[4/18/2014 11:17:22 PM] Kali: In either case, Allys swims laps fairly regularly. And she has a bathing suit--one rather like the 1920s suits, with long legs and a skirt, though you'd still be able to see really a *lot* of scary-looking, likely life-threatening scars on her. Also, it's red.

[4/18/2014 11:17:54 PM] Iskandar: .... have you ever considered dodging?

[4/18/2014 11:18:16 PM] Kali: Allys puts her head up out of the water. "Excuse me?"

[4/18/2014 11:18:31 PM] Iskandar: The scars.

[4/18/2014 11:18:48 PM] Iskandar: When people swing a sword at you.  You can try ducking out of the way.

[4/18/2014 11:18:57 PM] Kali: Allys: If you don't like them, feel free to avert your eyes.

[4/18/2014 11:18:59 PM] Iskandar: It works for axes, too.

[4/18/2014 11:19:09 PM] Iskandar: Didn't say I didn't like them.  Just offering advice.

[4/18/2014 11:20:13 PM] Kali: Allys: Unhelpful advice.

[4/18/2014 11:20:23 PM] Kali: She glares at him from the pool, still treading water.

[4/18/2014 11:20:30 PM] Iskandar: All advice is unsolicited.  If it wasn't, it would be counsel.

[4/18/2014 11:22:18 PM] Kali: Allys: Either way, I don't want it.

[4/18/2014 11:22:20 PM] Kali: She resumes swimming.

[4/18/2014 11:22:29 PM] Iskandar: Fair enough.

[4/18/2014 11:25:21 PM] Iskandar: He watches her swim for a few moments.

[4/18/2014 11:26:01 PM] Kali: When she gets to the end of the lap she hops out of the pool without bothering with the ladder, and stands up, stretching a little bit.

[4/18/2014 11:27:20 PM] Iskandar: I've never understood the point to swimming in a circle.

[4/18/2014 11:27:33 PM] Iskandar: Or back and forth.

[4/18/2014 11:30:17 PM] Kali: Allys: I need the exercise, obviously.

[4/18/2014 11:30:49 PM] Iskandar: Do you?  You seem fine to me.

[4/18/2014 11:31:50 PM] Kali: Allys: In comparison with what?

[4/18/2014 11:32:38 PM] Iskandar: Humans.

[4/18/2014 11:33:06 PM] Kali: Allys: I *am* human. Mostly.

[4/18/2014 11:33:13 PM] Iskandar: Mostly?  What's the other part?

[4/18/2014 11:33:42 PM] Kali: Allys: None of your damned business.

[4/18/2014 11:34:20 PM] Iskandar: Then why didn't you just say 'human'?  And leave out the 'mostly'?

[4/18/2014 11:35:46 PM] Kali: Allys: The alternative is lying, and I don't care enough to bother with that.

[4/18/2014 11:37:45 PM] Iskandar: Hmm.  Really?

[4/18/2014 11:38:16 PM] Kali: Allys: You're a total stranger, remember?

[4/18/2014 11:38:54 PM] Iskandar: And Elder Brother is totally the deity of Those Who Don't Give a Shit About Strangers.

[4/18/2014 11:39:58 PM] Kali: Allys: Some do, some don't. There's very little theological instruction on the matter.

[4/18/2014 11:40:30 PM] Iskandar: Odd for a mostly human to follow him, though.

[4/18/2014 11:40:51 PM] Kali: Allys: Odd for an elf to call him brother.

[4/18/2014 11:41:22 PM] Iskandar: I'm only mostly elf.

[4/18/2014 11:42:05 PM] Kali: Allys: Why are you talking to me?

[4/18/2014 11:42:18 PM] Iskandar: Why shouldn't I?

[4/18/2014 11:43:48 PM] Kali: Allys: Because you have more than two brain cells to rub together? But I see you don't.

[4/18/2014 11:45:41 PM] Iskandar: Hmmm.  I guess I can see why you follow a draconic god.  So why do only stupid people talk to you?

[4/18/2014 11:48:42 PM] Kali: Allys grabs a towel and dries her hair. "I give up, why do you?"

[4/18/2014 11:49:22 PM] Iskandar: You seem interesting.  You are extremely resistant to someone talking to you and I'm just a contrarian.

[4/18/2014 11:50:02 PM] Kali: Allys: I don't like people.

[4/18/2014 11:50:44 PM] Iskandar: Why not?

[4/18/2014 11:51:44 PM] Kali: Allys: Long story, and you haven't earned it.

[4/18/2014 11:54:46 PM] Iskandar: But there *is* a reason.  You're not naturally churlish.  Or, you know, it got exacerbated.

[4/18/2014 11:55:23 PM] Kali: Allys: How would you know?

[4/18/2014 11:56:05 PM] Iskandar: You just said it was a long story.  If it was a short story, you would have just said 'I'm an asshole'.

[4/18/2014 11:57:33 PM] Kali: Allys: The two aren't mutually exclusive.

[4/19/2014 12:02:22 AM] Iskandar: Well, that's true.

[4/19/2014 12:03:17 AM] Kali: Allys: I'm going to change.

[4/19/2014 12:05:28 AM] Iskandar: Don't let me stop you.

[4/19/2014 12:15:12 AM] Kali: Allys: Have some sort of twisted fetish for withered old flesh, do you?

[4/19/2014 12:15:46 AM] Iskandar: You're not old.

[4/19/2014 12:16:56 AM] Iskandar: Your'e definitely not withered.

[4/19/2014 12:19:53 AM] Kali: Allys: No elf would say that.

[4/19/2014 12:21:33 AM] Iskandar: No?  Have a lot of elves called you withered and old?

[4/19/2014 12:24:27 AM] Kali: Allys: No, they just think it at me.

[4/19/2014 12:25:02 AM] Iskandar: Oh, you're telepathic?  What am I thinking?

[4/19/2014 12:25:21 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't have to be telepathic when they broadcast their thoughts with their faces.

