 6:33:34 PM] Rook: He probably offered one!  I was busy eating.

[9/12/2017 6:33:49 PM] Rook: Anyway, he told me to bring you coffee because kitchens scare you.

[9/12/2017 6:34:48 PM] Amos: Vittorio blinks. "I'm not afraid of kitchens."

[9/12/2017 6:34:59 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... but thank you for the coffee.

[9/12/2017 6:35:12 PM] Amos: He takes the pot and tops up his mug.

[9/12/2017 6:35:53 PM] Rook: So when I go through the door today, t probably won't be the desert again, right?

[9/12/2017 6:37:05 PM] Amos: Vittorio: We'll try a different door. Historically they have all led to different places.

[9/12/2017 6:38:07 PM] Rook: But they change?

[9/12/2017 6:40:00 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Not usually. And we're not sure why they do when they do.

[9/12/2017 6:41:09 PM] Amos: ((BRB.))

[9/12/2017 6:45:49 PM] Rook: ))Okay!))

[9/12/2017 6:46:01 PM] Rook: Huh.  So we know that first door leads to the desert.

[9/12/2017 6:46:03 PM] Amos: ((Back.))

[9/12/2017 6:46:11 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Yes. I'm hoping it will stay that way.

[9/12/2017 6:52:07 PM] *** Rook finishes his place, not terribly gracefully.  "Great!  When do I start?  Last time worked out pretty well." ***

[9/12/2017 6:52:28 PM] Amos: Vittorio: It did, didn't it? You do seem to make friends easily.

[9/12/2017 6:53:01 PM] Rook: Hopefully this one doesn't die quite so easy!

[9/12/2017 6:55:05 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Will she be staying here?

[9/12/2017 6:57:48 PM] Rook: I don't know!  That's up to her.  I think she might for a little bit, she's new to this world, and all her family and friends are long dead.

[9/12/2017 7:00:51 PM] Rook: She can stay here, right?  THere's plenty of room.  Even the non-weird rooms.

[9/12/2017 7:02:02 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I see no reason why she shouldn't.

[9/12/2017 7:04:03 PM] Rook: And she says she's a priestess, too.  Not the shouty kind like your friend.

[9/12/2017 7:04:48 PM] Rook: Maybe she can help me explore?

[9/12/2017 7:08:25 PM] Amos: Vittorio: That might be a good idea.

[9/12/2017 7:08:32 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrowl?

[9/12/2017 7:09:03 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... I'm not sure I can get Faustina to pay any more than you're already getting.

[9/12/2017 7:10:08 PM] Rook: What did she say?

[9/12/2017 7:11:27 PM] Rook: And anyway, I think the Princess is still pretty rich.  She has gems and stuff.

[9/12/2017 7:12:22 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I haven't consulted her yet.

[9/12/2017 7:12:35 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Good. Then Faustina needn't find out.

[9/12/2017 7:13:21 PM] Rook: Anyway, if it's an issue, I can split my share.

[9/12/2017 7:13:51 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I doubt it will become one.

[9/12/2017 7:15:37 PM] Rook: She's still sleeping, I didn't want to wake her up.  Who knows how long it's been!

[9/12/2017 7:16:15 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Probably several thousands of years, I imagine.

[9/12/2017 7:16:47 PM] Rook: Oh, right, I was going to ask, is there a library?

[9/12/2017 7:19:33 PM] Rook: I wanted to look up E-Jigt.

[9/12/2017 7:19:51 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Yes, there is, actually. Follow me.

[9/12/2017 7:21:24 PM] Amos: He stands up, bringing his coffee with him, and leads Rook back into the hallway, making audible footsteps for once. Murky pads out from the kitchen, licking her lips, and follows along, down the very long hallway to a set of double doors. Vittorio pushes one of them open.

[9/12/2017 7:21:51 PM] *** Rook puts his plate down, wipes his hands on his clothes, getting little smears of scrabbled egg on them. ***

[9/12/2017 7:25:01 PM] Amos: It is a library. It actually looks pretty small and rather cramped, with books in a single circular room with shelves on all the walls. Then Rook looks up, and sees that the room apparently goes on vertically into infinity.

[9/12/2017 7:25:20 PM] Rook: Ahhh.  Are there any evil books I should know about?

[9/12/2017 7:25:37 PM] Amos: Vittorio: That's a very good question. I wish I knew the answer.

[9/12/2017 7:27:03 PM] *** Rook looks at som of the more accessible books! ***

[9/12/2017 7:28:40 PM] Rook: And this room doesn't occasionally become a vomitorium or anything weird, right?  It's always a library?

[9/12/2017 7:30:09 PM] Amos: The bottom shelves have an assortment of books on topics such as cooking and food, efficient home management, con artistry, lineage of the local nobility, and spying, as well as good governance and magical maladies.

[9/12/2017 7:30:54 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Everything on this floor on this side of the house is pretty constant. It's a safe place. Relatively speaking. And there's a reading room as well, across the hall.

[9/12/2017 7:31:13 PM] Rook: A room just for reading?

[9/12/2017 7:31:32 PM] *** Rook seems to find this idea weirder than the library becoming a vomitorium. ***

[9/12/2017 7:34:14 PM] Rook: So you get the books here, then you go all the way over there just to read them?

[9/12/2017 7:35:15 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Yes. To be fair, this is a magical library and the wizard who built it may have felt the magics would conflict.

[9/12/2017 7:35:55 PM] Rook: That makes slightly more sense.

[9/12/2017 7:37:37 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Do feel free to read any of the books you like.

[9/12/2017 7:38:40 PM] *** Rook takes one on nobility, one on con artistry, and one on magical diseases. ***

[9/12/2017 7:40:55 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I believe there's a way to get the library to shift the books you want to the bottom row, but I'm not certain as to how.

[9/12/2017 7:41:48 PM] *** Rook looks around.  "Mr. or Mrs. Library!  Please bring down the next row of shelves!" ***

[9/12/2017 7:42:58 PM] Amos: There's a weird sensation of compression and then release and the books on the reachable shelves are all different all of a sudden.

[9/12/2017 7:43:27 PM] Rook: Hah!  See!  Sometimes you just need to ask.

[9/12/2017 7:43:59 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... indeed.

[9/12/2017 7:44:47 PM] Amos: There are books on the biology of shapechangers, an assortment of books on tressym and a set of books on etiquette.

[9/12/2017 7:46:07 PM] *** Rook grabs the tressym books!  "Thanks, library!" ***

[9/12/2017 7:46:27 PM] *** Rook does not even think about grabbing the etiquette books.   It does not even occurs. ***

[9/12/2017 7:47:14 PM] Amos: Vittorio grabs one and hands it to Rook. "Here."

[9/12/2017 7:48:13 PM] *** Rook looks at it. ***

[9/12/2017 7:49:20 PM] Amos: It's apparently "Good Manners."

[9/12/2017 7:49:30 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... trust me.

[9/12/2017 7:50:03 PM] Rook: ...All right, all right.  I think my manners are just fine, but okay.

[9/12/2017 7:50:28 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I worry you'll go through a door to find a dinner party.

[9/12/2017 7:53:44 PM] Rook: Oooooh, okay.

[9/12/2017 7:56:28 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I could also find you a teacher if you'd prefer.

[9/12/2017 8:01:34 PM] Rook: Nah!  I can figure it out.  I've done most of my learning from books.

[9/12/2017 8:03:19 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Oh?

[9/12/2017 8:04:54 PM] Rook: Oh, sure.  Never had many teachers growing up.  And manners is basically a language, and I'm good at those.

[9/12/2017 8:07:01 PM] Amos: Vittorio: True.

[9/23/2017 5:21:14 PM] Amos: Vittorio was worried that Rook would be forced to attend a dinner party! But other than that, it's probably time for him to get to work.

[9/23/2017 5:30:18 PM] *** Rook nods!  He wants to check on the princess. ***

[9/23/2017 5:30:52 PM | Edited 5:31:41 PM] Amos: He almost runs into her in the hallway, with the mummy cat on his heels! "Oh, hello. Do you know where Rook is?"

[9/23/2017 5:31:06 PM] *** Rook is currently a warorged. ***

[9/23/2017 5:32:20 PM] Rook: Oh, hi!  That's me.  I changed my face.  I do that a lot.

[9/23/2017 5:33:24 PM] Rook: I'm magic.