[4/19/2014 12:29:13 AM] Iskandar: Oh, so they're jerks.  It could just be that you're not androngynous enough for them.

[4/19/2014 12:29:50 AM] Kali: Allys: *You're* an elf.

[4/19/2014 12:30:39 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "And yet I don't think you're a withered old crone."

[4/19/2014 12:31:54 AM] Kali: Allys: Therefore you're not an elf. Simple as that.

[4/19/2014 12:35:27 AM] Iskandar: Nope.

[4/19/2014 12:35:40 AM] Kali: Allys: Lizard.

[4/19/2014 12:38:41 AM] Iskandar: I'm a lizard in the same way you're a monkey.

[4/19/2014 12:40:55 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't know if you're a good dragon or a bad one, but if you're bad, don't expect to stay here long.

[4/19/2014 12:41:32 AM] Iskandar: Define 'bad'.

[4/19/2014 12:42:43 AM] Kali: Allys: Eating people and crops without paying for them, stealing precious metals and gems to pad out your hoard and terrorizing people.

[4/19/2014 12:43:23 AM] Iskandar: Well, I've never eaten anything sentient.

[4/19/2014 12:44:44 AM] Kali: Allys: And the rest?

[4/19/2014 12:46:01 AM] Iskandar: i've never intentionally terrorized anyone.

[4/19/2014 12:46:20 AM] Iskandar: I'm not a savage.

[4/19/2014 12:46:32 AM] Kali: Allys: Then what are you doing here? Are you trying to steal the ship?

[4/19/2014 12:47:03 AM] Iskandar: Damned if I know.  I woke up in a pod, same as the majority of the people on board.

[4/19/2014 12:48:59 AM] Kali: Allys: ... ah. I suppose it would be rather close quarters for you here in your natural form.

[4/19/2014 12:49:20 AM] Iskandar: Well, truth is, I'm kind of stuck like this.

[4/19/2014 12:50:44 AM] Kali: Allys: ... excuse m?

[4/19/2014 12:51:49 AM] Iskandar: I got transmuted by some wizened magical fellow.

[4/19/2014 12:52:42 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't believe you.

[4/19/2014 12:54:05 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "It's true.  Some wizard who was angry at me for being a dragon waited until I was in this shape, hit me with a spell, and I'm stuck like this."

[4/19/2014 12:58:29 AM] Kali: Allys: Prove it.

[4/19/2014 12:59:00 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar frowns, and looks around, spitting a small bolt of electricity at the empty pool.

[4/19/2014 1:00:14 AM] Kali: Allys: Plenty of people can do that.

[4/19/2014 1:01:07 AM] Iskandar: Then you do it.

[4/19/2014 1:01:42 AM] Kali: Allys: I never said I could.

[4/19/2014 1:01:46 AM] Kali: ((I need bed!))

[4/19/2014 1:02:32 AM] Iskandar: Well, that's all I got right now.  It makes my kisses very good, though, if you want to try that.

[4/19/2014 1:02:47 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't kiss lizards.

[4/19/2014 1:03:03 AM] Iskandar: Why not?  [4/19/2014 9:34:01 PM] Kali: Allys: Why would I?

[4/19/2014 9:37:14 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "Why wouldn't you?"

[4/19/2014 9:39:20 PM] Kali: Allys: I don't kiss anyone.

[4/19/2014 9:41:07 PM] Iskandar: Right, right.  Fair enough.

[4/19/2014 9:43:28 PM] Kali: Allys: ... fine, then.

[4/19/2014 9:44:12 PM] Kali: She strips, glaring at him the whole time, towels herself off and puts her dress back on. ... the scars go all over, pretty much.

[4/19/2014 9:46:26 PM] Iskandar: Huh.  Here I thought you'd just ask me to leave so you could change.

[4/19/2014 9:49:11 PM] Kali: Allys: I don't care what you think.

[4/19/2014 9:51:34 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "I know.  You're putting an awful lot of effort into making that clear."

[4/19/2014 9:54:12 PM] Kali: Allys: Why don't you run along, lizard?

[4/19/2014 9:55:56 PM] Iskandar: If you want me to go, all you have to do is ask.

[4/19/2014 9:56:30 PM] Kali: Allys: Go away, then.

[4/19/2014 9:57:13 PM] Iskandar: That's not asking.  That's telling.

[4/19/2014 9:57:49 PM] Kali: Allys: Fine. Stay here then.

[4/19/2014 9:57:54 PM] Kali: She shrugs and starts heading for the door.

[4/19/2014 10:00:57 PM] Iskandar: He doesn't stop her!

[4/19/2014 10:01:41 PM] Kali: She pauses to glare at him!

[4/19/2014 10:02:01 PM] Iskandar: He smiles at her!

[4/19/2014 10:02:44 PM] Kali: Allys: ... just don't forget, we'll be watching you, lizard.

[4/19/2014 10:03:57 PM] Iskandar: You can watch all you want.  I don't mind.

[4/19/2014 10:04:35 PM] Kali: She glowers and stomps out!

[4/24/2014 10:59:12 PM] Kali: He gets Allys! Allys answers the door in her robe, which is not revealing and is also a rather fetching deep red color edged with gold trim. Very opulent.

[4/24/2014 10:59:22 PM] Kali: Allys: Are you *quite* finished shaking the ship around?

[4/24/2014 10:59:54 PM] Kali: She's surprisingly pretty, if you like women of a certain age who are horrifically scarred and glowering.

[4/24/2014 10:59:58 PM | Edited 11:00:09 PM] Iskandar: We were attacked, so we jumped, and then my former second in command shot me with an arrow.  He needs healing.

[4/24/2014 11:00:33 PM] Kali: Allys: How much?

[4/24/2014 11:01:41 PM] Iskandar: Well, Janis shot him, then I hit him with lightning, then he was being an insufferable prick so Wynn punched him.

[4/24/2014 11:01:59 PM] Kali: Allys: Why didn't she punch you, then?

[4/24/2014 11:02:46 PM] Iskandar: My insufferability is a bit less dangerous to those around me.  Are you going to help, or stand there snarking at me till I give up and find your brother?

[4/24/2014 11:03:20 PM] Kali: Allys: What will you give me if I do?

[4/24/2014 11:04:23 PM] Iskandar: Five Iskandar bucks.  Not redeemable anywhere.  I don't know.  Aren't you a healer?

[4/24/2014 11:05:13 PM] Kali: Allys: And wouldn't I be performing a valuable service? What do you have that's valuable?

[4/24/2014 11:05:54 PM] Iskandar: Nothing you'd want.

[4/24/2014 11:06:05 PM] Kali: Allys: Try me.

[4/24/2014 11:06:25 PM] Iskandar: I am a fantastic kisser.  It's the sparks.

[4/24/2014 11:06:57 PM] Kali: She rolls her eyes. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

[4/24/2014 11:09:51 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar turns from her door and goes toward her brother's door!

[4/24/2014 11:10:47 PM] Kali: Allys: ... fine, fine. Let's go.

[4/24/2014 11:11:03 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar heads back to the lounge then!

[4/24/2014 11:11:44 PM] Kali: Allys: You're not my type.

[4/24/2014 11:11:59 PM] Iskandar: What is your type, then?

[4/24/2014 11:13:00 PM] Kali: Allys: Someone better than you.

[4/24/2014 11:14:05 PM] Iskandar: So, nobody, then.  Or do you mean someone more moral?  Are you in the mood for a pirate groupie who's kind of an idiot?  If so, it might be your lucky day.

[4/24/2014 11:14:38 PM] Kali: Allys: No, just *superior.* Smarter, better-looking, stronger and more capable.

[4/24/2014 11:14:59 PM] Iskandar: Well, now you're just being hurtful to be hurtful.

[4/24/2014 11:15:38 PM] Kali: Allys: Or accurate.

[4/24/2014 11:16:26 PM] Iskandar: Or trying to convince yourself of something.

[4/24/2014 11:17:30 PM] Kali: Allys: What's that supposed to mean?

[4/28/2014 11:43:01 PM] Kali: Allys leads Iskandar to what is, apparently, her room. It's quite small, but it has a lot of personal touches--rich-looking embroidery, expensive, very soft rugs.

[4/28/2014 11:48:50 PM] Kali: She closes the door behind them and eyes Isk.

[4/28/2014 11:49:45 PM] Iskandar: ((Sorry!  Catmergency.))

[4/28/2014 11:49:59 PM] Iskandar: ((She spit a hairball *into* my shoe.))

[4/28/2014 11:50:12 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar looks around.  "Very nice."

[4/28/2014 11:50:51 PM] Iskandar: ((SHE AIMED.))

[4/28/2014 11:51:12 PM] Kali: ((Wow, NAUGHTY.))

[4/28/2014 11:51:55 PM] Kali: ((Wennie is such an overachiever.))

[4/28/2014 11:52:07 PM] Kali: Allys: Thank you. ... I apologize.

[4/28/2014 11:52:18 PM] Iskandar: For what?

[4/28/2014 11:55:04 PM] Kali: Allys: I've been extremely rude to you. ... more so than usual.

[4/28/2014 11:56:22 PM] Iskandar: Oh.  Why?

[4/28/2014 11:56:46 PM] Iskandar: I mean, I have a very healthy ego, and even I know that I rub a lot of people the wrong way.

[4/28/2014 11:58:28 PM] Kali: Allys: I wasn't sure what you were up to. And I assumed it was "no good."

[4/28/2014 11:59:22 PM] Iskandar: Oh.  What did you suspect I was up to?

[4/29/2014 12:01:38 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't know. Most of the dragons we've had contact with haven't been good people. I suppose it's skewed my perception--though most humans aren't good people either.

[4/29/2014 12:03:34 AM] Iskandar: I didn't have a lot of contact with humans when I was fully dragoned up.

[4/29/2014 12:04:01 AM] Kali: Allys: They're not very smart and they usually smell bad.

[4/29/2014 12:11:07 AM] Iskandar: Usually.

[4/29/2014 12:11:41 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "Well, I appreciate the apology."

[4/29/2014 12:11:57 AM] Kali: Allys: I hate apologizing. In this case it was warranted.

[4/29/2014 12:12:01 AM] Kali: Allys: ... also...

[4/29/2014 12:14:59 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar raises an eyebrow.

[4/29/2014 12:16:18 AM] Kali: Allys: ... I would like your assistance.

[4/29/2014 12:18:24 AM] Iskandar: With what?

[4/29/2014 12:18:44 AM] Kali: Allys: I'm not a dragon.

[4/29/2014 12:19:47 AM] Kali: Allys: I'm not very good at thinking like one. While Bahamut certainly doesn't demand I do so... it's difficult to explain. I'm not very spiritual, I suppose.

[4/29/2014 12:20:10 AM] Iskandar: Aren't you a priest?  I thought spirituality was required.

[4/29/2014 12:20:36 AM] Kali: Allys: Less than you would think.

[4/29/2014 12:21:00 AM] Iskandar: I can't make you a dragon, I'm afraid.

[4/29/2014 12:22:50 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't want to be a dragon. I want to ... think more like one.

[4/29/2014 12:24:07 AM] Iskandar: ... well, that's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say.  But... why?

[4/29/2014 12:25:37 AM] Kali: Allys: I'm trying to be a priest and I'm not very good at it, all right?

[4/29/2014 12:25:39 AM] Kali: She glares.

[4/29/2014 12:26:28 AM] Iskandar: So, you want dragon lessons?

[4/29/2014 12:27:12 AM] Kali: Allys: ... yes.

[4/29/2014 12:27:29 AM] Kali: Allys: I can't work out what to do with my hoard.