[9/23/2017 5:33:47 PM] Amos: Mehu: You can do that? I wish I could change mine. ... I don't hate my nose as much now, though. I'm glad to have a nose at all.

[9/23/2017 5:34:05 PM] Rook: You look great! How do you feel?

[9/23/2017 5:35:34 PM] Amos: Mehu: Good, I think. I can feel the air on my skin.

[9/23/2017 5:35:56 PM] Rook: I find it very cold here.  Do you want to eat?  I told the cook to make you cakes.

[9/23/2017 5:37:35 PM] Amos: She brightens a bit. "Yes. And is there a bath somewhere?"

[9/23/2017 5:37:51 PM] Amos: Mehu: If it's so cold out... can they even bathe?

[9/23/2017 5:38:21 PM] Rook: Oh, sure!  They keep mentioning it to me.  Bathing.

[9/23/2017 5:40:31 PM] Amos: Vittorio coughs tactfully. "There's a bathroom adjacent to your room. It does have a tub, a sink and associated accoutrements."

[9/23/2017 5:41:00 PM] Amos: Mehu: Oh, there are indoor baths, I see.

[9/23/2017 5:42:11 PM] Amos: Vittorio: And indoor plumbing. All done with magic. It's a very sophisticated house.

[9/23/2017 5:42:15 PM] Amos: Murky: Mew.

[9/23/2017 5:42:58 PM] Rook: Yeah, the plumbing is pretty great.

[9/23/2017 5:43:14 PM] Rook: Murky agrees, I think.

[9/23/2017 5:43:23 PM] Amos: Murky mews.

[9/23/2017 5:43:26 PM] Rook: I don't quite speak Tressym yet.

[9/23/2017 5:44:01 PM] Amos: Akil: Mrowl.

[9/23/2017 5:44:10 PM] Amos: Mehu: At least they understand each other.

[9/23/2017 5:44:35 PM] Amos: Mehu: Where is the kitchen?

[9/23/2017 5:45:05 PM] *** Rook looks at Vitt.  "She hasn't eaten in thousands of years." ***

[9/23/2017 5:45:17 PM] Rook: I'll show you!

[9/23/2017 5:45:31 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Then she should. I'll wait in the hallway.

[9/23/2017 5:45:42 PM] Amos: Mehu: Yes, please. And Akil would like some food as well.

[9/23/2017 5:45:57 PM] Amos: Akil, as if he's dying of hunger: Mrowwwwwwwwwl.

[9/23/2017 5:46:07 PM | Edited 5:46:14 PM] Amos: Mehu: ... though I don't know if it does him any good.

[9/23/2017 5:46:17 PM] Amos: He gives her a dirty look.

[9/23/2017 5:50:23 PM] Rook: ....where would it go?  Would he just spit it up later like a hairball?

[9/23/2017 5:51:52 PM] Amos: Akil mews innocently.

[9/23/2017 5:52:00 PM] Amos: Mehu: Not that I've seen.

[9/23/2017 5:52:05 PM] Rook: Hmmm.

[9/23/2017 5:52:48 PM] *** Rook shifts from a warforged into a tiefling!  With horns and green skin and better teeth for eating. ***

[9/23/2017 5:53:48 PM] Amos: Mehu: Oh, you're green. Is that what you normally look like? Are you really a boy?

[9/23/2017 5:54:55 PM] Rook: That's a good question!  I don't know if have a form that's... me?  I'm just whatever I am.

[9/23/2017 5:55:10 PM] Rook: Right now I'm a boy.  The metal body is good, but not good for eating.

[9/23/2017 5:57:23 PM] Amos: Mehu: Oh, I see. ... you must be terribly important here. I can't do that sort of thing.

[9/23/2017 5:58:24 PM] Rook: Oh, gods, no.

[9/23/2017 5:58:35 PM] Rook: I don't want to be important.

[9/23/2017 5:58:54 PM] Amos: Mehu: Can everybody do it?

[9/23/2017 5:58:58 PM] Rook: That gets you put in the Dead Book really quickly.

[9/23/2017 5:59:07 PM] Rook: Some people can!

[9/23/2017 5:59:36 PM] Amos: Mehu: What's the Dead Book?

[9/23/2017 6:00:19 PM] Rook: That's where your name ends up when you die.  That's what the Dusties back home always used to say.

[9/23/2017 6:00:59 PM] Amos: Mehu: What's a Dustie?

[9/23/2017 6:03:31 PM] Amos: Mehu: I don't know anything about this world, do I.

[9/23/2017 6:03:34 PM] Rook: The Dustmen, they run the Mortuary back home.  They pay some good jink for odd jobs, so a lot of berks in the Hive end up doing some work for them.

[9/23/2017 6:03:43 PM] Rook: Oh, me neither!  I'm not from this world either.

[9/23/2017 6:04:18 PM] Amos: Mehu: Oh! I see. ... well, I don't really. Maybe we could learn together.

[9/23/2017 6:04:46 PM] Rook: Sure!  You seem really smart.  And there's a pretty good library.

[9/23/2017 6:06:43 PM] Amos: Mehu: You have a library here? is it within walking distance?

[9/23/2017 6:09:17 PM] *** Rook smiles.  "Yeah!  I'll show you after there's food.  I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me to explore today, or if you just wanted to rest for today since you were dead yesterday." ***

[9/23/2017 6:10:14 PM] *** Rook is slightly excited about having a new friend who is also a total stranger to this world. ***

[9/23/2017 6:10:37 PM] Amos: Mehu: I think I'd like to rest. And read. And ... you'll have to tell me where it's safe to be here.

[9/23/2017 6:11:14 PM] Rook: I think everywhere is safe, except for the bits I'm exploring.

[9/23/2017 6:12:37 PM] Amos: Murky mews, and delivers a long speech to Akil, who nods repeatedly during it.

[9/23/2017 6:13:46 PM] Rook: ... and I think maybe Murky is explaining it better?

[9/23/2017 6:14:02 PM] *** Rook looks around, is Vitt still with us? ***

[9/23/2017 6:14:39 PM] Amos: Nope. He said he was going to go wait.

[9/23/2017 6:14:56 PM] Amos: Murky mrows at Rook.

[9/23/2017 6:15:08 PM] Amos: Akil nods again, and butts Mehu's ankles with his head. She picks him up.

[9/23/2017 6:15:39 PM] *** Rook takes her to the food! ***

[9/23/2017 6:17:48 PM] Amos: She's very polite to the cook, and he's very polite in return, and lets her choose between a pretty good selection of delicious things. Akil does eat; there's no indication of where it goes.

[9/23/2017 6:18:27 PM] *** Rook watches him! ***

[9/23/2017 6:19:08 PM] Rook: Between shoving food in his mouth.

[9/23/2017 6:20:08 PM] Amos: The princess is very impressed by the library when Rook shows it to her--as soon as she figures out that the books are books. She's used to parchment rolls, which have been obsolete here for a while.

[9/23/2017 6:22:46 PM] *** Rook nods.  "Okay!  I have to go explore.  I'll be back soon!" ***

[9/23/2017 6:22:51 PM] *** Rook grins sloppily. ***

[9/23/2017 6:23:03 PM] Amos: She smiles back and waves.

[9/23/2017 6:23:27 PM] Rook: Then he goes back to Vitt.

[9/23/2017 6:23:49 PM] Amos: Vitt: Is she all right?

[9/23/2017 6:24:10 PM] Rook: Yeah!  She went to the library.  You'll watch out for her, right?

[9/23/2017 6:26:36 PM] Amos: Vitt: ... who will watch out for you?

[9/23/2017 6:26:40 PM] Amos: Murky yowls pointedly.

[9/23/2017 6:27:02 PM] Rook: Murky, of course.  I mean, just peek your head in there and make sure she doesn't need anything, I think she'll mostly be reading.

[9/23/2017 6:28:37 PM] Amos: Vitt: I'll watch out for her.

[9/23/2017 6:28:52 PM] Rook: Good.

[9/23/2017 6:29:13 PM] Rook: Okay, I think we're ready.

[9/23/2017 6:29:47 PM] Amos: He holds his hand out for the end of the magic string.

[9/23/2017 6:30:03 PM] *** Rook hands it over! ***

[9/23/2017 6:30:18 PM] Amos: Vittorio takes it, and gestures ahead to the hallway. "Be careful."

[9/23/2017 6:30:32 PM] Rook: I'm always careful.

[9/23/2017 6:30:49 PM] *** Rook goes right down the hallway. ***

[9/23/2017 6:31:46 PM] Amos: There are mystery doors on his left and right!

[9/23/2017 6:33:34 PM] *** Rook goes left without hesitating! ***

[9/23/2017 6:35:25 PM] Amos: He opens the door into a forest! It looks like it's day, judging from the blobs of sunlight on the ground, fighting their way through tree branches. The trees look to be largely birch and some type of pine.

[9/23/2017 6:37:16 PM] Rook: ...gross.

[9/23/2017 6:37:30 PM] *** Rook steps into the woods! ***

[9/23/2017 6:37:46 PM] *** Rook is the citiest city boy that ever citied. ***

[9/23/2017 6:37:56 PM] Amos: It's very pretty, actually! Very green, and while the ground is a bit rough, what with logs and sticks and leaves and that sort of thing all around, it's still walkable if you're careful.

[9/23/2017 6:38:36 PM] Amos: It smells good and fresh, and there are birds tweeting and the rushing sound of wind in the branches above.

[9/23/2017 6:41:35 PM] *** Rook walks carefully, and pokes his ear out, trying to see if there's anything to wander toward, but otherwise marking the room on the map as 'gross trees.'. ***

[9/23/2017 6:42:30 PM] Amos: Roll Notice!

[9/23/2017 6:42:42 PM] Rook: ((7!))

[9/23/2017 6:43:03 PM] Amos: Birdies chirping! Frogs belching!

[9/23/2017 6:43:17 PM] Amos: Murky flaps up onto Rook's shoulders and mews, pointing one wing to the right.

[9/23/2017 6:51:08 PM] *** Rook looks, and starts moving in that direction.  "...what do you think of this.... stuff?" ***

[9/23/2017 6:51:16 PM] *** Rook gestures vaguely around at the nature. ***

[9/23/2017 6:53:08 PM] Amos: She shrugs, and then jumps into the air to snag a bird on a low branch. The bird struggles, and Murky lets it go; it flaps off, terrified.

[9/23/2017 6:55:46 PM] Rook: ... just had to show it who's boss, right?

[9/23/2017 6:57:12 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrow.

[9/23/2017 6:57:52 PM] Amos: Suddenly, Rook hears something that isn't all naturey! It's very faint, but it seems to be music!

[9/23/2017 6:58:46 PM] *** Rook listens, and shifts into a willowy elven girl, as he remembers a story about a willowy elf girl playing music in a gross forest. ***

[9/23/2017 6:59:15 PM] Rook: She walks in that direction!

[9/23/2017 6:59:59 PM] Amos: Murky loses her balance and launches herself in the air.

[9/23/2017 7:01:03 PM] Amos: The music gets a bit more audible as Rook heads toward it, and pretty soon she can hear other things too--voices talking and laughing and a bit of happy screaming.

[9/23/2017 7:02:14 PM] *** Rook keeps going, but wants to stop once she spots the source of the music, to peer hidden through the trees before announcing herself. ***

[9/23/2017 7:05:42 PM] Amos: Well, she doesn't spot an exact source for the music, but eventually she does come to a clearing--then she can see a wide area that was probably once a meadow that's been converted into something else. There are tents all over the place, and a few ramshackle-looking buildings. The very jolly music is coming from a house-sized device with carved horses on it, turning around in circles. There are people (mostly elven children) on it, who mostly seem to be having a good time. Some of the other buildings have lines of people waiting to get to the front of them, where they're aiming darts at balloons or trying to knock over targets with weak mini-wands.

[9/23/2017 7:06:15 PM] Amos: And there are food stands! Corn dogs and taffy and elephant ears and mini donuts and fresh-cut French fries and fresh-squeezed lemonade and popcorn.

[9/23/2017 7:07:14 PM] Rook: Ooooooh, it's a fair.  The Sensates had these in Sigil, but we never had the money for them.  Let's go ask questions!  And maybe get funnel cakes.

[9/23/2017 7:07:21 PM] *** Rook goes. ***

[9/23/2017 7:07:28 PM] Rook: This is by far the best job I've had.

[9/23/2017 7:08:57 PM] Amos: Murky: Mew?

[9/23/2017 7:09:15 PM] Amos: The food smells amazing, especially the cinnamon minidonuts. Mmm.

[9/23/2017 7:09:46 PM] Rook: C'mon!  We have to go explore, it's our job.

[9/23/2017 7:09:59 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrow.

[9/23/2017 7:10:05 PM] Amos: She settles back down on Rook's shoulders.

[9/23/2017 7:10:21 PM] Amos: And Rook probably did bring pocket-change!

[9/23/2017 7:11:22 PM] Amos: There are display buildings too, each labelled carefully: Cattle, Swine, Horses, Poultry, Rabbits.

[9/23/2017 7:11:42 PM] *** Rook elects to hold Murky, if she's willing. ***

[9/23/2017 7:12:04 PM] Amos: She is--anything's better than walking or flying herself.

[9/23/2017 7:12:11 PM] *** Rook 's willowy elven shoulders probably aren't an ideal perch. ***

[9/23/2017 7:12:41 PM] Amos: Indeed they are not! It was more like Rook had a live cat as a stole.

[9/23/2017 7:13:03 PM] *** Rook shall attend the fair.  Food first. ***

[9/23/2017 7:14:09 PM] Amos: The food is a little bit overpriced, though still comes out pretty cheap compared to Rook's exorbitant salary. Murky insists on sharing anything he gets, but always seems careful to take no more than half of anything.

[9/23/2017 7:14:48 PM] *** Rook shares, of course, since she did eat breakfast not long ago, and her pockets are still stuffed with bits of that breakfast. ***

[9/23/2017 7:15:09 PM] *** Rook is trying to figure out what the fair is called. ***

[9/23/2017 7:15:19 PM] Amos: The food is pretty good!

[9/23/2017 7:15:27 PM] Amos: Full of fat and sugar. Mmm.

[9/23/2017 7:15:45 PM] Amos: Tough to say--there's a few signs on the border of it, but they're all facing out.

[9/23/2017 7:16:22 PM] *** Rook will then go to closest employee. ***

[9/23/2017 7:17:21 PM] Amos: That would be the tiny donut salesman she just bought a dozen minidonuts from!

[9/23/2017 7:18:16 PM] *** Rook asks, with a mouth full of half chewed donut, "Good day, dough merchant!  What is the name of this fine fair?" ***

[9/23/2017 7:19:41 PM] Amos: Salesman: It's the V'liria County Fair! The biggest County Fair in the whole state, of course!

[9/23/2017 7:21:04 PM] *** Rook writes that down.  "There's nothing weird here, right?  Like, the donuts aren't made of souls or anything?" ***

[9/23/2017 7:21:45 PM] Amos: Salesman: Who would make a donut out of a soul? I can't imagine it'd fry up very well--and the sugar probably wouldn't stick either.

[9/23/2017 7:21:47 PM] Amos: He makes a face.

[9/23/2017 7:22:06 PM | Edited 7:22:14 PM] Amos: Salesman: There is a freak show over there, if that's what you're asking. Lots of creepy stuff in there if you ask me.

[9/23/2017 7:22:48 PM] Rook: Hrm.

[9/23/2017 7:22:53 PM] *** Rook looks down at Murky. ***

[9/23/2017 7:23:46 PM] Amos: Salesman: Say, maybe they'd buy your winged cat!

[9/23/2017 7:23:51 PM] Amos: Murky glowers at him.

[9/23/2017 7:25:48 PM] Rook: .... she's not my winged cat.  And even if she was a "just" a winged cat, what monster would sell her?

[9/23/2017 7:25:55 PM] Amos: Murky purrs.

[9/23/2017 7:26:09 PM] Amos: Salesman: Now now, I was just teasing. I know a tressym when I see one. Sorry, ma'am.

[9/23/2017 7:26:18 PM] Amos: He nods to Murky, who ignores him, still insulted.

[9/23/2017 7:28:22 PM] *** Rook writes down the name of the fair on the map, and wanders off!  "Think we should check out the 'freak' show?  That seems... rude. ***

[9/23/2017 7:28:31 PM] Amos: Murky nods.

[9/23/2017 7:29:35 PM] *** Rook wanders over in that direction. ***

[9/23/2017 7:30:42 PM] Amos: He passes a farm implement dealer, who tries to interest him in a self-filling livestock trough, and a little stand where an artist is doing face-painting.