[4/29/2014 12:28:18 AM] Iskandar: You have a hoard?

[4/29/2014 12:29:44 AM] Kali: Allys: I'm wearing most of it.

[4/29/2014 12:30:26 AM] Kali: She gestures to her gold-and-ruby jewelry--bracelets, arm cuffs worn over the sleeves, a necklace, even a jewel on a chain holding her hair together.

[4/29/2014 12:32:04 AM] Iskandar: Oh.

[4/29/2014 12:32:06 AM] Kali: Allys: Most of the rest is in magic items.

[4/29/2014 12:32:24 AM] Kali: Allys: And money. That's in a bag of holding, which doesn't seem very... dragonish.

[4/29/2014 12:32:55 AM] Iskandar: Well, for the most part, we keep our hoards in caves.  Not with us.

[4/29/2014 12:33:44 AM] Iskandar: Someplace secure, and hidden.

[4/29/2014 12:34:21 AM] Kali: Allys: In my room, then?

[4/29/2014 12:35:12 AM] Iskandar: Might be a good start.  We generally sleep in our hoards.  Or at least close to them.

[4/29/2014 12:36:05 AM] Kali: Allys: The only way that'd work is if I bought a very expensive magic blanket. ... perhaps a rug.

[4/29/2014 12:36:06 AM] Iskandar: You can ask Nation to make you a small cave in here, or something.

[4/29/2014 12:38:02 AM] Kali: Allys: ... how would I go about making it comfortable for a humanoid, then?

[4/29/2014 12:39:33 AM] Iskandar: It's not.  I tried, but had to settle for sleeping near it.  You could ask Nation to make a small cave under your bed.

[4/29/2014 12:41:17 AM] Kali: Allys: I hate asking for things. Do dragons ask for things?

[4/29/2014 12:43:06 AM] Iskandar: When we want something, yes.  Not necessarily when we *need* something, though.

[4/29/2014 12:44:04 AM] Kali: Allys: All right.

[4/29/2014 12:47:42 AM] Iskandar: So you don't fight?

[4/29/2014 12:48:19 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't fight.

[4/29/2014 12:48:30 AM] Iskandar: Why?

[4/29/2014 12:49:04 AM] Kali: Allys: ... we were in a war.

[4/29/2014 12:49:52 AM] Iskandar: Yeah?

[4/29/2014 12:51:51 AM] Kali: Allys: ... I enjoyed it a great deal. And I was good at it. And it destroyed my brother.

[4/29/2014 12:53:53 AM] Iskandar: So you gave it up.

[4/29/2014 12:54:15 AM] Kali: Allys: Yes.

[4/29/2014 12:55:05 AM] Iskandar: Restraint isn't something dragons do very well.

[4/29/2014 12:55:48 AM] Iskandar: ...but Elder Brother likes people to keep their word, so... I guess it evens up.

[4/29/2014 12:56:50 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't do restraint well either.

[4/29/2014 12:57:57 AM] Iskandar: Maybe you're more dragon than you thought.

[4/29/2014 12:59:03 AM] Kali: She grins at him.

[4/29/2014 1:00:55 AM] Iskandar: ((That's unsettling!))

[4/29/2014 1:01:46 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar smiles back.

[4/29/2014 1:01:59 AM] Kali: ((Indeed.))

[4/29/2014 1:02:07 AM] Kali: Allys: It's not a bad match.

[4/29/2014 1:07:00 AM] Iskandar: What's not?

[4/29/2014 1:08:44 AM] Kali: Allys: Bahamut and I.

[4/29/2014 1:09:06 AM] Kali: Allys: I imagine he also finds it difficult sometimes not to take a bite out of people who annoy him.

[4/29/2014 1:09:37 AM] Iskandar: Generally.  Lucikly you don't need restraint when  most folk are too scared of you to annoy you.

[4/29/2014 1:10:09 AM] Kali: Allys: I am less terrifying these days.

[4/29/2014 1:12:05 AM] Iskandar: Because of the no-fighting thing?

[4/29/2014 1:13:11 AM] Kali: Allys: Yes.

[4/29/2014 1:16:35 AM] Iskandar: That's a quandry.

[4/29/2014 1:17:04 AM] Kali: Allys: Is it? Do I need to find another way to be more frightening?

[4/29/2014 1:18:23 AM] Iskandar: Generally.  Intimidation is a big thing for us.

[4/29/2014 1:18:37 AM] Kali: Allys: Do you have any suggestions?

[4/29/2014 1:19:37 AM] Iskandar: Well, I wouldn't advertise the non-violence.  Maybe carry a sword around for show.

[4/29/2014 1:20:24 AM] Kali: Allys: Hmph. I don't need a sword.

[4/29/2014 1:21:33 AM] Iskandar: The point is not to use it.  To make people think you'll use it.

[4/29/2014 1:21:48 AM] Iskandar: ((I'm fading, darlin.))

[4/29/2014 1:22:41 AM] Kali: ((Me too!))

[4/29/2014 1:23:07 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't want people to think I'll use it. I want them to know I won't, no matter what they do, so they can shove it up their arses.

[4/29/2014 1:24:58 AM] Iskandar: So, it's aggressive pacificism, then.

[4/29/2014 1:26:18 AM] Kali: Allys: Yes.

[4/29/2014 1:27:08 AM] Iskandar: hmmm.  Interesting.

[4/29/2014 1:28:00 AM] Kali: Allys: Why is it interesting?

[4/29/2014 1:29:09 AM] Iskandar: I just wonder if there's a way to scare people with it.

[4/29/2014 1:29:45 AM] Kali: Allys: It takes a lot of guts not to fight, especially when you really want to.

[4/29/2014 1:31:58 AM] Iskandar: I suppose it does.

[4/29/2014 1:33:37 AM] Kali: She shrugs.

[4/30/2014 10:53:37 PM] Iskandar: So.  What element do you see yourself aligning with?