[9/23/2017 7:31:07 PM] Rook: Do you want your face painted?

[9/23/2017 7:31:30 PM] Amos: Murky mrowls a no! It probably doesn't work very well on fur.

[9/23/2017 7:32:27 PM] Rook: Okay., figuredI'd ask.

[9/23/2017 7:33:43 PM] *** Rook continues on to the freak show! ***

[9/23/2017 7:33:55 PM] Amos: She seems more interested in the trough for some reason, even though it's made for like, an enormous herd of cattle.

[9/23/2017 7:35:07 PM] Amos: The freak show is in a big tent, and there's a bored-looking woman selling tickets to go inside in front of it. She has dark hair and pale skin with too much makeup on it--it would probably look good on a stage, but just looks artificial in natural lighting. Her striped suit is cheap and ill-fitting too.

[9/23/2017 7:36:12 PM] *** Rook walks up.  "I would like two tickets, please." ***

[9/23/2017 7:36:38 PM] *** Rook has cinnamon sugar on either side of her mouth. ***

[9/23/2017 7:37:07 PM] Amos: Ticketseller: Two silver pieces.

[9/23/2017 7:37:54 PM] *** Rook hands it over! ***

[9/23/2017 7:39:14 PM] Amos: She gets two tickets in return! They just say "FREEKS" on them, complete with misspelling.

[9/23/2017 7:39:44 PM] *** Rook shows Murky.  "This does not bode well." ***

[9/23/2017 7:39:45 PM] Amos: Ticketseller: We're not liable if you faint in terror.

[9/23/2017 7:39:50 PM] Amos: Ticketseller: Says so on the back.

[9/23/2017 7:39:56 PM] Amos: Murky: Murrrrr.

[9/23/2017 7:40:05 PM] *** Rook checks! ***

[9/23/2017 7:40:24 PM] Amos: There's legalese all across the back of the ticket!

[9/23/2017 7:41:39 PM] *** Rook doesn't bother, and goes in! ***

[9/23/2017 7:41:55 PM] *** Rook does not expect anything horrifying, she's from Sigil. ***

[9/23/2017 7:42:27 PM] Amos: Inside, it's pretty dim!

[9/23/2017 7:43:43 PM] Rook: She waits for her eyes to adjust before poking around.

[9/23/2017 7:46:20 PM] Amos: It takes a moment, but the elven eyes help a lot. It's a pretty underwhelming exhibit, actually--Rook recognizes most of the things in the display as animals with fake fins glued on, or even things that would be pets in Sigil. There's a very fierce Dire Mouse, which is kind of adorable, and looks well-fed and groomed. There's a darkmantle that's been labelled "Hell Squid."

[9/23/2017 7:46:39 PM] Amos: There's a tiny gelatinous cube wandering around in a tank squishily.

[9/23/2017 7:47:42 PM] Rook: .... awwwww.

[9/23/2017 7:48:18 PM] Amos: No lie, it's pretty adorable, although judging from the normal mouse skeleton embedded in it, it's probably still a little bit dangerous.

[9/23/2017 7:48:32 PM] Amos: There's a weird sound from the back of the tent.

[9/23/2017 7:49:14 PM] *** Rook wanders in that direction! ***

[9/23/2017 7:49:57 PM] Amos: Clongk. Clongk.

[9/23/2017 7:50:08 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrow?

[9/23/2017 7:50:38 PM] *** Rook gets closer! ***

[9/23/2017 7:51:08 PM] Amos: It's another tank, but this one's filled with water and about ten feet high and maybe 5 feet in diameter.

[9/23/2017 7:51:58 PM] Amos: Inside, there's just one creature, sort of curled up on the bottom of the otherwise empty tank--mostly all you can see is a mass of hair and a long scaly tail.

[9/23/2017 7:52:25 PM] Amos: The water doesn't look very clean.

[9/23/2017 7:52:34 PM] Rook: ... ewww.

[9/23/2017 7:52:46 PM] *** Rook knocks on the tank.  "Hello?" ***

[9/23/2017 7:55:56 PM] Amos: The water in the tank swirls around, and suddenly there's an almost humanoid-looking face in front of him--grey skin, black, pupil-less eyes, and black hair coming from its head.

[9/23/2017 7:56:35 PM] Amos: The tail sways a bit behind it--it's not scaly after all, just a slightly darker gray than the face.

[9/23/2017 7:56:48 PM] Rook: Are you okay?

[9/23/2017 7:57:35 PM] Amos: It puts two webbed hands on the glass and looks at Rook sadly.

[9/23/2017 7:58:53 PM] Rook: That seems like a no.

[9/23/2017 7:58:58 PM] Rook: Can you hear me?

[9/23/2017 7:59:29 PM] Amos: It doesn't give any sign of recognition, but it leans its forehead up against the glass.

[9/23/2017 8:00:17 PM] *** Rook puts her hand against the glass? ***

[9/23/2017 8:01:14 PM] Amos: It moves its hand so that they'd be touching if the glass weren't there!

[9/23/2017 8:03:53 PM] *** Rook takes out her paper, and writes "are you okay" on it, and puts it against the glass. ***

[9/23/2017 8:04:17 PM] Amos: She blinks at it a few times, and then shakes her head no.

[9/23/2017 8:04:57 PM] Amos: It does look vaguely female, although it doesn't really have breasts or anything, so it's more of a bone structure thing than anything. It could just be a very slight male person.

[9/23/2017 8:05:58 PM] *** Rook write another message, then shows it to the gill person.  "Are you a prisoner?" ***

[9/23/2017 8:06:24 PM] Amos: It nods.

[9/23/2017 8:07:49 PM] *** Rook writes again:  Is this part of the act? ***

[9/23/2017 8:08:19 PM] Amos: It shakes its head no!

[9/23/2017 8:09:12 PM] *** Rook nods, and goes back to the lady outside! ***

[9/23/2017 8:11:43 PM] Amos: She's still there, looking bored.

[9/23/2017 8:12:09 PM] Rook: Hey!  Your gill person said they're a prisoner.  And their tank is filthy!

[9/23/2017 8:13:45 PM] Amos: Ticketseller: It's not a person, it's just a kind of fish. Chill out. What are you, some kind of social justice warrior?

[9/23/2017 8:24:03 PM] Rook: No!  I'm a Social Justice Warlock.  And they can read.  Not just a fish.

[9/23/2017 8:24:21 PM] Amos: The ticketseller rolls her eyes. "Whatever."

[9/23/2017 8:24:42 PM] *** Rook wanders off to find someone in charge! ***

[9/23/2017 8:27:19 PM] Amos: At the entrance to the fair, there are a couple people counting those entering the fairgrounds!

[9/23/2017 8:27:34 PM] *** Rook finds one of them. ***

[9/23/2017 8:28:21 PM] Amos: Fair Worker: Hi! Are you heading out? ... you must have come through the other gate.

[9/23/2017 8:28:39 PM] Rook: Your freak show is holding a sentient prisoner!

[9/23/2017 8:30:38 PM] Amos: Fair Worker: ... did something scare you at the freak show, miss? Maybe you had better sit down!

[9/23/2017 8:31:39 PM] Rook: Nooooo, there's a sentient in there.

[9/23/2017 8:32:07 PM] Rook: I find that upsetting, not scary.

[9/23/2017 8:32:43 PM] Amos: Fair Worker, who is, by the way, an older man with a kind face: Oh, I'm sure you're just imagining things. Why don't you sit down right here? I'll fetch you a drink of water to steady your nerves, and then I'll go and get the first aid folks.

[9/23/2017 8:32:58 PM] Rook: Gross, no.  Can I talk to someone more important?

[9/23/2017 8:33:33 PM] Amos: Fair Worker: Well, there's just us here. I suppose you could bring it up to the Fair Board when they meet next week.

[9/23/2017 8:34:27 PM] Rook: So who are the nearest authoriites?  Cause that's who I'm going to next if you don't start taking me seriously.

[9/23/2017 8:34:56 PM] Amos: Fair Worker: You mean the guards? Don't worry, I won't have you escorted off the property or anything. Just calm down, everything is going to be fine!

[9/23/2017 8:36:12 PM] *** Rook looks down at Murky.  "I'm about to start making a scene." ***

[9/23/2017 8:39:24 PM] Amos: Murky covers her eyes.

[9/23/2017 8:42:39 PM] *** Rook shifts into a large, burly, red dragonborn woman. ***

[9/23/2017 8:43:39 PM | Edited 8:43:46 PM] Amos: Fair Worker: Oh my goodness, you're a big girl, aren't you! Don't worry now, everything will be fine. Just calm down!

[9/23/2017 8:44:47 PM] *** Rook gets taller and starts walking back to the freakshow tent. ***

[9/23/2017 8:45:07 PM] Amos: Easily done! Murky mews worriedly.

[9/23/2017 8:46:55 PM] *** Rook looks back at the guy and yells.  "I'm going to start causing a scene!  You should probably follow me!" ***

[9/23/2017 8:47:01 PM] *** Rook then keeps going. ***

[9/23/2017 8:48:22 PM] Amos: Murky suddenly digs her claws into Rook's arm.

[9/23/2017 8:48:36 PM] Rook: Ow!  What, not you too.

[9/23/2017 8:48:53 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrrowwl mew merrrr.

[9/23/2017 8:49:27 PM | Edited 8:49:52 PM] Amos: She swoops down to the ground and then crouches stealthily for a few steps, then turns around to look at Rook expectantly.

[9/23/2017 8:50:43 PM] *** Rook follows?  And makes a note to learn Tressym faster. ***

[9/23/2017 8:51:03 PM] Amos: Murky mrowls.

[9/23/2017 8:52:55 PM] Rook: ... but being sneaky is the opposite of making a scene.

[9/23/2017 8:53:00 PM] Amos: Murky nods.

[9/23/2017 8:53:34 PM] Rook: Do you want to sneak off while I make a scene?

[9/23/2017 8:53:44 PM] Amos: Murky shakes her head no!

[9/23/2017 8:56:05 PM] Rook: Do you want me to be sneakier?

[9/23/2017 8:56:20 PM] Rook: Because we can't exactly sneak a giant tank of water out.

[9/23/2017 8:56:45 PM] Amos: Murky bares her teeth and makes a swiping motion, but with her claws still in.

[9/23/2017 8:58:29 PM] Rook: We can't do that, we would need a horse costume, and someone to be the second half of the horse.  You're not big enough.

[9/23/2017 8:58:53 PM] Amos: She facepaws.

[9/23/2017 8:59:08 PM] Amos: Then she points to herself and puffs herself up and yowls and makes scratching motions.

[9/23/2017 8:59:17 PM] Amos: Then she points to Rook and does the sneakysneaky thing.

[9/23/2017 9:00:17 PM] Rook: You want me to be sneaky and you make a scene?

[9/23/2017 9:00:40 PM] Amos: She nodnodnods.

[9/23/2017 9:02:01 PM] Rook: Well, I can try.

[9/23/2017 9:02:20 PM] Amos: Murky nods, looking at her paws.

[9/23/2017 9:03:07 PM] Rook: I guess I try and break the gill person out?

[9/23/2017 9:04:04 PM] Amos: Murky nods and makes another swiping motion with her paw.

[9/23/2017 9:07:20 PM] Rook: ... still not sure what hat means, but I'll figure it out!

[9/23/2017 9:07:32 PM] *** Rook gives a thumbs up and heads off, shrinking down! ***

[9/23/2017 9:08:08 PM] Amos: Murky sticks with her!

[9/23/2017 9:08:50 PM] *** Rook looks to se if she got anyone to follow her. ***

[9/23/2017 9:09:30 PM] Amos: Nope, but the guy she talked to is peering after her worriedly.

[9/23/2017 9:12:31 PM] *** Rook storms off, then.  "I was trying to get people to follow me so I could show them, but clearly that isn't working. ***

[9/23/2017 9:12:59 PM] Amos: Murky: Mew.

[9/23/2017 9:16:04 PM] Rook: Yeah, I know, I should have gone Illithid to get people to listen.

[9/23/2017 9:16:31 PM] Amos: Murky shakes her head no.

[9/23/2017 9:21:34 PM] *** Rook makes her way back to the tent, but goes around it, to the back. ***

[9/23/2017 9:23:44 PM] Amos: The tentside is held down by pegs!

[9/23/2017 9:24:02 PM] Amos: If you pull up a peg you can probably open up the tent enough in the back to get in!

[9/23/2017 9:25:12 PM] *** Rook is going to try and do that. ***

[9/23/2017 9:25:22 PM] Amos: Roll Str!

[9/23/2017 9:25:37 PM] Rook:  ((Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah 0.))

[9/23/2017 9:25:51 PM] Rook: -1 str, rolled a 1.

[9/23/2017 9:25:56 PM] Amos: It's pretty well stuck!

[9/23/2017 9:26:49 PM] Rook: Ugh.

[9/23/2017 9:27:32 PM | Edited 9:27:45 PM] Amos: She can try again!

[9/23/2017 9:27:37 PM] *** Rook will! ***

[9/23/2017 9:27:46 PM] Amos: Roll!

[9/23/2017 9:27:48 PM] *** Rook puts her back into it. ***

[9/23/2017 9:27:53 PM] Rook: ((10!))

[9/23/2017 9:28:12 PM] Amos: It slips out after some tugging!

[9/23/2017 9:28:55 PM] *** Rook then will crawl under. ***

[9/23/2017 9:29:30 PM] Amos: Easily done!

[9/23/2017 9:30:44 PM] *** Rook then looks around. ***

[9/23/2017 9:30:52 PM] Rook: ((To see where he is.))

[9/23/2017 9:32:39 PM] Amos: He's in the back of the tent, near the mer-person.

[9/23/2017 9:35:44 PM] *** Rook goes over to the tank!  Then looks around it, for a latch or something. ***

[9/23/2017 9:37:49 PM] Amos: There doesn't seem to be anything. As he looks the thing in the tank pushes up against the lid, but nothing happens.

[9/23/2017 9:38:39 PM] *** Rook also tries to lift the lid! ***

[9/23/2017 9:39:07 PM] Amos: It looks like a rather complicated mechanism! Does he speak Elven?

[9/23/2017 9:39:43 PM] Rook: Yes, actually!  Elven, Infernal, Celestial, Draconic.

[9/23/2017 9:40:13 PM] Amos: The instructions are pretty neatly printed on the top. Apparently it's a kind of vacuum seal, so you need to pull the handle up and then turn it, then push it down and turn it the other way.

[9/23/2017 9:40:26 PM] *** Rook does that, then. ***

[9/23/2017 9:41:34 PM] Amos: There's a slight hissing noise and the lid pops up!

[9/23/2017 9:43:16 PM] *** Rook opens the lid enough so that the gillman can poke their head out. ***

[9/23/2017 9:44:34 PM] Amos: She does, and puts her hands on the sides of the tank, clearing her throat. "He... hello? Are you rescuing me?"

[9/23/2017 9:44:58 PM] Rook: I think so!  Do you need water to live?

[9/23/2017 9:45:11 PM] Rook: I mean, everyone does, but how long can you go without it?

[9/23/2017 9:46:39 PM] Amos: Mer: I don't know, how long can you?

[9/23/2017 9:47:03 PM] Amos: She lifts herself out of the tank (she has a lot of muscles, it seems) and flops onto the ground.

[9/23/2017 9:47:18 PM] Amos: Then her tail turns into a pair of legs.

[9/23/2017 9:48:58 PM] Rook: Oh, are you like me?

[9/23/2017 9:49:11 PM] *** Rook changes back into the elf girl she was when she first met the gill person. ***

[9/23/2017 9:49:42 PM] Amos: She still has grayish skin and black hair, and pure black eyes. "Agh! You're different people!"

[9/23/2017 9:49:57 PM] Rook: No, just a shapeshifter.

[9/23/2017 9:50:14 PM] *** Rook pulls off her outer robe and hands it to the gill person. ***

[9/23/2017 9:50:17 PM] Amos: Mer: ... no, I'm just normal.

[9/23/2017 9:50:26 PM] Amos: She puts it on, shivering a bit.

[9/23/2017 9:50:34 PM | Edited 9:51:46 PM] Amos: Mer: We have to leave before they catch us.

[9/23/2017 9:50:37 PM] Rook: Oh, I'm sorry.