[4/30/2014 10:54:23 PM] Kali: Allys: Fire, I suppose.

[4/30/2014 10:54:53 PM] Iskandar: Why?  Fire is for savages.

[4/30/2014 10:55:59 PM] Iskandar: Well.  Savages and sanctimonious do-gooders.

[4/30/2014 10:56:15 PM] Kali: Allys: I suppose that makes me a savage, then.

[4/30/2014 11:00:04 PM] Iskandar: Our... elemental powers aren't just an arbitrary trait.  They're very intrinsic to our being.  Lightning is direct, beautiful, and clearly superior.

[4/30/2014 11:01:10 PM] Kali: Allys: Says the lightning-flinging blue dragon.

[4/30/2014 11:03:29 PM] Iskandar: Fire is ill-tempered, consumes everything if you let it, and leaves nothing but ashes in its wake.

[4/30/2014 11:03:48 PM] Kali: Allys: That sounds regrettably like me.

[4/30/2014 11:04:57 PM] Iskandar: It's for Reds and Golds.   Savages and sanctimonious do-gooders.

[4/30/2014 11:05:20 PM] Kali: Allys: I doubt you'd call me sanctimonious.

[4/30/2014 11:05:57 PM] Iskandar: No.  You don't put yourself on a pedestal, either.  I wouldn't say you're savage, though.

[4/30/2014 11:06:45 PM] Kali: Allys: I could prove it, but it wouldn't be very nice.

[4/30/2014 11:09:10 PM | Edited 11:10:16 PM] Iskandar: Hmmm.  Definitely not acid.  Acid melts through things with little regard for anything standing in its way.

[4/30/2014 11:10:27 PM | Edited 11:10:34 PM] Kali: Allys: And doesn't enjoy it?

[4/30/2014 11:11:02 PM] Iskandar: Generally not.  It just does it because that's all it knows.

[4/30/2014 11:11:13 PM] Iskandar: Hmm.  Maybe cold.

[4/30/2014 11:13:02 PM] Kali: Allys: Cold doesn't fit me at all.

[4/30/2014 11:13:32 PM] Iskandar: Cold is deliberate.  Thoughtful.  It acts with reseveration and forethought.

[4/30/2014 11:17:23 PM] Kali: By way of illustration, Allys steps over and kisses him good and hard, unless he pushes her away.

[4/30/2014 11:18:57 PM] Iskandar: He doesn't!

[4/30/2014 11:19:11 PM] Iskandar: .... okay.  Definitely not cold.

[4/30/2014 11:20:04 PM] Kali: Allys: ... no. Is your tongue *electrical*?

[4/30/2014 11:20:33 PM] Iskandar: No.  Just.. residue.

[4/30/2014 11:22:38 PM] Iskandar: ... never kiss a green dragon.  Or a black.  Or a copper.  Or a bronze.

[4/30/2014 11:22:57 PM] Kali: Allys: I've kissed a black dragon before.

[4/30/2014 11:23:31 PM] Iskandar: Ick.  Did you brush your teeth after?

[4/30/2014 11:24:19 PM] Kali: Allys: No. I watched Tarak gut him like a trout.

[4/30/2014 11:24:28 PM] Iskandar: Why did you kiss him?

[4/30/2014 11:25:23 PM] Kali: Allys: The same reason I kissed you.

[4/30/2014 11:25:45 PM] Iskandar: And why is that?

[4/30/2014 11:26:03 PM] Kali: Allys: Because I wanted to.

[4/30/2014 11:26:30 PM] Kali: Allys: You're certainly more pleasant.

[4/30/2014 11:26:40 PM] Iskandar: Of course I am.

[4/30/2014 11:28:56 PM] Kali: Allys: Of course you are.

[4/30/2014 11:29:15 PM] Iskandar: So why did Tarak gut your black dragon boyfriend?

[4/30/2014 11:31:00 PM] Kali: Allys: He'd murdered another dragon for her hoard.

[4/30/2014 11:31:23 PM] Iskandar: Oh.  Black dragons are misanthropes.

[4/30/2014 11:32:49 PM] Kali: Allys: Usually, yes. And blue dragons are...

[4/30/2014 11:33:10 PM] Iskandar: Superior.

[4/30/2014 11:33:14 PM] Iskandar: And charming.

[4/30/2014 11:34:59 PM] Kali: Allys: I would agree to that.

[4/30/2014 11:35:40 PM] Iskandar: I didn't think you liked me terribly much.

[4/30/2014 11:37:44 PM] Kali: Allys: Because you're charming. I don't like liking people.

[4/30/2014 11:37:57 PM] Iskandar: Sorry about that.

[4/30/2014 11:38:48 PM] Iskandar: I *wish* could turn it off sometimes.

[4/30/2014 11:40:02 PM] Kali: Allys: Not too often, I hope.

[4/30/2014 11:40:20 PM] Iskandar: It's a lie.

[4/30/2014 11:40:30 PM] Iskandar: I don't wish I could.  But I

[4/30/2014 11:40:42 PM] Iskandar: 've been told my vanity is an exploitable weakness.

[4/30/2014 11:43:27 PM] Kali: Allys: So you'd object to my exploiting it?

[4/30/2014 11:43:57 PM] Iskandar: Depends.

[4/30/2014 11:45:29 PM] Kali: Allys: On what?

[4/30/2014 11:45:45 PM] Iskandar: Do you intend on gutting me and stealing my hoard?

[4/30/2014 11:47:29 PM] Kali: Allys: No.

[4/30/2014 11:48:03 PM] Iskandar: I assume by 'exploiting my vanity' you mean flattering me to get something youw ant.

[4/30/2014 11:50:05 PM] Kali: Allys: ... possibly.

[4/30/2014 11:52:35 PM] Iskandar: I am rather immune to manipulative flattery.

[4/30/2014 11:54:57 PM] Kali: Allys: I'm not that subtle.