[9/23/2017 9:50:57 PM] *** Rook nods, and leads her out the way she came.  "If you're hungry, there are scrambled eggs in the pockets! ***

[9/23/2017 9:50:59 PM] Amos: There's a scream from out in front of the tent, and the yowling of an enraged cat. Probably one with wings.

[9/23/2017 9:51:18 PM] Rook: There's Murky.

[9/23/2017 9:51:49 PM] Amos: Mer: What is Murky?

[9/23/2017 9:52:25 PM] Rook: My friend.  She was keeping them occupied when I broke you out.

[9/23/2017 9:53:17 PM] Amos: Mer: Oh, good. ... let's run, please.

[9/23/2017 9:53:46 PM] Amos: There are people running toward the screaming and yowling fight, but they ignore Rook and the mer woman.

[9/23/2017 9:53:51 PM] *** Rook nods! ***

[9/23/2017 9:54:03 PM] *** Rook also yells.  "Murky!  Leaving!" ***

[9/23/2017 9:54:38 PM] Amos: There's a meow of agreement that sounds almost like a snarl. Rook still has the string, so he can follow it back to the door.

[9/23/2017 9:54:56 PM] Amos: The merwoman stumbles a bit--she may not be accustomed to feet anymore.

[9/23/2017 9:55:32 PM] *** Rook helps her unti we're clear of the carnival, then waits for Murky. ***

[9/23/2017 9:56:01 PM] Rook: We're not from this plane, you should know, and when we leave, you're coming with us to another plane.

[9/23/2017 9:56:15 PM] Amos: Mer: Is that far? I want to go far!

[9/23/2017 9:56:24 PM] Rook: It's about as far as you can get.

[9/23/2017 9:56:35 PM] Amos: Murky flaps along after you in a few minutes. There's blood on one of her wings.

[9/23/2017 9:56:50 PM] Rook: Is that your blood?

[9/23/2017 9:57:46 PM] Amos: Murky shakes her head no, purring.

[9/23/2017 9:57:55 PM] Amos: Mer: Far is good!

[9/23/2017 9:58:30 PM] *** Rook follows the string back.  "What's your name?  I'm Rook, this is Murky." ***

[9/23/2017 9:58:41 PM] Rook: We are adventuring heroes.

[9/23/2017 9:59:09 PM] Amos: Mer: Solaine.

[9/23/2017 9:59:31 PM] Amos: Solaine: Yes. You rescued me!

[9/23/2017 9:59:41 PM] *** Rook amends his map.  Gross woods - horrible fair. ***

[9/23/2017 9:59:50 PM] *** Rook beams. ***

[9/23/2017 10:00:00 PM] Amos: Solaine: Very heroic!

[9/23/2017 10:00:07 PM] Amos: She has kind of a weird accent.

[9/23/2017 10:00:41 PM] Rook: Where are you from?

[9/23/2017 10:01:25 PM] Amos: Solaine: The deep ocean!

[9/23/2017 10:01:42 PM] Amos: She's having some difficulty walking through the woods, but eventually you do get to the door!

[9/23/2017 10:09:31 PM] *** Rook helps as she needs, she can lean on her.  "Here's the door.  Now there's going to be a scary guy, but he's okay." ***

[9/23/2017 10:11:47 PM] Amos: Solaine: Scary guy?

[9/23/2017 10:12:23 PM] Rook: Yeah.  You'll know him when you see him.  How did you end up in that tank?

[9/23/2017 10:14:02 PM] Amos: Solaine: Got too close to a boat.

[9/23/2017 10:14:21 PM] Amos: And I think we'll stop there for the night, as I'm fading.

[10/5/2017 5:55:50 PM] Amos: Rook had rescued a sharkwoman from a tank in a circus freak show!

[10/5/2017 5:57:09 PM] Rook: ((Yeah!  Solaine.  Eventually Vitt's going to get annoyed at him bringing home strays.))

[10/5/2017 5:57:42 PM] Amos: Yeah! He was about to open the door back to the House.

[10/5/2017 5:59:30 PM] Amos: He did warn Solaine about Vittorio, so there is that.

[10/5/2017 6:00:10 PM] Rook: Yep!

[10/5/2017 6:00:30 PM] *** Rook opens the door! ***

[10/5/2017 6:01:17 PM] Amos: The forest breeze wafts into the hallway! Which looks like the same as it did.

[10/5/2017 6:02:17 PM] Rook: Okay, here's the house.

[10/5/2017 6:02:26 PM] *** Rook gestures to Solaine. ***

[10/5/2017 6:03:13 PM] Amos: The house doesn't answer! Solaine peers inside and then steps in, bare feet leaving little damp spots.

[10/5/2017 6:04:02 PM] Rook: Don't worry, this is a different world than the garbage world where they kept you as an attraction.

[10/5/2017 6:04:21 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Pardon?

[10/5/2017 6:04:54 PM] Amos: He's standing to one side of the door, eyeing Rook and Solaine, who is wearing Rook's robe.

[10/5/2017 6:04:57 PM] *** Rook yelps loudly. ***

[10/5/2017 6:05:05 PM] Amos: Solaine jumps.

[10/5/2017 6:05:07 PM] *** Rook jumps a little, too. ***

[10/5/2017 6:08:43 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... is something wrong?

[10/5/2017 6:09:16 PM] Amos: Solaine eyes him. "He is scary, yes?"

[10/5/2017 6:09:49 PM] Rook: You are way too good at that.  Anyway, VIttorio, this is Solaine, a fish person that Murky and I rescued from a freak show where they were holding her.

[10/5/2017 6:11:20 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... what happened to them?

[10/5/2017 6:11:23 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrow.

[10/5/2017 6:11:57 PM] Rook: Murky distracted them while I got her loose.

[10/5/2017 6:12:52 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Interesting. But they're still there?

[10/5/2017 6:12:58 PM] Amos: Solaine nods.

[10/5/2017 6:13:07 PM] Amos: Murky says, very smugly, "Mrowwwwwr."

[10/5/2017 6:13:17 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... really, an eye?

[10/5/2017 6:14:41 PM] Amos: Murky purrs.

[10/5/2017 6:14:50 PM] *** Rook nods, and holds up his map! ***

[10/5/2017 6:15:28 PM] Rook: It denotes 'gross trees' and 'gross carnival' relative to the entrance to that plane.

[10/5/2017 6:16:27 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Not more than a few minutes' walk?

[10/5/2017 6:16:36 PM] Amos: Solaine: No.

[10/5/2017 6:17:17 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Excellent. Pardon me, I know this is a terribly impertinent question, but should your environment be salt water or fresh?

[10/5/2017 6:17:30 PM] Amos: Solaine: Salt.

[10/5/2017 6:17:47 PM] Rook: If you're going to go and kill people, get the funnel cakes first.

[10/5/2017 6:18:09 PM] *** Rook pulls a half eaten one out of a pocket, getting powdered sugar everwhere. ***

[10/5/2017 6:18:33 PM] Amos: Vittorio: I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. There's no contract, it would be terribly illegal and also, in all probability, immoral.

[10/5/2017 6:19:50 PM] Amos: Murky mews.

[10/5/2017 6:19:57 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... yes, even if they have it coming.

[10/5/2017 6:23:48 PM] Amos: Solaine: ... it was very small tank.

[10/5/2017 6:24:37 PM] Amos: Vittorio: ... I shall certainly keep that in mind. In any case, I am going to have to make arrangements bringing the pool up to par, it is in rather poor shape, I am afraid.

[10/5/2017 6:28:38 PM] Rook: Well, they were jerks and it was a garbage carnival.

[10/5/2017 6:30:23 PM] Amos: Vittorio: Perhaps they'll have a change of heart.

[10/5/2017 6:30:49 PM] Amos: He nods politely and heads down the hall toward the door to the outside, soundlessly.

[10/5/2017 6:35:11 PM] Amos: Murky: Mrow?

[10/5/2017 6:37:44 PM] Rook: I don't know.

[10/5/2017 6:38:04 PM] *** Rook looks at Solaine.  "ARe you hungry?  What do you eat?" ***

[10/5/2017 6:38:52 PM] Amos: Solaine: Mainly the fish. Sometimes children would throw sweets.

[10/5/2017 6:41:38 PM] Rook: Do you like candy?  Good.

[10/5/2017 6:41:50 PM] Amos: Solaine: Yes, very.

[10/5/2017 6:42:01 PM] Amos: Murky mrowwws.