[4/30/2014 11:55:46 PM] Iskandar: Maybe fire is fitting, after all.

[4/30/2014 11:55:52 PM] Iskandar: It's still for savages, though.

[4/30/2014 11:57:21 PM] Kali: Allys: Yes. Probably.

[4/30/2014 11:58:06 PM] Iskandar: ANd I'm not sure you're a savage.

[4/30/2014 11:58:41 PM] Kali: Allys: And that would bother you, would it?

[4/30/2014 11:59:36 PM | Edited 5/1/2014 12:00:37 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "Self-knowledge is the gateway to freedom."

[5/1/2014 12:00:23 AM] Kali: Allys: Now who's being cryptic.

[5/1/2014 12:00:52 AM] Iskandar: Dragons know who they are at all times and hold no illusions about it.

[5/1/2014 12:03:19 AM] Kali: Allys: Fair enough. Then yes, I am a savage, whether you like it or not. At least I'm relatively... contained.

[5/1/2014 12:05:09 AM] Iskandar: I suppose that's acceptable.

[5/1/2014 12:07:20 AM] Kali: Allys: Whether it is or it isn't, that's the way it is.

[5/1/2014 12:08:50 AM] Iskandar: Good.  That was a pop quiz.   You passed.

[5/1/2014 12:09:31 AM] Iskandar: I dub thee associate vice-assistant junior acolyte trainee dragon, in training.

[5/1/2014 12:10:52 AM] Kali: Allys smiles, very very slightly. "In the old days I'd've punched you in the face. Trainee dragon it is."

[5/1/2014 12:13:17 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar nods solemly.  "I'll get to work making you a name badge."

[5/1/2014 12:15:26 AM] Kali: Allys: Are you in imminent danger of forgetting my name?

[5/1/2014 12:15:52 AM] Iskandar: I'm in danger of forgetting that great title I just gave you.

[5/1/2014 12:19:51 AM] Kali: Allys: You could always make another one up.

[5/1/2014 12:20:08 AM] Iskandar: So you're saying you *don't* want a nametag.

[5/1/2014 12:20:30 AM] Kali: Allys: I don't want a name tag.

[5/1/2014 12:20:39 AM] Iskandar: Fine.

[5/1/2014 12:23:52 AM] Kali: Allys: I'd take another kiss if you offered it. Maybe.

[5/1/2014 12:24:18 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar kisses her!  Experimentally.

[5/1/2014 12:26:36 AM] Kali: She kisses him back, still a little bit roughly, but this time she's *really* concentrating on it.

[5/1/2014 12:27:18 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar seems to have no problems with this.

[5/1/2014 12:30:01 AM] Kali: It's a little like being attacked, but with more lips and less pain.

[5/1/2014 12:30:52 AM] Iskandar: He was a dragon!  he can handle it.

[5/1/2014 12:32:25 AM] Kali: If he doesn't object she might very well tear his clothes off right there. She *might* not even drag him into bed... five feet away. After all, perfectly good floor...

[5/1/2014 12:36:55 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar does indeed not object, and helps with the clothes tearing.

[5/1/2014 12:37:54 AM] Kali: She's pretty savage! And has even more scars than he noticed before.

[5/1/2014 12:40:04 AM] Kali: And afterward it's more of a... weird inappropriate wrestling hold than a cuddle.

[5/1/2014 12:42:10 AM] Iskandar: .... I'm guessing it's been awhile.

[5/1/2014 12:43:27 AM] Kali: Allys: What makes you say that?

[5/1/2014 12:44:06 AM] Iskandar: The general air of hunger.

[5/1/2014 12:45:10 AM] Kali: Allys: I already admitted I was a savage. You shouldn't be surprised.

[5/1/2014 12:45:28 AM] Iskandar: Suppose not.

[5/1/2014 12:46:01 AM] Kali: Allys: A few weeks. Not that long.

[5/1/2014 12:46:28 AM] Iskandar: Hmmm.

[5/1/2014 12:47:15 AM] Kali: Allys: You've had a great deal of practice. You see, flattery *can* be truthful.

[5/1/2014 12:49:10 AM] Iskandar: It's not flattery when it's the truth.  That's why it doesn't work.  Someone flattering me isnt telling me anything I don't already know.  Unless it's untrue, then I know they're flattering me.

[5/1/2014 12:51:31 AM] Kali: Allys: You can't be flattered by the truth?

[5/1/2014 12:52:08 AM] Iskandar: Then it's just an observation.  Which I can be gratified by.

[5/1/2014 12:53:26 AM] Kali: Allys: Then be gratified. It's nice to be in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing.

[5/1/2014 12:54:36 AM] Iskandar: Did the last person not know what they were doing?

[5/1/2014 12:58:16 AM] Kali: Allys: Yes, unfortunately.

[5/1/2014 12:58:45 AM] Iskandar: Who was it?

[5/1/2014 1:00:13 AM] Kali: Allys: A man who was too drunk to care about my scars.

[5/1/2014 1:00:33 AM] Iskandar: Oh.  Well, I don't mind them.  They remind me of scales.

[5/1/2014 1:02:23 AM] Kali: Allys: ... I never thought of it that way.

[5/1/2014 1:06:58 AM] Iskandar: Well, you should.

[5/1/2014 1:09:01 AM] Kali: Allys: I always feel they're useful.

[5/1/2014 1:11:39 AM] Iskandar: How?

[5/1/2014 1:13:28 AM] Kali: Allys: If anyone tells me I'm beautiful, I know they're lying and act accordingly.

[5/1/2014 1:14:20 AM] Iskandar: or whoever's saying that has different tastes than you expect.

[5/1/2014 1:15:54 AM] Kali: She snorts.

[5/1/2014 1:20:26 AM] Iskandar: You don't believe me?

[5/1/2014 1:20:55 AM] Kali: Allys: You haven't said I'm beautiful.