[10/5/2017 6:42:17 PM] *** Rook pulls an old hard candy out from his robes and hands it to her! ***

[10/5/2017 6:42:36 PM] Amos: She pops it into her mouth happily.

[10/5/2017 6:43:26 PM] Amos: You just stand there in the hallway, the three of you! It's kinda weird.

[10/5/2017 6:44:33 PM] Rook: .... I'm not sure what we're waiting for.  Maybe I should show you around!  We should get you some clothes of your own, too.

[10/5/2017 6:46:34 PM] Amos: Solaine: Is that what people do on land?

[10/5/2017 6:47:55 PM] Rook: What did you do in the sea?

[10/5/2017 6:48:34 PM] Amos: Solaine: We swam!

[10/5/2017 6:49:04 PM] Rook: ... what did you do when you weren't swimming?

[10/5/2017 6:49:20 PM] Amos: Solaine: Eating, talking, working. What do you do when you're not walking?

[10/5/2017 6:51:02 PM] Amos: Murky rolls onto her back and rowwwls.

[10/5/2017 6:51:18 PM] Rook: Same things, really.  Oh, and we pet kitties.

[10/5/2017 6:51:29 PM] *** Rook crouches down, and scritches Murky. ***

[10/5/2017 6:52:29 PM] Amos: It is Murky's rightful DUE.

[10/5/2017 6:52:38 PM] Amos: But she purrs throatily anyway.

[10/5/2017 6:52:44 PM] Amos: Solaine: This is kitty?

[10/5/2017 6:52:56 PM] Amos: Solaine follows suit. TWO humanoid pettings!

[10/5/2017 6:53:13 PM] Amos: It is Murky's rightful tribute!

[10/5/2017 6:56:56 PM] Rook: This is Murky.  She's a kitty, but she's also a person.  She's my best friend.

[10/5/2017 6:57:27 PM] Amos: Murky's purr deepens!

[10/5/2017 6:57:59 PM] Amos: Solaine: She is very beautiful! Fur is so useful in cold waters.

[10/5/2017 6:58:47 PM] Rook: Oh, yes.  And in the cold in general.  IT's pretty cold here, I should warn you.

[10/5/2017 6:59:51 PM] Amos: Solaine: It does not feel cold?

[10/5/2017 7:00:18 PM] Rook: It's heated in here.  If you go outside, snow everywhere.

[10/5/2017 7:00:44 PM] *** Rook says the word 'snow' a little derisively. ***

[10/5/2017 7:01:36 PM] Amos: Solaine: Snow?

[10/5/2017 7:02:36 PM] Amos: Murky's having one of her best days ever!

[10/5/2017 7:03:36 PM] Rook: It's like rain that freezes up a bit and hangs around.

[10/5/2017 7:04:45 PM] Amos: Solaine: I am not sure I comprehend?

[10/5/2017 7:05:03 PM] *** Rook nods, and looks for a window! ***

[10/5/2017 7:05:45 PM] Amos: There are a few in the hallway, but they're deadlocked shut.

[10/5/2017 7:06:25 PM] Rook: Well, I can't show you right now, they'll probalby yell at me if I pry the windows open.

[10/5/2017 7:07:58 PM] Amos: Solaine: Ah, all right.

[10/5/2017 7:09:19 PM] Amos: Murky rolls over and stands up, trotting down the hallway back into the entryway.

[10/5/2017 7:09:44 PM] Rook: Let's get you some food and then clothes!

[10/5/2017 7:12:56 PM] Amos: Solaine: Yes, food!

[3/19/2018 5:11:43 PM] Amos: ((Here.))

[3/19/2018 5:14:27 PM] Rook: ((Yay!))

[3/19/2018 5:22:59 PM] Amos: Rook just rescued a shark-mermaid named Solaine! (I think he's in male form right now, but I forget. If I'm wrong, sorry!) He gets Solaine some food, introduces her to the other members of the household--the cook wants to know if she only eats fish and she ends up leaving the kitchen with a big bag full of sweets--and eventually Rook leaves her in the big bathroom, which will be her room until Vittorio finishes the arrangements for the pool. Rook is left alone with Murky for the moment!

[3/19/2018 5:23:20 PM] Rook: ((An awesome mermaid.))

[3/19/2018 5:24:19 PM] Amos: She is! She has feet on land and a shark's lower body in the saltwater, and her teeth are always very, very pointy. And she has black eyes, too. But they're not like a doll's eyes, they're pretty friendly if you don't pay attention to the weird color. :)

[3/19/2018 5:25:28 PM] Rook: Rook looks at Murky.  "... I'm hungry."

[3/19/2018 5:25:47 PM] *** Rook pulls a half-eaten hard-boiled egg out of his pocket. ***

[3/19/2018 5:26:05 PM] Amos: Murky mews her approval of the general idea, but then starts walking toward the kitchen.

[3/19/2018 5:29:56 PM] Rook: ... but sometimes I just want to eat and not make a whole THING out of it like Vivek always wants to.

[3/19/2018 5:30:21 PM] Amos: Murky mrrwowwls.

[3/19/2018 5:30:57 PM] Amos: She may or may not be an obligate carnivore, but she certainly feels Rook is obligated to go to the kitchen with her.

[3/19/2018 5:31:11 PM] Rook: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

[3/19/2018 5:31:30 PM] *** Rook turns the whining on.  But goes. ***

[3/19/2018 5:47:09 PM] Amos: Vivek is in the kitchen, but so is someone else! It's a middle-aged half-orc woman with greying hair, and she's wearing a shabby dress. They are holding hands on the table, and she looks a little bit awkward and uncomfortable; she takes her hand away as Rook walks in.

[3/19/2018 5:47:28 PM] Amos: Murky mrowls, loudly!

[3/19/2018 5:47:39 PM] Amos: Vivek: ... didn't I just give you half a cod fillet?

[3/19/2018 5:48:58 PM] Amos: Murky just stares at him pointedly.

[3/19/2018 5:49:22 PM] Amos: Vivek: ... all right, all right. I have some cold sausage, let me get a pan and heat it up.

[3/19/2018 5:49:32 PM] Amos: Woman: Er... I can go.

[3/19/2018 5:50:09 PM] Amos: Vivek: No, no, there's no need for that. We're not finished, either.

[3/19/2018 5:50:11 PM] Rook: Oh!  Oh.

[3/19/2018 5:50:17 PM] Rook: I just want food.

[3/19/2018 5:50:21 PM] Rook: Don't mind me.

[3/19/2018 5:51:26 PM] Amos: Vivek: Try to relax, Mirya.

[3/19/2018 5:52:01 PM] Amos: Vivek: What would you like? I have muffins, cookies, and I could also make you a small tartlet, if you like?

[3/19/2018 5:52:29 PM] Rook: Who's your friend?

[3/19/2018 5:52:42 PM] Rook: Muffins!  That would be perfect.

[3/19/2018 5:53:28 PM] Amos: Vivek: This is Mirya. She does inventory on ships at the docks, for taxation purposes. She's a client of mine.

[3/19/2018 5:55:05 PM] *** Rook waves. ***

[3/19/2018 5:55:10 PM] Rook: Hi!

[3/19/2018 5:56:36 PM] Amos: Mirya: Er... hello?

[3/19/2018 5:59:05 PM] Amos: Murky mews politely, and then hops onto the table, very impolitely.

[3/19/2018 5:59:25 PM] Amos: Mirya: ... are you sure I should stay?

[3/19/2018 6:00:10 PM] Rook: It's okay.  I can leave, I just wanted muffins.

[3/19/2018 6:00:13 PM] Amos: Vivek: Yes, of course!

[3/19/2018 6:00:22 PM] Rook: And I don't really care if you're talking about crime.

[3/19/2018 6:01:28 PM] Amos: Vivek heats some sausage in a pan, and fetches Rook some beautiful, pillowy-looking muffins. One blueberry, one chocolate chip and one banana nut. He sticks all three of them into a little cloth bag. "Here, that'll keep in your pocket easier. You know, there'll still be food tomorrow, you don't have to plan that far ahead."

[3/19/2018 6:06:06 PM] Amos: Mirya: Wait, who's talking about crime?!

[3/19/2018 6:07:12 PM] *** Rook nods, and takes all three out of the cloth bag, stuffing one in his mouth. ***

[3/19/2018 6:07:41 PM] Rook: ... usually when I walk in the room and people stop talking and talking about how they should leave it's crime.