[5/1/2014 1:24:21 AM] Iskandar: I don't have sex with people I don't find beautiful.

[5/1/2014 1:25:34 AM] Kali: Allys: Mmmm. *Now* you're hard to believe.

[5/1/2014 1:26:02 AM] Iskandar: Why would I lie?

[5/1/2014 1:27:32 AM] Kali: Allys: I have no idea. I'd be happy to do that again whenever you like. It seems like we're both going to be here a long time.

[5/1/2014 1:28:05 AM] Iskandar: You're not stuck here though, are you?

[5/1/2014 1:29:44 AM] Kali: Allys: My brother made an agreement. We'll be here a long time.

[5/1/2014 1:31:58 AM] Iskandar: Oh.

[5/1/2014 1:32:41 AM] Kali: Allys: He's training Wynn. We'll be here until he believes he's done with that.

[5/1/2014 1:33:02 AM] Kali: Allys: And I've begun researching the curse.

[5/1/2014 1:33:25 AM] Iskandar: Anything interesting?

[5/1/2014 1:34:49 AM] Kali: Allys: Nothing yet. But I've helped solve complex problems before.

[5/1/2014 1:35:55 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar disentangles himself.

[5/1/2014 1:36:47 AM] Kali: She lets him. "We'll break the curse."

[5/1/2014 1:37:33 AM] Iskandar: I hope so.  Dying would be embarassing.

[5/1/2014 1:38:55 AM] Kali: Allys: I'd prefer that you didn't.

[5/1/2014 1:39:43 AM] Iskandar: Me too.

[5/1/2014 1:41:22 AM] Kali: She starts putting her own clothes back on. ... some of their clothing may not be entirely intact anymore.

[5/1/2014 1:41:46 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar fixes any tears with his magic.

[5/1/2014 1:42:51 AM] Kali: Allys: Thank you. I hope we can do this again sometime.

[5/1/2014 1:43:07 AM] Iskandar: Maybe.

[5/1/2014 1:45:48 AM] Kali: Allys: Ouch. Fair enough.

[5/1/2014 1:46:27 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar grins.

[5/1/2014 1:46:47 AM] Iskandar: ((I'm fading, darling.))

[5/1/2014 1:46:57 AM] Kali: ((Me too.))

[5/1/2014 1:47:13 AM] Kali: Allys: I have a strong urge to wipe that grin right off your face, one way or another.

[5/1/2014 1:47:46 AM] Iskandar: That must mean I'm doing it right.

[5/1/2014 1:49:03 AM] Kali: Allys: It must. Better go, or I'll have to try.

[5/1/2014 1:49:13 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar nods.

[5/1/2014 1:49:26 AM] Iskandar: We'll have more dragon lessons soon.

[5/1/2014 1:50:19 AM] Kali: Allys: Any time. You've been extremely helpful.

[5/1/2014 1:51:22 AM] Iskandar: Iskandar smiles.  "So have you."

[5/1/2014 1:52:11 AM] Kali: She raises her eyebrows.

[5/1/2014 1:52:46 AM] Iskandar: You know.  The sex.

[5/1/2014 1:53:27 AM] Kali: She snorts and throws a pillow at him. "Get on with you, Iskandar."

[5/1/2014 1:53:46 AM] Iskandar: He leaves her room!

Iskandar is in the library, with his nose stuck in a copy of "Heaving Zeppelin of Passion", the third in the acclaimed 'Heaving Zeppelin ' series of romantic fiction.

[6/20/2014 9:29:09 PM] Josie: Allys: That is an utterly absurd title for a book.

[6/20/2014 9:30:53 PM] Iskandar: I think the series was a bit overhyped.  I've had it recommended to me a lot, but it's nothing special.  It's no "Duchess of Lust' series, that's for damn sure.

[6/20/2014 9:31:43 PM] Iskandar: ((Iskandar:  Romantic fiction hipster.)

[6/20/2014 9:32:20 PM] Josie: Allys peers at him through one of the shelving units. "Duchess of Lust? Dare I ask?"

[6/20/2014 9:33:24 PM] Iskandar: It's about a duchess.  She's cursed so that all her husbands die.  The last book left off on a cliffhanger where  she took vows of chastity, finally.

[6/20/2014 9:33:52 PM] Josie: Allys: Why  not simply avoid marriage?

[6/20/2014 9:35:09 PM] Iskandar: That's also part of the curse.  She *has* to be married, or she turns into a werelion and kills everyone.

[6/20/2014 9:36:41 PM] Josie: Allys: A were... lion.

[6/20/2014 9:36:57 PM] Iskandar: Yeah.

[6/20/2014 9:36:59 PM] Josie: Allys: ... worryingly imaginative.

[6/20/2014 9:40:48 PM] Iskandar: It was pretty controversial when it came out.  A lycanthropy-rights group was up in arms.  Then it was revealed that the author was a were herself.

[6/20/2014 9:42:26 PM] Josie: Allys: And you like them.

[6/20/2014 9:43:48 PM] Iskandar: Sure.  They're pretty addictive.

[6/20/2014 9:44:03 PM] Iskandar: You should have seen the stack I had in my hoard.

[6/20/2014 9:46:53 PM] Josie: Allys: I don't read much. Tarak tells me I need a hobby.

[6/20/2014 9:48:20 PM] Iskandar: Probably wouldn't hurt.  What do you enjoy?

[6/20/2014 9:48:46 PM] Iskandar: Dragons are big on leisure.

[6/20/2014 9:49:29 PM] Josie: Allys: ... most of my leisure activities involved hitting people; I suppose that's why I don't have any anymore.

[6/20/2014 9:49:51 PM] Iskandar: You should find something else, then.

[6/20/2014 9:50:54 PM] Josie: Allys: Sex isn't always convenient.

[6/20/2014 9:51:28 PM] Iskandar: Something besides that, then.