[3/19/2018 6:07:52 PM] Amos: Mirya: It's not crime!

[3/19/2018 6:08:07 PM] Rook: Okay!   But it doesn't matter to me.

[3/19/2018 6:08:14 PM] Amos: Vivek: I have two jobs. No, not really, I have two callings. Only one of them is cooking.

[3/19/2018 6:13:36 PM] Amos: Murky devours her sausage-tribute!

[3/19/2018 6:16:57 PM] *** Rook has already stuffed most of one muffin in his mouth. ***

[3/19/2018 6:17:30 PM] Amos: Mirya looks nervous.

[3/19/2018 6:17:45 PM] Amos: Murky purrs at her and flaps off toward Rook's room.

[3/19/2018 6:24:17 PM] Rook: Rook leaves too, mouth and hands full of muffins!

[3/19/2018 6:25:34 PM] Amos: Vitt seems to materialize near Rook's door.

[3/19/2018 6:25:56 PM] Rook: Mfff.

[3/19/2018 6:26:46 PM] Amos: Murky mews in surprise and flaps back a little bit!

[3/19/2018 6:27:23 PM] Amos: Vitt: The pool is being filled as we speak, but apparently it needs to sit overnight before being occupied.

[3/19/2018 6:29:57 PM] Rook: All right.

[3/19/2018 6:30:30 PM] Amos: Vitt looks at Rook. "... what do you think I ought to do about the carnival?"

[3/19/2018 6:31:07 PM] Rook: Umm.  I don't know.  IT's shady but there's a lot of people who would have nowhere to go.

[3/19/2018 6:32:05 PM] Amos: Vitt: So shutting it down shouldn't be an option.

[3/19/2018 6:37:30 PM] Rook: It should be.  But I don't know if it is.  I don't even know what world it was!

[3/19/2018 6:39:45 PM] Amos: Vitt: What would you do?

[3/19/2018 6:40:19 PM] Rook: Fireball the owners and turn the circus over to --mmfff-- the people that work there.

[3/19/2018 6:40:54 PM] Amos: Vitt: Literally fireball, or figuratively?

[3/19/2018 6:41:34 PM] Rook: Figurative language is dangerous and invites memetic contamination.

[3/19/2018 6:45:28 PM] Amos: Vitt: So literally fireball them.

[3/19/2018 6:45:57 PM] Rook: Just a little.

[3/19/2018 6:46:23 PM] Rook: They kept her in a gross tank!

[3/19/2018 6:48:09 PM] Amos: Vitt: Not to death, then?

[3/19/2018 6:49:54 PM] Rook: ... they're basically slavers.  They deserve to get written in the deadbook for that sort of thing.

[3/19/2018 6:50:51 PM] Amos: Vitt: ... written in the deadbook?

[3/19/2018 6:51:22 PM] Rook: Dead Book.  Book of the dead.  I forget you don't speak the Chant.  

[3/19/2018 6:51:26 PM] Rook: .... I don't like slavers.

[3/19/2018 6:52:00 PM] Amos: Vitt: I don't either. Kill them or not?

[3/19/2018 6:52:40 PM] Rook: ..... you asking me takes all the anger and urgency out.  Fine, don't kill.  Maybe scare.

[3/19/2018 6:55:10 PM] Amos: Vitt: ... I feel I'd be rather good at that. Very well. I shall certainly follow your advice.

[3/19/2018 6:56:35 PM] Amos: Murky mews.

[3/19/2018 6:59:16 PM] *** Rook nods, and starts nomming on the second muffin. ***

[3/19/2018 6:59:36 PM] Amos: Vitt: ... when was the last time you had a bath?

[3/19/2018 7:00:03 PM] Rook: Rook:  ....why.

[3/19/2018 7:00:50 PM] Amos: Vitt: You have a multiplicity of very small leaves in your hair and a smudge of dirt on your face.

[3/19/2018 7:01:16 PM] Rook: So?  It's good camouflage from predators.

[3/19/2018 7:02:14 PM] Amos: Vitt: It may be a problem if some of the portals lead to locations indoors.

[3/19/2018 7:03:40 PM | Edited 7:04:03 PM] Rook: How?  There aren't as many predators indoors.

[3/19/2018 7:04:53 PM] Amos: Vitt: Really? I would say there are more.

[3/19/2018 7:05:11 PM] Rook: Rook's eyes get huge and wide.

[3/19/2018 7:08:21 PM] Amos: Vitt: Bathing can help.

[3/19/2018 7:08:50 PM] Amos: Vitt: Relatedly, I have a present for Murky.

[3/19/2018 7:08:56 PM] Amos: Murky mews expectantly.

[3/19/2018 7:09:06 PM] Amos: Vitt hands Rook a catbrush.

[3/19/2018 7:09:08 PM] *** Rook looks back and forth, as if waying the options. ***

[3/19/2018 7:13:48 PM] Amos: Murky mews.

[3/19/2018 7:13:59 PM] Amos: Vitt: You're welcome. How do you feel about baths?

[3/19/2018 7:14:04 PM] Amos: Murky purrs.

[3/19/2018 7:14:15 PM] Rook: Rook looks at the catbrush, still waiting predation against a bath.

[3/19/2018 7:14:29 PM] Amos: Vitt: Trust me.

[3/19/2018 7:16:47 PM] Amos: Murky mews and pads into the bedroom!

[3/19/2018 7:18:29 PM] Rook: Rook:  ... I guess..

[3/19/2018 7:18:42 PM] Rook: Fine.  I'll take a bath.

[3/19/2018 7:18:48 PM] *** Rook sulks and follows Murky. ***

[3/19/2018 7:18:56 PM] Amos: Vitt nods. "And I will take care of the carnival."

[3/19/2018 7:19:14 PM] Amos: Princess Mehu is there, curled up in an oversized armchair and reading a book.

[3/19/2018 7:19:49 PM] Amos: She has to keep sliding the mummy cat's tail out of the way, as he's perched on one of the arms of the chair.

[3/19/2018 7:20:21 PM] *** Rook is still eating a muffin, dejectedly.  He comes over and hands Mehu the last muffin. ***

[3/19/2018 7:21:35 PM] Amos: Mehu: Oh, you're back! Where did you go? What is that, it smells very good.

[3/19/2018 7:21:44 PM] Amos: She takes the muffin and nibbles it interestedly.

[3/19/2018 7:22:03 PM] Rook: It's a muffin.  They're great.

[3/19/2018 7:22:15 PM] Amos: The mummy cat jumps down from the chair and sniffs a greeting at Murky, who mews at him.

[3/19/2018 7:22:50 PM] Amos: Mehu: That is good. Though I do not know what is in it--I will have to ask.

[3/19/2018 7:22:58 PM] Amos: Mehu: You must tell me about your explorations!

[3/19/2018 7:36:43 PM] *** Rook plops down on the edge of the bed, looking at the catbrush.  "We found a forest, and a circus.  And we saved a shark girl who was being kept as a slave." ***

[3/19/2018 7:37:52 PM] Amos: Mehu: That is very exciting! ... I would like to go with you on an expedition at some point, if it is allowed.

[3/19/2018 7:37:59 PM] Amos: Murky mews her approval.

[3/19/2018 7:38:17 PM] Amos: She also jumps up onto the bed and looks at the catbrush pointedly.

[3/19/2018 7:40:44 PM] *** Rook starts brushing Murky.  "... I don't see why you couldn't.  You were pretty good in the desert." ***

[3/19/2018 7:41:11 PM] Amos: Rook will have to help her get her sweater off first!

[3/19/2018 7:41:20 PM] Amos: Mehu beams.

[3/19/2018 7:41:21 PM] *** Rook does! ***

[3/19/2018 7:41:30 PM] Amos: Her hair is so, so poofy. So poofy!

[3/19/2018 7:41:55 PM] Amos: Mehu: I would enjoy that very much. I was not permitted to travel often during my first life.

[3/19/2018 7:42:03 PM] Amos: Murky purrrrrrrs.

[3/19/2018 7:44:21 PM] Rook: Because you're a princess?

[3/19/2018 7:45:00 PM] Amos: Mehu: Yes. I had very many duties.

[3/19/2018 7:49:49 PM] Rook: Rook:  What did you do?  I've never known a princess before.

[3/19/2018 7:49:58 PM] Rook: Rook:  Did you save knights from dragons?