[6/20/2014 9:51:51 PM | Edited 9:52:00 PM] Iskandar: Painting?  You can be one of those angry painters that throws paint at the canvas.

[6/20/2014 9:53:08 PM] Josie: Allys: I'm not *always* angry.

[6/20/2014 9:53:10 PM] Josie: She glowers.

[6/20/2014 9:54:57 PM] Iskandar: Do you have any creative urges?  Sculpture?  Blacksmithing?

[6/20/2014 9:57:29 PM] Josie: Allys: Blacksmithing sounds appealing.

[6/20/2014 9:58:02 PM] Iskandar: Have you ever done it before?

[6/20/2014 10:01:58 PM] Josie: Allys: No, but it's physical.

[6/20/2014 10:02:24 PM] Iskandar: What kind of things would you make?

[6/20/2014 10:07:31 PM] Josie: Allys: Trivets.

[6/20/2014 10:08:35 PM] Iskandar: That's.... specific.

[6/20/2014 10:09:14 PM] Josie: Allys smiles, a tiny bit.

[6/20/2014 10:09:28 PM] Josie: Allys: I don't know what I'd make. I suppose it would be against the spirit of my vow to say swords.

[6/20/2014 10:12:11 PM] Iskandar: Armor?  Shields?

[6/20/2014 10:14:21 PM] Josie: Allys: ... shields. I like that idea.

[6/20/2014 10:17:13 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar nods, and looks up.  "Excuse me.  Books for apprentice blacksmiths, please."

[6/20/2014 10:17:19 PM] Iskandar: A bunch of books float down!

[6/20/2014 10:19:23 PM] Josie: Allys: ... thanks.

[6/20/2014 10:21:27 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.  "We're still gonna have sex after you become a famous blacksmith, right?"

[6/20/2014 10:22:35 PM] Josie: Allys: I was under the impression you weren't terribly interested.

[6/20/2014 10:23:10 PM] Iskandar: What gave you that impression?

[6/20/2014 10:25:05 PM] Josie: Allys: You were indifferent at the time. And haven't been back.

[6/20/2014 10:25:37 PM] Iskandar: I'm a dragon.  I don't have sex with people I'm not interested in.

[6/20/2014 10:26:39 PM] Josie: Allys: Ah, but that's not to say you always *continue* to have an interest.

[6/20/2014 10:27:34 PM] Iskandar: You will be the first to know if that becomes the case.

[6/20/2014 10:28:31 PM] Josie: Allys: If you stop having an interest, or if you *start* again?

[6/20/2014 10:28:52 PM] Iskandar: Stop.

[6/20/2014 10:29:37 PM] Iskandar: I am interested.  I'm also interested in Arin and have been spending some time with her.  I figured if *you* were interested, you'd come find me.

[6/20/2014 10:30:54 PM] Josie: Allys: ... and I think you really mean that, and it's not a power play.

[6/20/2014 10:31:27 PM] Iskandar: I'm pretty patient.  Dragons don't make power plays, as that admits a lack of power at some point or another.

[6/20/2014 10:33:05 PM] Josie: Allys: Hm. Fair enough. What does Arin think?

[6/20/2014 10:39:16 PM | Edited 10:39:24 PM] Iskandar: I told her about us.  She's okay with it.  Hell, you could probably join us and she'd be okay.

[6/20/2014 10:39:41 PM] Josie: Allys raises her eyebrows. "Really."

[6/20/2014 10:40:31 PM] Iskandar: Probably.  I'd ask her first, of course.

[6/20/2014 10:41:28 PM] Josie: Allys: ... what's she like?

[6/20/2014 10:42:49 PM] Iskandar: She's very... languid.  She's from Rafangia originally.  I get the feeling she's kind of refinding her roots.  She decapitated a practice dummy the other day with hand axes.

[6/20/2014 10:44:08 PM] Josie: Allys: I used to decapitate practice dummies.

[6/20/2014 10:46:04 PM] Josie: Allys sighs. "The good old days."

[6/20/2014 10:46:53 PM] Iskandar: So you can't use any weapons?  Even on practice dummies?

[6/20/2014 10:47:12 PM] Josie: Allys: I avoid it. I don't train anymore, either.

[6/20/2014 10:49:19 PM] Iskandar: Thus the swimming.

[6/20/2014 10:51:02 PM] Josie: Allys: Exactly.

[6/20/2014 10:51:10 PM] Josie: Allys: I retrain my reflexes.

[6/20/2014 10:54:24 PM] Iskandar: How's that working?

[6/20/2014 10:57:28 PM] Josie: Allys: Surprisingly well.

[6/20/2014 10:57:37 PM] Josie: Allys: Now I pause.

[6/20/2014 10:58:14 PM] Iskandar: That's a start.

[6/20/2014 11:00:47 PM] Josie: Allys: A bloody triumph.

[6/20/2014 11:01:20 PM] Iskandar: Huzzah, then!

[6/20/2014 11:02:16 PM] Josie: Allys smiles a little bit, and comes around the bookshelf.

[6/20/2014 11:07:12 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar smiles at her.

[6/20/2014 11:09:12 PM] Josie: And what would a dragon do now?

[6/20/2014 11:09:43 PM] Iskandar: Who is the dragon in this scenario?

[6/20/2014 11:11:09 PM] Josie: Allys: You're a real dragon, and I'm an apprentice dragon.

[6/20/2014 11:12:35 PM] Iskandar: Well then.  We go to my room.

[6/20/2014 11:16:16 PM] Josie: Allys: Not prepared to get caught in the library?

[6/20/2014 11:17:23 PM] Iskandar: No need to be rude to anyone else who wants to read a book.

[6/20/2014 11:18:16 PM] Josie: Allys: True.

[6/20/2014 11:20:44 PM] Josie: Allys offers him her arm, gentlemanly-like.

[6/20/2014 11:21:30 PM] Iskandar: He takes her arm!

[6/20/2014 11:24:45 PM] Josie: She leads him back to his room!